SAFRA NS50 Salute Campaign

The Story

To commemorate 50 years of National Service (NS50), SAFRA has launched the #NS50Salute campaign to urge Singaporeans to show their appreciation to all NSmen with a simple gesture — a salute. To generate awareness and participation in this campaign among the youth in Singapore, SAFRA collaborated with StarNgage to engage young local influencers to promote the campaign by participating themselves.

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The Goal

 Objective – To generate awareness and participation in the #NS50Salute campaign.

The Solution

Influencers simply have to craft an Instagram post of themselves doing the #NS50Salute and encourage their followers to participate by hashtag-ing their salute post to #NS50Salute as well.

The Results

  • Exposure to over 230,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 32 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 13,000+ Likes
  • Comments received: 200+ Comments

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