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Here it is!!! My new book “Through the Veils of Mystery” is now available for pre-order at @thoughtcatalog @shopcatalog (link in bio)🪐✨🤍 In yesterday’s live I explained to you guys how much this book means to me and how it has been healing my heart for the last two years as channeled work, soothing my nervous system and stretching my belief system. There is so much I haven’t shared with you guys about what I went through end of 2019 simply because I felt like it needed the right frame to honor what occurred. In this book I reveal the details of what I call my “awakening process”. The second part of the book is an initiation through poetry into your own self revelation. It is structured in a way to access the subconscious mind and retrieve lost memories. Many of you have witnessed a massive transformation in my life and it’s true. I’ve reconnected with parts of myself which I had lost, which were broken and fragmented. The words of this book came through higher planes as pure medicine when my soul was ready to receive it, soothing my wounds and applying healing balm onto them. “Through the Veils of Mystery” is a divine reclamation of our power. The power we gave away, to lovers, friendships, careers, family members. This book is a profound healing template and support for those ready to truly meet themselves : all of themselves and to face the truth of their divinity. To make peace with that word beyond any and all dogma. The words of this book have been healing me in such profound ways and I know they will find those that are meant to read it. Those ready to heal and rise in oneness. Thank you @thoughtcatalog for believing unequivocally in this book and it’s gentle yet fierce transformative power. I am the humble messenger of this text, and it is an honor to share it now with you as it has been shared onto me through the invisible realms 🤍 #ThroughtheVeilsofMystery
IT’S HERE 🌙✨ After months of work and dozens of people testing out the course prior to it’s official launch, I am so infinitely honored, from the bottom of my heart to share this big piece of work with you, my new online course : The Art of Self-Revelation Module 1. A spiritual path of magic and divinity is one of Self-Revelation as we realize that it was always about meeting our own authentic self and to alchemize back into wholeness the detrimental constructs of our inner psyche that have been keeping us captive. This course is built in a way so serve you profoundly, viscerally. It has proven incredible results with dozens of people who have seen their lives transform during this course. It humbles me to be able to share the tools I have acquired over years of study, deep inner work and initiation to synthesize it for you so that you don’t need to go through the same laborious pathway : you directly receive the essence as you are guided to the shores of your own meeting. This course is about reconnecting with your own inherent MAGIC and sacred wisdom. Remembering and activating those dormant keys within your own psyche. MODULE 1 is structured in 4 Parts. 💫 Part 1 - Introduction We lay the groundwork, the foundation for deep healing and transformation to occur. 💫 Part 2 - Source Wound We focus and target the wound that is hindering your progress in this lifetime and begin shifting your relationship to this reality. 💫 Part 3 - Shadow Work You will meet your shadow and reconnect with hidden parts of yourself through a deep shadow work healing journey. 💫 Part 4 - Soul Fragment Retrieval People who have suffered trauma often have their emotional body crystalized around a memory, a choc. In this part of the course you will voyage through holotropic breathwork to retrieve lost memories and bring your energy body back into wholeness. There is so much more to say about this course 🪐 If you are curious to read more, the link is in my bio now! If you feel a nudge and an intuitive « yes » just know, it is my greatest honor serve and assist you on your path of self-revelation. Let’s do this ⚡️ See you in the course 🤍
Answering your questions about the course and sharing all the information about enrollment 🌙✨🔮 The Art of Self-Revelation MODULE 1 : This course is a self-study offering, meaning you can do it at your own rhythm as it is designed to fit into a busy schedule. 🌀This course isn’t  « spiritual fast food », it’s a ressource of immense wealth into which months of work and care have been poured into. 🌀Financial investment is absolutely key to honor a graceful energy exchange and especially as an act of commitment and an indicator that you are ready to take your healing/transformational path seriously and thus this course seriously. As such, financial investment becomes spiritual investment and especially an investment into your own self. 🌀For the price of two massages or two healing sessions with a practitioner, you get a lifetime access to +6hours of in depth activating video content, a PDF work book, 1 shadow work healing meditation, shadow work journaling prompts + a soul fragment retrieval holotropic breathwork journey and so much more. It’s filled with blessings and surprises. 🌀 This course has been created with the intention to serve your highest and best good as well as the highest and best good of all through Oneness consciousness. By virtue of that, the prayer that has been held during the creation of this program is that any and all student investing into themselves through the means of choosing this path get their financial investment back ten times fold. 🌀This course is deeply transformative and geared towards results as the testimonials of the early-bird participants share. Results are guaranteed if you commit and take it seriously. 🌀It’s a course I wish I had when I was in the midst of my dark night of the soul and riddled with anxiety and panic attacks. I wish I had these ressources back then. 🌀This course is… MAGIC It would be my greatest honor to serve you and assist you on your path of self-revelation as you choose to embrace and embody your divinity and inherent magic, unleashing the authentic song of your soul. If you’re ready to enroll, just send me a DM or check the link in my bio 🌙✨🔮
✨LIVE✨ Felt guided to do this little live to talk about fashion, health, wellness, hormones and body image. Throughout my career in fashion as a creator I always struggled to honor my boundaries. Finding a pace that was authentic to myself was a real challenge. It sometimes still is today. The dichotomy is : feeling like I’m always doing too much (what my body/heart/soul/hormones say to me) and never doing enough (what society/the industry standards/my left brain say). Sharing in this live my journey in becoming more selective and careful when it comes to what I give energy to and how I choose to honor my creative process which is an on going process. We also talk about my online course « The Art of Self-Revelation Module 1 » which is all about accessing your truth, your essence, your magic, in order to live a life of authentic wealth that comes from the core of who you really are, underneath the veils of detrimental programs that might be hindering your self perception. This course is super rich, deep with +6 hours of exclusive masterclass video content as well as a pdf book that I have specifically written for the course giving you an insight into meta-physical energy principles that are influencing your expression in this reality. This course is about magic and revealing yourself to yourself, so that you can embody your most genuine frequency in this world. 💫 This is a self-study course with pre-recorded content, meaning you do it at your own pace and you get a lifetime access to all the content. It is designed to fit into a busy schedule so you get to complete the course your way. 💫 If you are interested to enroll, feel free to dm me « magic » and I can send you all the info. The course is available in both french and english. You can also find all the info directly in my link in bio. 💫 If you need a payment plan please feel free to email [email protected] 🤍
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FAQ: Instagram Statistics and Insights for @kristinabazan
How can I access Instagram statistics and analytics for @kristinabazan?
StarNgage offers comprehensive analytical reports that provide key metrics and insights to give you a complete understanding of @kristinabazan. You can explore various aspects, including Instagram follower statistics, such as follower and post growth trends, Engagement Rate, and its growth trends. Additionally, you can access information on the average number of likes and comments per post, insights into your followers or audience demographics, brand affinity data, mentions of relevant hashtags, similar accounts, and the most recent posts.
What is the current follower count for @kristinabazan on Instagram?
As of the latest update, @kristinabazan has accumulated a dedicated following of 2,669,082 followers on Instagram.
What insights and analytics are included in the full report for @kristinabazan on Instagram?
Our full Instagram analytical report provides a comprehensive overview of @kristinabazan on Instagram. This report includes detailed information on follower growth over time, engagement metrics, and post frequency, both on a weekly and monthly basis. To access this in-depth report, kindly register and create a new StarNgage account or log in to your existing account.
Can I track how @kristinabazan Engagement Rate has evolved on Instagram?
Yes, StarNgage's analytics tools allow you to monitor the evolution of @kristinabazan Engagement Rate over time on Instagram. This data helps you assess the effectiveness of @kristinabazan engagement strategies.
How can understanding @kristinabazan audience's demographics on Instagram?
Gaining insights into @kristinabazan audience's demographics on Instagram can be immensely valuable. It enables you to tailor your influencer content and marketing strategies to better resonate with @kristinabazan followers, as you'll have information about their age, gender, location, and interests.
How can I leverage brand affinity data to improve my marketing strategy on Instagram with @kristinabazan?
Brand affinity data is a powerful tool to understand which brands or products your audience is most interested in. This information can guide your content collaborations and partnerships on Instagram, enhancing your engagement with your target audience.