BrightCHAMPS - Coding for Kids

The Story

Believing that every child has his or her hidden talent since they were born, the classes at BrightCHAMPS are designed to encourage and help kids to fully unleash their potential while equipping them with essential skills for future challenges.

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The Goal

The Goal

Primary Goal: To increase brand awareness of BrightCHAMPS

Secondary Goal: To promote the coding classes for kids aged between 6 to 16 years old

The Solution

BrightCHAMPS has reached out to StarNgage Indonesia to increase brand awareness of BrightCHAMPS while promoting coding classes for kids aged between 6 to 16 years old.


  • Engage 16 mummy/parent influencers with a mix of follower counts (nano, micro dan mid tier influencers) to create contents on Instagram (Reels, Story, Highlight, Link in Bio)
  • The duration of the Reels is within 1 minute to keep them simple and sweet
  • The links are inserted on the bio of their Instagram profiles for 7 days
  • The Instagram stories are saved to a highlight for 7 days
  • Unique links with tracking codes are generated for each influencer to track the performance
  • The Instagram posts are pinned to the top of their Instagram profiles for 7 days.

The Results

  • Deliverables per KOL: 1 x Instagram reel, 1 x Instagram story with link sticker and add to highlight, put a unique link on bio for 7 days, pin post to the top of profile for 7 days
  • Campaign Dates: 10 - 16 October 2022


Total No of Followers: 436,915

Total Reach: 46,414

Total No of Likes: 9,247

Total No of Comments: 504

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