List of Top 100 Brands of Singapore in 2024

List of Top 100

What Are The Top Brands Operating in Singapore.
Discover what brands are popular in Singapore. Continue reading to know the top brands of Singapore. StarNgage’s Best Brands is a curated list of the Top 100 socially-devoted companies on Instagram. Check them out and get ready to analyze the results.

Ranking The Brands

How is brand ranking calculated?
Find out the most influential brands based on their followers size. We are currently tracking a total of 6,500 Top Brands on Instagram in Singapore.
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# Brand Name Country/Region Categories Followers Engagement Rate
Education News Music 8.5M 0.63%
2 JJ Lin
Singer Performing Arts 5.1M 0.53%
3 Singapore Airlines
Travel Airline Transportation & Accomodation Services 1.4M 0.20%
4 ᴿᵞᴬᴺ ᴰᴱᴸᴼᴺ ˢᴵᵀᵁᴹᴱᴬᴺᴳ
Pets Animals Actors 1.4M 1.21%
5 the artidote
Arts and Crafts Education Nature Soul 1.2M 1.32%
Entertainment and Music Funny News Lifestyle Media News Company Publishers 821.5K 0.83%
Entertainment and Music Life and Society News Celebrity Media News Company Media/News Company Publishers 771.5K 0.46%
8 San Saru | Jewelry
Fashion and Accessories Product Showcase Actors Celebrities Design Hair & Beauty Animals & Pets 755.5K 0.15%
9 The Straits Times
News News&Politics Media News Company Media/News Company Publishers 629.6K 0.71%
10 Nikon Asia
Photography 547.2K 0.30%
11 CNBC International
Finance News Business Marketing Entrepreneur Media News Company Publishers 480.1K 0.04%
12 Levi’s® Southeast Asia
Fashion and Accessories 479.3K 0.11%
Fashion and Accessories 468.7K 0.03%
14 Harper's BAZAAR Singapore
Fashion and Accessories News News&Politics Magazine Publishers 411.9K 0.51%
15 Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)
Travel Politics 409.9K 0.51%
News 399.9K 0.66%
17 Reminder
399K -
News News Site News & Media Website Publishers 372.6K 0.25%
19 Mola Sport
News 361.6K 0.02%
20 Under Armour South East Asia
Fashion and Accessories 339.5K 0.10%
21 Belle & Tulle Bridal
Romance and Wedding Fashion and Accessories Events Fashion Design 329.7K 0.02%
Fashion and Accessories 315.5K -
23 Singapore 🇸🇬 Travel | Hotels | Food | Tips
Travel Food Food and Drink 314K 0.14%
24 World’s Finest Food Plating
Food Food and Drink Home and Garden Celebrities Hair & Beauty Food Consultant Home Services 312.3K 0.25%
25 Jade & Anthony
Home and Garden Soccer Design Decoration Interior Design Topic Home Improvement Home Services 307.2K 0.57%
26 Phoebe and Joshua
306.3K 11.10%
Life and Society 306.1K 4.37%
28 Little Miss Bento
Food Recipes Cooking Food & Drink Activity General General Interest 304.2K 0.23%
29 Netflix Asia
Entertainment and Music News Actors Modeling 295.6K 1.25%
30 oddly satisfying vid 💟
Food Medical Health Parenting 284.4K 0.98%
31 Beyond The Vines
Arts and Crafts Clothing Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 257.7K 0.44%
32 Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia
Travel News News&Politics 256.2K 0.14%
33 Asian Food Network
Food Restaurants Cooking Tv Network Publishers 251.2K 0.10%
34 PlayStation Asia
Games Video Gaming 250.2K 0.32%
35 W a b i s a b i
Arts and Crafts Fashion and Accessories 237.5K 0.23%
36 Canon Asia
Photography Product Showcase 235.7K 0.20%
37 Ayaka(市原彩花/あーちゃん)
Fashion and Accessories Geek 231.9K 1.58%
38 UNIQLO Singapore
Fashion and Accessories Styling Clothing Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 231.8K 0.18%
39 Starbucks Singapore
Food Fashion Food Beverage Food & Beverage Food & Personal Goods 226.1K 0.72%
40 McDonald's Singapore
Food Food and Drink Burger Restaurant Restaurants 222.3K 0.45%
Food and Drink News Food Lifestyle Media News Company Publishers 220.8K 0.33%
42 WardrobeTrendsFashion
Fashion and Accessories Travel News Lifestyle Modeling 210.5K 0.20%
43 Spotify Asia
Music Songwriting Singer 209.5K 0.20%
44 Hager Hammad
Fashion and Accessories Travel Family 208.2K 0.20%
45 Educator, Author, Artist
Education Upskilling Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Illustrator Design 205K 0.18%
Fashion and Accessories 196K 0.04%
47 ESPN Asia
Soccer 193.7K 0.40%
48 Marina Bay Sands
Hotels Travel Resort Transportation & Accomodation Services 192.9K 0.30%
Education Life and Society Politics Food Government Organization Government Agencies 191.8K 0.09%
50 Pronchev Vladimir / москва
Beauty and Self Care 191.3K 2.25%
51 eD Travel Lifestyle
Education Product Education Marketing and Advertising Advertising Marketing Advertising/Marketing Business & Utility Services 186.8K 2.17%
52 Finfolk
185.9K 1.00%
Food Home and Garden 184.8K 0.01%
Beauty and Self Care Arts and Crafts Product Education Design 179.2K 0.14%
Fashion and Accessories Events 178.7K -
56 Anna En
Beauty Celebrity Fashion Acting and Drama Entertainment and Music Modeling Makeup Artist Lifestyle Services 173K 0.84%
Food Food and Drink 171.9K 0.30%
58 ARK.CO / Earrings,Bangles,etc
Fashion and Accessories 169.8K 0.10%
59 Limited Edt
Fashion and Accessories Basketball Shoes Streetwear Topic Shopping Retail Shopping & Retail Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 161.7K 0.07%
60 Hero Cosmetics
Beauty and Self Care Product Education 160.5K 0.24%
61 Muslim Pro App
Education Entrepreneur Business 160.2K 0.14%
62 The Official Eatbook Page
Food Travel News Restaurants Cooking Food & Drink Media News Company Publishers 158.4K 0.56%
63 Tyen Rasif
Fitness and Health Entertainment and Music Home and Garden Health & Fitness Food & Drink Nature & Outdoors Cooking 158K 3.47%
64 Qanvast | Renovation Platform
Home and Garden News Design Interior Design Decoration Home Site Home & Garden Website Publishers 156.1K 0.80%
65 Mediacorp Channel 8
Entertainment and Music Acting and Drama News Tv Channel Publishers 155.7K 0.30%
66 SINGAPORE HENNA ARTIST | Khairunnisa Chow
Beauty and Self Care Business and Finance Celebrities Design 155.2K 0.07%
67 National Geographic Asia
Nature Education Outdoor Activity News TV Channel Adventure 155.2K 2.09%
68 Netflix Singapore
Entertainment and Music News Events Modeling Music Media News Company Publishers 154.7K 0.33%
69 Have Halal, Will Travel
Travel Adventure News Site Publishers 150.2K 0.06%
70 Gardens by the Bay
Nature Travel Park Entities 149.9K 0.33%
71 Chenara DODGE ✨
Fashion and Accessories 149.5K 0.09%
72 Shopee Singapore
Shopping App Content & Apps 149.5K 0.11%
73 Gloom SG
Animation and Cosplay 148.7K 4.40%
74 HBO Asia
Entertainment and Music News Film 147.8K 1.16%
75 ANN NICOLE | thatperfumegirl
Beauty and Self Care Entertainment and Music Music 146.5K 0.20%
Fashion and Accessories Arts and Crafts Education 146K 0.71%
77 Sephora Singapore
Beauty and Self Care Health Beauty Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 145K 0.11%
78 MAE TAN 陈慧
Food Parenting Artist 143.3K 0.38%
79 mds
Fashion and Accessories Styling Lifestyle Clothing Store Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 143.3K 0.18%
80 8视界新闻网
News 140.6K 0.28%
Sports Automotive Racing Riders Sports Event Local Events 139.5K 3.89%
82 MTV Asia
Entertainment and Music News Music Rock Band 139.2K 0.13%
83 BY LIA | Jewelry
Product Showcase Styling Modeling Celebrities Hair & Beauty 138.5K 0.04%
84 Live Nation SG
Celebrity Music Entertainment Singer 136.5K 0.62%
85 𝑨𝒔𝒊𝒂𝒏 𝑰𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒂 𝑴𝒐𝒅𝒆𝒍𝒔
Fitness and Health 134.8K 0.10%
86 The Closet Lover
Fashion Styling Boutique Retail Company Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 134.6K 0.09%
87 Yoshie Roux-Chabert
Fitness and Health Personal Finance Health & Fitness 134.4K 1.90%
88 Pengembaraan Rare
Travel 131.7K 0.18%
89 Singapore | Travel community
Travel 130.4K 0.60%
90 Trotter - Curated City Guides
Travel Arts and Crafts Home and Garden Nature & Outdoors Architecture 130.2K 1.81%
91 Captain Roti Bakehouse
129.7K 3.09%
92 Jetstar Asia
Travel 129K 0.10%
93 Zachdev 🇸🇬
Product Education Finance Modeling Design 127.9K 0.90%
94 andi lim
Beauty and Self Care Fashion and Accessories 127.3K 26.36%
95 👩🏻‍💼 AFA since 2016
126.8K 0.62%
96 ZALORA Singapore
Fashion and Accessories Topic Shopping Retail Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 126.6K 0.24%
97 The Tinsel Rack
Fashion and Accessories Clothing Clothing (Brand) Personal Goods & General Merchandise Stores 126.3K 0.12%
98 Just Betta
Pets 125.3K 0.10%
99 OGS | Our Grandfather Story
Education News Media News Company Media/News Company Publishers 122.6K 0.68%
100 COMO
Travel Hotels Luxury 120.8K 0.17%

Most Talked-About Brands Ranking Analysis

8FACT By 9GAG is ranked #1 as the most popular brand in Singapore for 06 in 2024. The average engagement rate is 0.63 with 8,454,560 followers count. In addition to being ranked the number one brand on Instagram, 8FACT By 9GAG is also the top brand in the Education category.
JJ Lin and Singapore Airlines are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the list. In terms of user engagement, JJ Lin has an average engagement rate of 0.53, follower size of 5,130,355. Similarly, Singapore Airlines average engagement rate is 0.20, with 1,432,211 followers.
ᴿᵞᴬᴺ ᴰᴱᴸᴼᴺ ˢᴵᵀᵁᴹᴱᴬᴺᴳ is a top Instagram Brand that ranks in 4th place.
Number five on our list is the artidote, a top brand in the category of Arts and Crafts, The follower on Instagram is 1,191,682.