#MezmerizingLife Ruma Manis Banana Leaves Collection Influencer Campaign

The Story

Ruma Manis – a name inspired by the Indonesian for ‘sweet home’ – provide fresh, stylish home accessories to help you create that pretty home of your dreams.

Ruma Manis was founded by Saski and Meida, two childhood friends who have remained close over the years pursuing their passion for the chic, simple things in life. 

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The Goal

Primary Goal: Engaging a wider audience to discover the Ruma Manis brand and its promoted products and enhancing Ruma Manis' online presence on Instagram.

Secondary Goal: Creating excitement and boosting product sales.

The Solution

  • Involving 5 Instagram influencers from the lifestyle/home decor/food/travel categories, with micro and mid-tier levels, to collaborate.
  • Engaging influencers located in the Java Island area, which serves as the primary target market for Ruma Manis.

The Results

  • Deliverables: 1x Instagram Feed (Photo/Video) showcasing Ruma Manis products in a visually appealing manner, 1x Instagram Story with a Tap Link sticker to drive traffic to Ruma Manis' product page, save the posts in Highlights for a minimum of 14 days to ensure continued visibility.
  • Schedule: 5-17 April 2023
  • Note: Ruma Manis is thrilled to announce its collaboration with StarNgage Indonesia for an upcoming campaign featuring their latest product line, the Lemon Collection. Stay tuned for more updates!

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