Alce Nero Social Media Influencer Campaign

The Story

For more than 30 years, Alce Nero has been synonymous of good, safe, fair and sustainable produce. On top of its constantly growing range of organic Italian food, Alce Nero now includes an array of Fairtrade products from all over the world. Alce Nero is not only the leading organic brand in Italy, but also becoming a trademark world-wide.


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The Goal

Primary Objective –  To generate awareness and sales of Alce Nero products.

Secondary Objective(s) –  To build a strong and always-on influencer community for Alce Nero.

The Solution

Alce Nero partnered with StarNgage to run a long term influencer marketing campaign to promote its products. As the market is shifting into Influence 2.0 (Influencer Relationship Management), StarNgage proposed an always-on community building campaign for Alce Nero.

 Every month, 10 micro-influencers will be engaged to review and promote Alce Nero’s products.

From the pool of engaged influencers, StarNgage will track their post performance. Good performing influencers will be selected for future campaign activation, under a long term influencer community building plan.

The Results

For this campaign, we engaged 50 influencers. Here’s are the results:

  • Exposure to over 300,000+ followers of influencers
  • 72 campaigns related posts
  • Likes received: 23,800+ Likes
  • Comments received: 900+ Comments

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