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Brewery in Guam specializing in hoppy beers and classic styles, and housemade meats & sausages! Tue-Sat: 11:30-10PM Sun: 12PM-6PM 969-2337 or 707-9053

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Carabaobrewing loves posting about Food.

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🌮IT’S SANDO SUNDAY!!!!🌮 • Hola everybody and welcome back to another fine edition of Sando Sunday! Today we are coming at you with a controversial sandwich that some may not consider to be a sandwich at all. Well we are here to combat that opinion with two sandwiches we are calling The “I Assure You…It’s A Sandwich!”. Ok, ok…I know we may be stretching this one a bit, but why can’t a taco be a sandwich. I mean just because it’s on flour tortillas instead of bread, does a sandwich it not make? Ponder that for a moment…or don’t, cause at the end of the day it’s the flavor that matters, and these taco sandos are loaded with flavor. We start out with a healthy portion of tequila lime marinated shrimp that we dredge through our Tex-Mex spice before charring them up real nice like. We then layer them on two toasted flour tortillas with pickled red onions, a tangy southwest slaw, charred jalapeño aioli and fresh pico de gallo. Spicy, tangy, fresh and tasty…it’s just the right thing for your Sunday lunch cravings. And hey, while we may never see eye to eye on the “is a taco a sandwich” debate, we can at least agree to disagree over some beers! And I definitely think we can all agree that tacos and beer are a match made in heaven! Cheers!!🍻🍻🍻

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🚨Happy Hour special all day!🚨 $5 Lam Lam Pints and $9 Lam Lam crowlers to go!🍻 Come enjoy a beer or two with us!You don’t want miss this deal!! ——————————————— To place an order call 671-969-2337🍻 #wecarabaoyou #carabaobrewing #bibaguam #bibacarabao #guam #independentcraftbeer

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🍺WE’RE HIRING!!!!🍺 • Come join the team at Guam’s only brewpub! We offer competitive wages, tips for all positions, beer & food benefits and a flexible schedule. • Please send your resume to in[email protected] OR stop by for an application. • Cheers! 🍻

67 1

🎃🥪IT’S SANDO SUNDAY!!!🥪🎃 • Happy Halloween everybody and welcome to a sweet Sando Sunday!!!Now since it’s Halloween, and this day is all about treats…we decided to bring you a sando that is chock full of tasty treats! We present to you The “Treat Yo’ Self”. For this sando we start with a rich pumpkin infused cream cheese and schmear it between two thick slices of fluffy Texas toast. After giving it a dunk in our fall spiced French toast batter, we toss it on our griddle and cook it up to a golden brown. We then top it with a sweet and salty bourbon pecan caramel sauce and a scoop of whipped honey butter. And just to give you a little more treat with this baby, we are serving it with two thick slices of our house made bourbon brown sugar bacon. And while we are sure Tom and Donna would mack this treat in a second, it’s also fully Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson approved. Cause’ as Leslie once asked “why would anyone ever eat anything other than breakfast food?, Ron gave the greatest reply…. “because they’re idiots”. And while nobody around here thinks that anyone is an idiot, we will have to slightly question your judgment if you don’t come get one of these. So go ahead…it’s Halloween…and you deserve to TREAT YO’ SELF!! Cheers!🍻🍻

65 0

🎃🚨NEW BEER ALERT🚨🎃 • Happy the day before Halloween Eve everybody! Who doesn’t love Halloween?!? It’s a day we all get to dress up, let stress go, and just be kids again! But just in case you still have some grown-up things to do before you can let go…we have just the beer for you. We introduce to you Adult So Hard! This super juicy west coast style double IPA is loaded with all those flavors us responsible adults love! We have the juicy melon and red currant brought to you by Enigma hops. We’ve got a touch of sweet candied orange rind from the Amarillo. We even have a bit of playful peach rings from the Galaxy. It’s the grown up version of a candy basket, only in beer form. And forget the sugar buzz…at 8.3%, you’ll have a different type of buzz going on. But please remember to enjoy responsibly. Just as your parents told you not to eat all your candy in one sitting…we wouldn’t suggest consuming too many of these in one either. But you are the adult my friend, and we know you adult hard AF! Cheers!!🍻🍻 #wecarabaoyou #carabaobrewing #bibaguam #bibacarabao #guam #independentcraftbeer #adultsohard #adultsohardimeltyourfaceoff

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🎃Kalamasa Punch!🎃 • 🎃Imperial Porter brewed w/ local pumpkin, cacao nibs, toasted coconut, & vanilla bean. 🎃 • 🎃We will be releasing this beast from its cage tomorrow at 4:00PM!!🎃

242 9

Directed and edited by: Lauren Garcia & James McKnight.

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🥪IT’S SANDO SUNDAY!!!!🥪 • Hola qué paso mi amigos and welcome to yet another fantastic Sando Sunday!! Today we bring by a fan favorite, but with a twist. Say hello to a “south of the border” inspired sando we call The “El Tocino Grande!”. For this amped up version of a BLT, we took our house cured bourbon brown sugar bacon and dusted it with a light layer of spicy and smokey chipotle chile powder to give it an extra kick! Sliced thick, we fry it up to a perfect crisp and layer it on fresh baked, butter toasted sourdough bread with marinated Roma tomatoes and crisp iceberg shrettuce. Then, to add some creamy, unctuousness to this Mexican inspired classic, we add a layer of smashed avocado. Finally, we bring the whole sandwich together with a house smoked jalapeño infused mayo. Salty, smokey, crunchy, creamy, crispy, fresh and oh so tasty…it’ll have you yelling “Ay, ya, ya, ya!” at the top of your lungs! It’s the perfect sando to spice you up and add a little sunshine to this rainy day! So turn on a little Mariachi music to get you in the mood…and swing on by to snag you one of these. Better not wait too long though, ‘cause these sandos are guaranteed to go mucho rápido! Cheers!! 🍻🍻

141 8

🍺🥪IT’S SUPER DUPER EXTRA FANTASTIC BEER & SANDO SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥪🍺 • Good day everybody and welcome to a super exciting double drop version of Sando Sunday! This week we have a sandwich that pairs perfectly with our newest and, in our opinion, our most exciting beer to date! So before we get to the sando…let’s talk about this beer! • LOVE BLIND is the very first wet hop IPA ever produced in Guam. What is a wet hop IPA you might ask? We’ll tell you! Hops are grown in very specific climates throughout the globe. In North America, most hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest. Now harvest of these precious little gems typically takes place from August to early October. Being an extremely perishable product, hops cones are dried and packed in bales immediately after harvest. During this short window though, brewers lucky enough to brew close to these harvest regions get the amazing opportunity to brew with the fresh cones. These beers really allow the true nature of the hops to shine through. The aromas you get are brighter and juicier. The flavors are fresher and dare I say greener. They are wonderful beers that brewers absolutely LOVE to make! Now the fragile nature of the fresh (wet) hops made them near impossible to get unless you were 24 hours away from a hop field, but this year things changed. One of our suppliers, @yakimachief, began flash freezing the freshly harvested cones. This now allows brewers father away to get these amazing hops while still retaining the freshness. Naturally we had to get some. So…we secured 50 pounds and had them shipped to the airport in Seattle. From there they got stuffed into a insulated shipping pod and loaded onto a plane to make the journey to Guam. Upon receiving them we immediately went to work brewing this very special IPA for you! Was it expensive, yeah. Was it somewhat of a logistical nightmare, yeah. Was it worth it…we think so, but we really want you to be the judge of that! So come on by today and grab a pint or two! 🍻🍻🍻 • Here are the specs: LOVE BLIND 100% Mosaic, wet hop IPA 7.3% ABV 43 IBUs • Secondly…we have a super amazing sandwich to pair with your beer. Details in the comments⬇️⬇️⬇️

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“Milk is for babies! When you grow up you have to drink beer!” - Arnold Schwarzenegger • “Guess what!?! Some little dogs like to drink from the bowl in the back!” - Kevin Hart • Don’t matter if you a big dog, little dog, Snoop Dogg or DogThe Bounty Hunter…this beer’s for you dawg! 🐕 @fetchguam #wecarabaoyou #carabaobrewing #bibaguam #bibacarabao #guam #independentcraftbeer #therock #kevinhart #snoopdogg #dogthebountyhunter #fetchguam

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🙌HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JEREMY!!!🙌 • Hey's Jeremy's two year anniversary! In case you've never met him, Jeremy is the guys who makes pretty much all the Carabao beer you drink! He is the very description of "do what it takes to get things done". Talk about a "started from the bottom now we here" story. Jeremy started here as a guy who was perfectly happy washing dishes. Not one to ever say no when asked to do something, when we asked "hey, can you work the line in the kitchen" he naturally said "of course". Not surprisingly, he excelled there and was soon the top line guy we had. Fast forward to when we needed another person in the brewery...guess who immediately came to mind?! Only this time he was all like "hell yeah!!". Well, that was well over a year ago and he's been kicking ass the whole time! You can normally find him grinding back in the brewery, occasionally kicking it in the pub, or found somewhere around here still TCB'n anything he may be asked to accomplish. You might even find him back washing dishes again, not because he has to, but because he's the kind of guy who will. Not only to help out the team...but because he truly finds solace in the work. He's a big ole' tube of super glue that helps hold this place together and we couldn't be happier to have him!! So next time you are in and see him...give him a nod, because without him, we wouldn't be enjoying the beers we are today! THANKS JEREMY!!!!🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

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Cheers to the weekend! Enjoy our Calamansi Daiquiri while it lasts ✨ #WeCarabaoYou #CalamansiDaiquiri #CarabaoBrewing #Guam #Drinks

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