White Christmas Playland at I12 Katong

The Story

I12 Katong celebrated White Christmas Wonderland from 1 – 24 December 2017, with their Epic Christmas ball pit – designed for all ages. Filled with 250,000 plastic balls, it beats the record for the largest ball pool in the Singapore Book of Records.

The mall was also running a redemption activity where shoppers who spend a minimum of $100* get to write down their wishes on “Santa’s Letter” – a postcard which can be collected from the Concierge Counter. 3 lucky senders will have their requests granted – whether it’s a new watch or wallet, and up to $1,000 worth!

To promote the event, I12 Katong partnered with StarNgage to help increase the publicity of the bazaar using micro-influencers.

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The Goal

Primary Objective -To generate awareness of the Epic Christmas Ball pit and the “Santa’s Letter” redemption activity

Secondary Objective –To drive foot traffic down to I12 Katong

The Solution

We have engaged over 15+ lifestyle/parenting micro-influencers. Each influencer is to upload two IG posts. For both posts, influencers have to geo-tag the location of the mall and include the following hashtags as well: #I12katong #I12havefun #I12Christmas #I12EpicBallPit #WhiteChristmasPlayland #i12katongxStarNgage. 

The Results

  • Exposure to over 282,000+ followers of influencers
  • 38 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 18,000+ Likes
  • Comments received: 430+ Comments

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