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57.5% of @prideofgypsies's followers are female and 42.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.14%. The average number of likes per post is 24,488 and the average number of comments is 441.
@prideofgypsies loves posting aboutActors, Motorcycle Racing.
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It breaks my heart to share such sad news but I hope we all can help this family through their pain. They have been volunteering and serving their community in the aftermath of the fires even after losing their son Keyiro who would have turned 15 years old today. He was at home enjoying his last day of summer break while the rest of his family was working at their cleaning business. His family raced from work towards their home when they heard the news and were running towards the fire while everyone else was fleeing away. Rubber slippers melting on the hot ground, his mom Luz kicked hers off and ran barefoot. She managed to get past police barricades but was not able to get into their home that had been engulfed in the fire. They spent the next 2 days going to Honokowai beach park, a place Keyiro loved and also where he took his first steps as a baby, hoping he would turn up there. With the help of his classmates, they snuck back into the distruction zone to find their home burnt to rubble and discovered the remains of both Keyiro and their beloved family dog Dexter. 20 year-old Josue seen in this video, had to take his little brother's charred body to the police station. Mama Luz still goes to Honokowai beach park everyday. She will still be celebrating Keyiro's birthday today, in the midst of trying to plan a funeral. Please hold this family in your heart and prayers and if you see them, wrap them in love. The family also wants to remind people that they are one of hundreds of Lahaina families who share loss like this. The clickable link to donate directly to them is in my bio.
Nā ʻOhana o Lele Calls on Governor Green to Meet Three Demands for Lāhainā Recovery Lāhainā, Maui. August 18, 2023 – Nā ʻOhana o Lele, a coalition of community members in Lāhainā, today called on Governor Josh Green to meet three demands for the recovery of the community. The demands are: Give our Lāhainā community time to grieve. The fire occurred only 10 days ago, and many people are still in shock and mourning. The governor should not rush to rebuild the community without first giving people time to heal, especially without including the community itself in the planning. Put the community first in any planning process for rebuilding Lāhainā. The governor should work with the community to develop a plan that meets the needs of the people. Fast-tracked development cannot come at the cost of community control. Amend the Emergency Proclamation to ensure that Chapter 92 Sunshine Law remains in full force. This law guarantees the public’s right to know about government decision-making and the discussions and information used in that process. The governor should ensure that all decisions about the rebuilding of Lāhainā are made in the open and with full participation of the Lāhainā community. “Our diverse Lāhainā community stands together, strong and resilient,” said Keʻeaumoku Kapu, a spokesperson for Nā ʻOhana o Lele. “But we need time to heal and to come together. We also need to be involved in the planning process for rebuilding our community. We ask that the governor meet our demands and work with us to create a better future for Lāhainā. Come talk to us.” Nā ʻOhana o Lele is a coalition of community members who have been taking action on many fronts to care for their beloved ʻohana, friends, and community. The coalition includes residents who have the support of a wide array of individuals, organizations, and institutions. For more, follow @kakoo_haleakala & @lahaina_ohana_venmo. #KeepLahainaInLahainaHands #MauiStrong #LahainaStrong #MauiOla
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FAQ: Instagram Statistics and Insights for @prideofgypsies
How can I access Instagram statistics and analytics for @prideofgypsies?
StarNgage offers comprehensive analytical reports that provide key metrics and insights to give you a complete understanding of @prideofgypsies. You can explore various aspects, including Instagram follower statistics, such as follower and post growth trends, Engagement Rate, and its growth trends. Additionally, you can access information on the average number of likes and comments per post, insights into your followers or audience demographics, brand affinity data, mentions of relevant hashtags, similar accounts, and the most recent posts.
What is the current follower count for @prideofgypsies on Instagram?
As of the latest update, @prideofgypsies has accumulated a dedicated following of 17,284,809 followers on Instagram.
What insights and analytics are included in the full report for @prideofgypsies on Instagram?
Our full Instagram analytical report provides a comprehensive overview of @prideofgypsies on Instagram. This report includes detailed information on follower growth over time, engagement metrics, and post frequency, both on a weekly and monthly basis. To access this in-depth report, kindly register and create a new StarNgage account or log in to your existing account.
Can I track how @prideofgypsies Engagement Rate has evolved on Instagram?
Yes, StarNgage's analytics tools allow you to monitor the evolution of @prideofgypsies Engagement Rate over time on Instagram. This data helps you assess the effectiveness of @prideofgypsies engagement strategies.
How can understanding @prideofgypsies audience's demographics on Instagram?
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Brand affinity data is a powerful tool to understand which brands or products your audience is most interested in. This information can guide your content collaborations and partnerships on Instagram, enhancing your engagement with your target audience.