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StarNgage x {{Nexford University}} Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Nexford University #nexforduniversity


Nexford is an American university with a mission to bring high quality affordable education to those who need it the most across the world. Their primary target markets are emerging economies that have large youth populations who may not be able to afford a high quality American university.



  • Primary Objective: To drive awareness of our university, drive users to follow Nexford on social media & to visit our own website. During this phase, the main focus will be on building awareness around the advantages that they offer as well as the benefits of online education. Their programs are 100% online.
  • Secondary Objective(s): To promote scholarship. They are going to launch scholarships and work with influencers to help them market in their home countries.


  • Engaged a mix of Mega/Macro/Micro influencers


  • You don’t need to be rich to go to the US and earn a degree, Nexford’s programs are completely online and affordable. Their American faculty will support you throughout your education. The job market is changing fast – whether its Artificial Intelligence or Data Science – how up to date is your education? Nexford can help you get more competitive.


  • Exposure to over 300,000 followers of influencers
  • Averagely 300 Campaign Engagements Per Post


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Have you heard of online education? . Happy to announce that #NexfordUniversity is now accepting applications here in the Philippines! 🇵🇭 @nexford_university is an American university that offers a high quality of education & programs that are COMPLETELY ONLINE and AFFORDABLE. No need to be wealthy in order to go to US and earn a degree because with Nexford you can have the opportunity to have a life changing education in the comfort of your homes. So what are you waiting for? Follow them and visit their website to learn more. Links down below 👇🏼💛 . • • •

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We all know how important education is and what a good degree can do for us but we also know how sometimes it's difficult to acquire it from a reputed institution. It’s not only expensive but it also bounds us for years till we graduate. Getting an American degree has been a dream for many of us and now it is possible without travelling across the globe. @Nexford_University is an American University based in Washington DC offers online degrees in many countries and now in Pakistan as well! It offers programs for students including undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration. Traditional education is expensive but @Nexford_University is mission driven & specifically designed to be affordable. It offers 100% online education making it accessible to you today. Due to their flexible model students can work while enrolled in the program. Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something. I am so happy that a good university from America is offering online programs in Pakistan where getting a good university degree is very difficult and quite costly as well. Follow @Nexford_University now to learn more & take the 1st step to a brighter future! #NexfordUniversity

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Hey guys do u remember few days back i have posted about the @nexford_university Scorlorship? If yes then i am here to share a good news with you….😀 Next Generation Pakistan Scholarship has arrived! America's most innovative university @Nexford_University is now giving you the opportunity to access high quality education 100% online. Apply for your scholarship before June 30 and get up to 30% off their already super affordable tuition fees. Start your world class MBA or BBA as soon as next month. Find out more on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #studyabroad #bookwarm#studygram#saragulzaib#nexforduniversity #lifestyle #bloglife #blogging #startuplife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #homebasedbusiness #internetmarketing #shophudabeauty #girlboss #wakeupandmakeup #saragulzaib #makeupobsession #toofacedcosmetics #makeuprevolution

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“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin . Finding the right career is always a difficult choice. What if I told you that now you can invest in your Knowledge & quality education without going immediately bankrupt? That’s right, I’m super excited to announce that @nexford_university is now taking applications throughout Pakistan & you can apply for your grad & undergrad degrees while sitting at home. Nexford is a University based in Washington, DC that is offering programs in business management 100% ONLINE. That means you don’t have to worry about the high cost of education & travelling to another country & can study at prices as low as 80$/month** all the while staying at your hometown. Nexford aims to tailor businesses management programs according to your customised needs & gives you the required tools necessary to excel in your practical life. That means a higher chance of finally getting your dream job. New classes start on the first of each month so you can quite literally apply throughout the year. So what are you really waiting for? Follow Nexford, download their brochure from the website & apply for the quality education you deserve. 📚 . . You can follow them at Instagram @nexford_university, Facebook & Youtube for further information. Check out the link to their website I’ve put in my story Highlight “Nexford” for their link. ✨💫 . . #nexford #university #education #ad #sponsored #nexforduniversity #businessmanagement

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ATTENTION 🚨 . . Want to study abroad!? 🤔 Heard about online education!? 🤨 . . Glad to announce that #NexfordUniversity is now accepting online applications here in India 🇮🇳 @nexford_university is an American university that offers a high quality of education & programs that are completely ONLINE & AFFORDABLE. . . You can now earn a high quality MBA or Bachelors degree without having to leave India. Grab the LIFE CHANGING opportunity 🙂 Apply for your scholarship before JUNE 30 and get up to 30% off their already super affordable tuition fees. . . Find out more on . . #onlineeducation #indiaeducation #india #education #ad

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I am so happy to share with you that @nexford_university is bringing to India high-quality, affordable education! Your children can now attend an American University without having to travel to the USA or pay expensive tuition fees. . It is also possible to pursue the degree while working, due to their flexible model. And their courses are aimed at providing skills that help to qualify for jobs all over the world. . It’s time to give Indian students the opportunity to spread their wings and conquer the world, without the financial constraints. Check out for more details. . . . . . . . #nexforduniversity #americaneducation #graduation #overseaseducation #settleabroad #studyinusa #universities #onlineeducation #internationalstudents #internationalstudies #graduateschool #studyabroad #highereducation #indianstudents #indianmomblogger #careeropportunities #careerdevelopment

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