StarNgage empowers you to partner and advertise with influencers - the same way you would on search engines or social networks! In other words, StarNgage helps you to build strong relationship with influencers and your audience, through content creation and high engagement. We ensure you find your match with our global influencers with topic of interest ranging from beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle to travel.

Influencer marketing made easy


Influencer marketing is essentially a form of marketing which leverage on the opinion leaders and their influence to reach out to a larger market via their social media channels such as Instagram. It comprises of both social media marketing and content creation elements.

Influencer marketing can be a real pain. You need to find the right influencers, identify matching interests, study engagement, negotiate prices, and measure results. StarNgage's Instagram analytics and marketing platform takes away your pain. Our four-step process removes the guess work from your Instagram campaigns.


Set your targeted customer profiles and categories while indicating preferred Cost-Per Engagement


Search for category-specific and brand aligned Influencers with the right profile to promote your campaign through our patented matching algorithm


Mobilise Influencers to create optimised visual content that engages your targeted consumers, amplifies your brand, and generate online buzz


Track your influencer marketing performance through our dashboard and measure your ROI. Pay based on desired results.

The State of Influencer Marketing

Did you know that Influencer Marketing generates $6.85 in return for every $1 spent?

Influencer marketing is one of the most promising disciplines in the digital marketing mix. It opens up an entirely new world for companies to connect with increasingly elusive and discerning audiences in ways that are more natural and relatable. As people are becoming more connected and mobile, companies have to explore creative approaches to earn attention and build relationships.
Consumers today are overwhelmed with content. As a result, brands are desperately vying for attention by targeting consumers from every direction, from social and display ads to traditional print, radio and television broadcasting ads. But there’s a problem - many of these messages aren’t resonating.
As a way to combat the advertising recoil, marketers are increasingly turning to influencer marketing. In the early days, PR owned this space and negotiated compensation and campaign terms directly with individual influencers. But as technology platforms evolved, so did influencer marketing. Today, influencer programs are just as accountable as traditional media buys, which is causing a shift in ownership from Communications budgets to Marketing and Media budgets. These advancements in technology are also empowering brands to run programs that activate hundreds of influencers for a price that previously afforded a small group of individuals.

Why Everyday Influencers?

Did you know that Influencer Marketing generates $6.85 in return for every $1 spent?


Mostly young (15 to 35 years of age)

Influential Instagrammers

Over 1,000 followers on Instagram

Talented Creators

Active producers of visual content like photos and short videos


Diverse reach across widely varying circles (less overlapping audiences)


More credible and believable to their networks of friends and family members

Stronger Brand Recall

Unlikely to support multiple brands, hence stronger brand recall and affinity

Top Tips For Effective Influencer Marketing

Influence in contextual. Review your topic, brand and influencer’s network. Content has to be relatable and reach out to targeted audiences in order to generate buying intent
There are different types of influencers (Mega-Influencers , Macro-Influencers and Micro-Influencers), understand them and find your right fit.
Do not be too focused on number of followers, consider relevant mid-grade influencers
Building a consistent quality relationship with your influencer is important. The more frequently you engage your influencer, the stronger the relationship.
Ensure a win-win situation for your influencer and your brand. Make the effort to listen, respect your influencers, and never falsify any claims.
Provide value for your influencer, continue to motivate them on a regular basis and look out for future partnership opportunities. Measure your engagement, ROI as well as the emotional reaction of the audience, to aid in future influencer marketing campaign planning.

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