Cassandra Cooper
21!| @Molchanovsfreediving Instructor 🐟 Team T @Alchemy_hellas 🥇Canadian National record DYNB 🥈x6 Canadian National record CWTB 🥈Canadian NR STA
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I was reminded recently of a concept that I first was introduced to by @thibault_freediver and @ben_bhm_freediver back in my instructor course. It is called “the 4 stages of competence” Maybe you’ve heard of them. (Sited from Gordon Training Int.) • Unconscious incompetence (Ignorance) You don’t know what you don’t know. • Conscious incompetence (Awareness) the learner wants to learn because they are aware of their lack of knowledge • Conscious competence (Learning) when a learner has acquired a skill but has not yet mastered it to the point where it comes naturally. • Unconscious competence (Mastery) The skill is so embedded that the learner doesn’t even need to process what they are doing. The most challenging part of CNF for me has been getting a consistent rhythm and making each movement as effective as it can be. So to get into a proper flow and do my best, unconscious competence is where I am headed. That’s why dynamic training and CNF drills are so important for what I’m doing. It’s repetition, repetition, repetition. And time! And flexibility!! Lol, I could go on. But understanding your level of competence is very helpful when learning (or teaching). There are some aspects of my CNF dives that are in the fourth stage, but the majority is still inconsistent and have not yet come naturally to me. Second month of training here in Dominica. Currently training target depths then it’s back to drills. Down the rabbit hole we go 🐇 📸.. @bobbyckim #intotheblue #divingphotography #aida #molchanovs #freediving #girlsthatfreedive #apnea #carribeanseadiving #dahab #dive #apneatraining #apneaacademy #apneaaddicts #freedivingtraining #bikini #underwater #pool #athlete #freedivingphotography #freediving #diveandbefree #freediverslife
Every day starts with a coffee for me☕️ They tell you that freedivers shouldn't drink coffee before a dive, but some pleasures are not worth sacrificing, in my opinion. I try to start each morning with yoga, although calling it yoga flatters what I do. It's more like 15 to 20 minutes worth of movement to gain some bodily awareness and get all the blood pumping for the day. Nothing extraordinary or overly strenuous. This used to be all it took for me to prepare before a dive. But lately during sessions, I’ve had a very chattery mind. Normal? yes. Ideal? Nope. Why is that? Well, of course, if the chatter in most people's heads were to be inherently calm, reassuring, and empowering, then each dive would feel incredibly uplifting. Unfortunately, many of us start freediving with our minds being on the defense. Chatter of doubt, judgment, and uncertainty of your own performance can quickly take over. We often talk about presence when we talk about the mental state of a freediver on the line. Unlike other activities we do in our day, we immediately feel when we lose presence during a dive. So we truly have to confront where our mind goes for the entire duration of the dive. The beauty (and challenge) of freediving is that we have no choice but to be honest with ourselves about how we feel. The fact is, you can't pretend to have a quiet mind, it just doesn't work! Frustrating, I know. I happen to be reading a particularly awesome book right now by Timothy Gallwey called “The Inner Game of Tennis” that discusses overcoming self doubt, nervousness and lapses in concentration. Gallwey really touches on: 1. The relationship of self one and self two. Self 1 is the conscious self. Self 2 is the subconscious. The two are always in dialogue. If both selves can communicate in harmony, you reach peak performance. 2. The power of visualization Visualize getting to the bottom successfully. Give self 2 a very clear image of what you are asking it to do. This means tuning into what makes me feel happy and feel complete. I’ll also allow my body the time it needs to rest and celebrate the little victories! Focus on your weaknesses. For me, It’s mental training time!
UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN… So it’s been about a month of just CNF drills😮‍💨 it’s been great..! Greatish. Each discipline is a creature of its own. My bi fins give me so much power on the line. CNF is completely self propelled. I wear a size 35 on my feet, any adult size gloves are too big for me and I’m 5’1” on a good day. So this discipline makes me feel strong! I’ll do different exercises to keep it interesting and break down the technique. dives with just my arm, just legs, over weighted, unweighted. Slowly finding the rhythm and getting the sequence right. Most days I leave the session feeling like 1 step forward 2 steps back. But I’ve got nothing but time so I’ve got to be farsighted enough to see the end result. Luckily, no matter where I am I feel the same when I get in the water and on the line. I think about that a lot too. Home is less and less a physical place. Now B.C is just my hometown. Dominica is my home now. But so was Dahab and so was Cyprus. I guess home is where the heart it, and for now my heart waits in the water for me to come and join it. Tracking progress with the GoPro has been awesome. I can see improvement since these videos last week (pointed toes and a flick in my wrist!) Looking forward to next months progress. Exciting stuff! Suit.. @eliossub Weight.. @alchemy_hellas Watch.. @atmos_ocean 📍.. @blueelementfreediving 📸.. @freediving_ian 🎥.. @jimmy.jeans 💙 #intotheblue #divingphotography #aida #molchanovs #aidacanada #freediving #girlsthatfreedive #dahabapnea #apnea #redseadiving #dahab #dive #apneatraining #apneaacademy #apneaaddicts #bluehole #molchanovsmovement #freedivingtraining #bikini #underwater #pool #athlete #freedivingphotography #freediving #diveandbefree #yogidiver #freedivingtrainingexercises #freediverslife
!SAVE THIS POST! If you know me, you know I’m an animal lover. But if you know my mom, you know that I’ve got nothing on her. After witnessing stray population on our first vacation, she wanted to make a change Growing up I went to yearly spay and neuter clinics with my moms non-profit organization CANDI. The first and only animal welfare organization partnering with the travel industry to address the issue of stray cats and dogs, as well as the humane treatment of all animals at resort destinations CANDi did yearly spay and neuter clinics and helped resorts adopt humane programs and provide stewardship for animals living on and around the hotel grounds with the additional support of local humane partners, and international volunteers. As well as education around animal welfare and rescue Seeing this in my youth gave me the understanding that the mass amount of strays in the world was created by humans and is now inhumanely combated with poison, electrocution and drowning, especially within the tourist industry I didn’t realize it’s incredible impact on me until I began travelling as a freediver Maybe it’s happened to you? Your hard earned vacation being ruined seeing the neglected and malnourished street dogs and cats. Many wish they could take the street animals they fall in love with home or out of the streets. Good news, it’s not impossible, there really is a solution! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. With simple guidance, so many travellers have taken their new fur babies off the streets and into forever homes. I have ATTACHED TIPS that will help navigate how to travel with animals that you meet along your journey The same tips I used to get these puppies that were living in a ditch beside my house to the humane society and into new foster homes. As for their mama, she couldn’t be fostered so I’m taking care of her until she is well enough to be escorted off the island! It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it. One dog or cat might not seem like it makes much of a difference but despite the fact that you are changing that animals life here’s a fact: one unsterilized dog and her pups can produce 67k PUPPIES IN JUST 6 YEARS. DM for questions!
RELAXATION PHASE The relaxation phase (otherwise know as a breath up) are the few minutes that you take to get in ✨the zone✨ before your final breath. I’ve always been a big fan of the snorkel breath up. A few of the benefits of breathing through a snorkel are: • Your face is immersed in the water (helps kick in our dive reflex) • immersion muffles out any external noises • The position is easy to relax in since there is no need to hold yourself up. However lately I have been playing around with different positions in the water to see if I can find what’s most optimal rather then sticking to what I know! But easier said then done. I’ve gotten very used to my little ritual that I do on each breath up- and it’s been harder to change then I thought. It reminds me of when I first started wearing the noseclip.. lord did I hate it. Every time I put my face in the water my eyes watered like crazy, sinuses got all blocked and I was seriously uncomfortable. But after a few (damn frustrating) sessions it got easier and easier. Now I hate diving without that beautiful piece of carbon!!😜 Lots of new.. trusting in the process and remembering to enjoy the ride over here! Wonder what my new breath up is going to look like.. let’s find out😋 #intotheblue #divingphotography #aida #molchanovs #aidacanada #freediving #girlsthatfreedive #dahabapnea #apnea #redseadiving #dahab #dive #apneatraining #apneaacademy #apneaaddicts #bluehole #molchanovsmovement #freedivingtraining #bikini #underwater #pool #athlete #freedivingphotography #freediving #diveandbefree #yogidiver #freedivingtrainingexercises #freediverslife
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