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I’ve been invited by @mambaby_uk to an intimate lunch hosted by @camillathurlow for the launch of their first carbon-neutral soother, the MAM Original Pure. The event took place in central London, where we enjoyed delicious classic British dishes, while learning a little bit more about MAM’s sustainable journey and the MAM Pure Original Soother, that is made of bio-renewable material ♻️. As a new mum, I didn’t know that soothers come with many benefits, such as they satisfy baby’s sucking needs, help with sleep, help in reducing the risk of SIDS and help in baby’s development. The MAM Pure Original Soothers, in addition of being designed for better tooth development, come in a unique steriliser box made of bio circular materials. The process of sterilising the soother in the box with a microwave saves up to 77% of CO2 emissions compared to other methods e.g using the stove 🌎. MAM sustainable initiatives: 💚 reduce its carbon footprint for all consumer packaging by 40% until 2025 💙 offsets all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions of the packaging to make it carbon neutral 🩷 encourage parents to use MAM’s CO2 calculator to see how much energy and CO2 they can save (available on the website) 🤍 working together with Climate Partner to support with the Gold Standard certified carbon-offsetting projects in various countries that are also linked to the health and wellbeing of babies. Personally, as a new mum, I am very concerned for the future of my baby and the products I am using. Sustainability has always been part of my lifestyle but now, even more. Therefore, to use MAM’s eco-friendly and non-toxic products has made my life easier. That is why it is important to me to share MAM’s message and values. Let’s all take little baby steps to protect the environment because together, we can make a big impact. MAM makes it easer by providing the right sustainable products every parent needs to make our lifestyle greener and healthier for our kids, such as with the Easy Start™ Anti-Colic Baby Bottles, Electric Bottle Steriliser and Express Bottle Warmer. Even more of the MAM range will be carbon neutral in 2024. #PurelyMAM
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FAQ: Instagram Statistics and Insights for @danielachristiansson
How can I access Instagram statistics and analytics for @danielachristiansson?
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What is the current follower count for @danielachristiansson on Instagram?
As of the latest update, @danielachristiansson has accumulated a dedicated following of 920,364 followers on Instagram.
What insights and analytics are included in the full report for @danielachristiansson on Instagram?
Our full Instagram analytical report provides a comprehensive overview of @danielachristiansson on Instagram. This report includes detailed information on follower growth over time, engagement metrics, and post frequency, both on a weekly and monthly basis. To access this in-depth report, kindly register and create a new StarNgage account or log in to your existing account.
Can I track how @danielachristiansson Engagement Rate has evolved on Instagram?
Yes, StarNgage's analytics tools allow you to monitor the evolution of @danielachristiansson Engagement Rate over time on Instagram. This data helps you assess the effectiveness of @danielachristiansson engagement strategies.
How can understanding @danielachristiansson audience's demographics on Instagram?
Gaining insights into @danielachristiansson audience's demographics on Instagram can be immensely valuable. It enables you to tailor your influencer content and marketing strategies to better resonate with @danielachristiansson followers, as you'll have information about their age, gender, location, and interests.
How can I leverage brand affinity data to improve my marketing strategy on Instagram with @danielachristiansson?
Brand affinity data is a powerful tool to understand which brands or products your audience is most interested in. This information can guide your content collaborations and partnerships on Instagram, enhancing your engagement with your target audience.