Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Campaign

The Story

To promote its Mid-Autumn Fair from 31 August to 4 October, Takashimaya Department Store partnered with StarNgage to help increase the publicity of the bazaar using micro-influencers.

The Mid-Autumn fair featured over 50 participating local and international mooncake brands from hotels, restaurants, bakeries and cafes all under one roof. It served as a one stop shop for anyone who is thinking of buying mooncakes with a stellar cast of traditional and snowskin mooncakes.

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The Goal

Primary Objective – To generate awareness of the Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair

Secondary Objective – To drive foot traffic down to Takashimaya during the fair

The Solution

We have engaged over 45+ lifestyle/food micro-influencers who are of the target age groups.

Influencers are required to

  • create 1 x Instagram Repost Video. The influencers have to repost the official event video provided by Takashimaya Department Store.
  • create 1 x Original Instagram post featuring the fair itself. The influencers could choose attend the fair on any day, between 31 August to 10 September. It can be a photo post, multiple images slideshow or a IG video.
  • For both posts, influencers have to geo-tag the location of the mall and include the following hashtags as well: #takashimayasg, #mooncake #midautumn, #TakashimayaXStarNgage

The Results

  • Exposure to over 588,000+ followers of influencers
  • 98 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 29,400+ Likes
  • Comments received: 1,100+ Comments

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