Trichoderm Black Friday Promotion

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Trichoderm Black Friday Promotion

Deadline:30 Nov, 2019
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Hair & Beauty 04 Nov, 2019
Trichoderm is a hair product brand that has two product ranges in Singapore: Anti Hair-Loss Series & Anti-Grey Hair Series. The products are made in Japan and are currently sold in selected Guardian stores online and offline.

Trichoderm Anti Hair-Loss Series help to reduce hair loss and reactivate hair growth! It contains TrichoCell Deep-Seated Self-Regeneration Technology, made out of swiss apple and argan stem cells, that help to rejuvenate hair follicles that are inactive.
The product series include:
~ Intensive Reactive Serum (Female) - $109.90
~ Treatment Shampoo (Female) - $26.90
~ Intensive Reactive Serum (Male) - $109.90
~ Treatment Shampoo (Male) - $26.90

Trichoderm Anti-Grey Hair Series contains the world’s first α-MSH Biomimetic Peptide ingredient called GREYVERSE™. It helps to reverse grey hair back to black by stimulating the growth of melanin, the pigment found in the hair bulbs and reduces oxidative stress. The Anti-Grey Hair Series has proven to reduce grey hair density up to 81% after 3 months of usage and is not a chemical hair dye.
The product series include:
~ Treatment Serum (For both Female & Male) - $89.90
~ Treatment Shampoo (Female) - $26.90
~ Treatment Shampoo (Male) - $26.90

Event Details:
On 29th Nov - 02nd Dec, there will be a “Buy 1 and Get 2nd at 50% OFF” promotion going on for both Trichoderm series during the Black Friday event. This promotion will be online and offline.

However, Trichoderm is also having an ADDITIONAL promotion at all Guardians in-stores! The objective of the campaign is to encourage others to visit Guardian stores and scan a QR code to win additional discounts.

Balloons with QR codes printed on it will be placed around the GUARDIAN stores. Upon scanning them, customers are entitled to win ADDITIONAL discounts* on top of the “Buy 1 and Get 2nd at 50% OFF” promotion (Only applicable for Trichoderm products). These balloons will be at ALL Guardian Stores.

The additional discount is either to Get Extra $10 OFF for net purchase of $100 and above / Get Extra $25 OFF for net purchase of $200 and above, only applicable for Trichoderm products.

Aside from the balloons, Guardian employees will be wearing Trichoderm T-shirt in conjunction with Black Friday, and there will be Mascots at selected GUARDIAN stores (to be confirmed on exact stores).

Requirement/ Deliverables:
Influencer is to go down to a GUARDIAN store (TBC) during the Black Friday event and post an Instagram and Facebook STORY.

Things to be covered in the Story:
1. Showcase yourself being EXCITED and HYPED about the Black Friday event e.g. “OMG guys, I am currently at the Guardian’s Black Friday event and it is so crowded!!”
2. Show the products of both Trichoderm’s Anti Hair-Loss and Anti-Grey Hair Series
3. Mention that Trichoderm is currently having a “Buy 1 and Get 2nd at 50% OFF” promotion both online & offline
4. Feature Guardian employees wearing the Trichoderm Black T-shirts + balloons with Trichoderm QR Codes printed on them everywhere in the stores + mascots (selected stores)
5. Show that you are scanning the QR code on the balloon/mascot and got the ADDITIONAL discount
6. Emphasize and invite your viewers that to get ADDITIONAL cash discounts, must go down to any GUARDIAN stores and scan the QR codes

Instructions for Instagram and Facebook STORY:
- Please kindly film the video beforehand and save them in your camera roll
- Upload the video as a STORY with #TrichodermBlackFriday on Instagram and tag @trichodermwomen_sg / @trichoderm_sg (depends on your gender) + @guardiansg
- Upload the SAME video as a STORY with #TrichodermBlackFriday on Facebook and tag Trichoderm WOMEN - Singapore ( or Trichoderm MEN - Singapore ( + Guardian Singapore
- At the end of the day, please send us the ORIGINAL video

Remuneration: $25 - $50 Cash Incentive

More information to be shared upon confirmation.