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🇨🇦 Youngest Canadian to visit all 193 UN nations 📝 Writing for @forbes & @entrepreneur 💍 @natashagrano ⚡️ Founder @mindfulmediapr 📰 GET IN THE PRESS👇
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In our @mindfulmediapr meeting today we read our own obituaries. Wanted to share with you all 😂 🙏 🪦 ❤️ If you’re reading this, I’m dead… I hope the year is 2500 AD and I lived an incredible 511 years, but maybe not. If you’re reading this and my grandmother is still alive, have her do a tequila shot standing on top of a table, as this is the last thing you would ever see her do. And if she’s not with you, then we’re doing tequila shots up here already. If you’re reading this and there is world peace, people are traveling freely whichever country they choose, there are no more geographical lotteries or passport privileges, then I’m jealous and will be watching all the fun from the clouds. But if not, then be the change you wish to see. Travel freely and promote equal rights to all. The soil you were born on should never dictate your future. If you’re reading this and nobody uses fiat currency, and paper money is put on display in museums, then burn my millions of dollars in an epic bonfire for the whole community to join and dance around. But if this money has any value, give just enough to my 3 kids when they turn 25, and give all the rest to my favourite charities that I’ve shown an interest in over the years. If you’re reading this and mindful media pr is not the largest and most prominent marketing firm in the world, telling stories of mindful people and brands. Then this is your last chance to get in early and invest in a big thing. But if it is telling stories to millions of people, may we continue offering an alternative to the fear mongering we see in mainstream media, and allow people to see the beauty in people and keep faith in humanity. And if you see a publicist here at the funeral, talk to them about verification in the hottest social media app. We’re performance based! If you’re reading this and you see people crying around you, remind them that I’m here in the room with absolute certainty. When you feel the warmth of the sun, you’re feeling my love. I may not have lived a long life, but I lived a full one. My only wish is that you don’t mourn today, but seize the day. Take risks, live fully and love unconditionally!
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