PayPal E-Payment Solution #paypalatrestaurants Campaign

The Story

To promote the PayPal E-Payment Solution, PayPal partnered with StarNgage to invite 20 micro-influencers down for a complimentary lunch/dinner at participating restaurants: Fumee by Harbanos, IndoChili, Mitsuba, Nigiro Cafe and Enbu. 

At these participating restaurants which have integrated PayPal’s e-payment solution, customers can make payment by simply entering their phone number into the restaurant’s iPad menu. They will receive a special link via SMS. By clicking on this link, it will open up a browser for the customer to pay using PayPal directly.

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The Goal

Primary Objective – To generate awareness of PayPal E-Payment Solution and its benefits.

Secondary Objective(s) –  To drive traffic down to the participating restaurants and increase end consumer usage of PayPal for bill settlement.

The Solution

Influencers are required to create 2 x IG posts showcasing the: PayPal payment experience (Visual – Selfie/photo/video of the seamless payment process) and Dining experience (Visual – IG-worthy picture of the food of the restaurant and mention about PayPal Integrated Payment solution in the caption). At the end of the campaign, participants will receive PayPal credit, courtesy of PayPal Singapore.

The Results

  • Exposure to over 390,000 followers of influencers on Instagram
  • Over 40 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: over 23,000 Likes
  • Comments received: Over 350 Comments
  • Clicks to the restaurants’ websites/FB pages received: 205 clicks

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