Instagram Influencer Spotlight On: Bryan Lee @bryanleefitness

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing now and where do you come from?

Hi my name is Bryan Lee and I’m a currently going head strong on becoming an influencer/ content creator. I’m based in K.L and further mentions I’m also a freelance personal trainer/ physiotherapist and part owner of an e-commerce website.

2) What are your topics of interest? What do you post on Instagram the most?

Mainly I love posting video contents that are entertaining, fun & cool. I themed it out into a few categories such as fitness, dancing, stunts/skills, comedy and lifestyle.

3) How did your Instagram name come about?

A big part of my life is fitness and I have been a practitioner in gym training for more than 10 years now and hence my profile name bryanleefitness.

4) What are some apps you use to edit your photos? Share with us your photo-editing routine!

I really have my girlfriend to thank for all the photo edits and rather my strength lies within video edits where I have a monthly subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro.

5) Any Instagrammers whom you really like? Which Instagrammer inspires you the most?

An easy one to start with is @michaelcvazquez. I really love fitness, skills and stunt contents. Most of them are international influencers and thats whom I’m basing my contents off for inspiration and ideas.

6) What’s your favorite part about being an influencer?

I’m treating it as a business currently. I’m happy to be able to translate my ideas to contents and hoping that I can give to the audience a form of value that’s uplifting, motivating and entertaining.

7) What’s your favorite part about StarNgage? Any exciting campaigns that you have joined through StarNgage before?

I’m new to StarNgage and hoping to embark on a fruitful and exciting journey with them.

8) What are some of your top tips to brands for running campaigns? How do you maintain authenticity?

You really need to try loads of things and always make sure to give it a good try just so you know what you love and you don’t once you have gathered enough experience, you will naturally find out what you should do. Brands you choose should ultimately reflect on what you want and it is important to love what you do.

9) What would your advice be on the importance of quality and original content?

Quality is based off your standards and you should always take the time to analyse how much it takes to fulfil what you can without overwhelming yourself. Although you should always never stop challenging yourself and becoming better. Explore different ideas and keep improving on your craft.

10) What do you like best about partnering with brands?

Establishing a healthy relationship and experience and able to contribute to helping each other and the public.


  • Film, Music & Books
  • Health & Fitness
  • Humor



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