Fantasy Squad #InSteingram Campaign

The Story

To help Fantasy Squad acquire new players and promote its #InSteingram campaign, it collaborated with StarNgage to engage 25 micro-influencers for an influencer campaign.

The #InSteingram campaign centers around the hashtag #InSteingram, where influencers gave out coupon codes in posts containing that particular hashtag. Players can then seek out the influencers’ postings to obtain multiple coupon codes to redeem exclusive in-game rewards.

Influencers are given a list of Fantasy Squad creatives to feature in a selfie-styled posting format, as well as their assigned coupon code and post caption.

Numbers of Influencers
Total Likes
Total Comments
Total Followers

The Goal

Primary Objective – To generate awareness of Fantasy Squad among the target audience (youth aged 16-28)

Secondary Objective(s) – To promote the in-game #InSteingram campaign

The Solution

We have engaged 25 influencers to feature Fantasy Squad. Influencers were assigned unique caption and coupon codes. Influencers have to direct their followers to the game’s page on Google Play.

The Results

  • Exposure to over 300,000 followers of influencers
  • Over 25 Campaign Posts
  • Over 8,500 likes on Instagram
  • Over 83 comments on Instagram

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