hanyinhong products promotion

hanyinhong products promotion

Food & Drink @Hanyinhong 04 Jan, 2019
醬油蟹 / 西蘭花韓式雜菜 / 獎忠洞 原味豬手片 / 獎忠洞 迷你醬豬蹄 / 杏仁綠茶糖餅 / 醬油蝦 / 韓國濟州島丑柑

We are a company that sells Korean food. We have a total of 15 stores in Hong Kong.

We introduce the most popular food in Korea to Hong Kong and bring various Korean food to Hong Kong every day.

We are the largest distributor of Korean food in Hong Kong.

We sell a variety of products at a fresh and cheap price.

And you can purchase it conveniently online.

Not long after the online shopping mall was built, I would like to promote our shopping mall and products by using the influencers.

The necessary influencers is famous for food, and interested in korea culture.

Please invite 7-10 people.