SMH Food

The Story

SMH Food is Singapore’s largest manufacturer and distributor of dim sum. For the last 60 years, this family-run business has been dedicated to provide customers the best of the best by offering a delectable selection of breakfast and tea time snacks.

Numbers of Influencers
Total Likes
Total Comments
Total Page Views

The Goal

To promote SMH Food dim sum and drive more online orders on ShopperCliq.

The Solution

SMH Food partnered with StarNgage to work with local influencers to generate impression and drive online orders on Instagram feed and stories. Content creators need to tell the target audience that legacy is a priceless gift while highlighting the brand value which is persistence. Influencers need to dress themselves in a nostalgic style and recreate their happy dim sum memories with SMH dim sum products.

The Results

Working with several local content creators, SMH Food promote its dim sum products, gaining the following results:

  • Total IG likes 2,125
  • Total IG comments 620
  • No of Influencers 10
  • Total Page views 206

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