Tokyo Bust Express Blogger Engagement Campaign

The Story

Tokyo Bust Express provides the safest and healthiest way to attain a fuller, more curvaceous bust line, with its all natural bust enhancement programs originated from Japan. This extraordinary therapy uses proprietary technology, age-old techniques and the purest herbaceous extracts to boost your feminine charms and confidence. No pills, injections or surgery are used in the treatments.

Numbers of Influencers
Total Likes
Total Comments
Total Followers

The Goal

Primary Objective – To generate awareness of the Bust Enhancement Programme.

Secondary Objective(s) – To generate leads by offering an free trial redemption code to readers

The Solution

To promote its Bust Enhancement Programme, Tokyo Bust Express partnered with StarNgage to invite 6 female influencers to review its service. The influencers were invited down for the complimentary session with Tokyo Bust Express.
 An unique free trial redemption code was provided to each influencer as well.

The Results

  • 6 blog posts
  • Exposure to over 140,000 followers of influencers on Instagram
  • 12 campaigns related Instagram posts
  • Likes received on Instagram: 5,900+ Likes
  • Comments received: Over 350 Comments
  • Comments received on Instagram: 160+ Comments

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