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At the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York, more than 70,000 objects help tell the stories of victims, responders, and survivors. Many are seemingly ordinary, but all are uncommon, silent witnesses to history. Donors range from victims’ family members and survivors to rescue and recovery workers involved in the 9-month reclamation of the World Trade Center site. Photographer Henry Leutwyler photographed these artifacts for National Geographic. Pictured in order: A map book of New York City, recovered from the twin towers, courtesy of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. EMTs Benjamin Badillo and Edward Martinez were dispatched to the towers after the first attack. Hearing an awful roar, Badillo saw “the top of the building coming down.” Their ambulance was destroyed, but part of its map book survived. A prayer card recovered from the Pentagon crash site. The pilot of American Flight 77, Charles F. Burlingame III, carried a laminated prayer card from the funeral of his mother, who had died less than a year before. Recovery workers found the card largely intact. This is a gift from the family of Capt. Charles F. Burlingame III. An engine part from Flight 93, one of the planes hijacked during the attacks, courtesy of the National Park Service, Flight 93 National Memorial. When passengers tried to retake the flight, hijackers aiming for Washington, D.C. crashed the jet in Pennsylvania. One piece of the Boeing 757’s engines was found lodged in a field; another fell into a pond. The pants of volunteer EMT Greg Gully, worn on 9/11. After learning of the attacks, Gully grabbed supplies and made his way to the towers. When he returned home, he put his pants on a hanger and attached a note: “Pants worn on 9-11-01 at the WTC. Please DO NOT WASH. The ash is the remains of those that died. God Bless Them!” This is a gift from Greg Gully, EMT. The helmet of FDNY firefighter Joe Hunter recovered from the wreckage of the attacks at the twin towers, courtesy of Bridget Hunter and family. When the tower collapsed, Hunter and his squad mates perished. Hunter’s helmet was found in the wreckage several months later. See more of the artifacts at the link in bio.
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