Carabao Brewing
Brewery in Guam specializing in hoppy beers and classic styles, and housemade meats & sausages! Tue-Sat: 11:30-10PM Sun: 12PM-6PM 969-2337 or 707-9053
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🍺🥪IT’S SUPER DUPER EXTRA FANTASTIC BEER & SANDO SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥪🍺 • Good day everybody and welcome to a super exciting double drop version of Sando Sunday! This week we have a sandwich that pairs perfectly with our newest and, in our opinion, our most exciting beer to date! So before we get to the sando…let’s talk about this beer! • LOVE BLIND is the very first wet hop IPA ever produced in Guam. What is a wet hop IPA you might ask? We’ll tell you! Hops are grown in very specific climates throughout the globe. In North America, most hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest. Now harvest of these precious little gems typically takes place from August to early October. Being an extremely perishable product, hops cones are dried and packed in bales immediately after harvest. During this short window though, brewers lucky enough to brew close to these harvest regions get the amazing opportunity to brew with the fresh cones. These beers really allow the true nature of the hops to shine through. The aromas you get are brighter and juicier. The flavors are fresher and dare I say greener. They are wonderful beers that brewers absolutely LOVE to make! Now the fragile nature of the fresh (wet) hops made them near impossible to get unless you were 24 hours away from a hop field, but this year things changed. One of our suppliers, @yakimachief, began flash freezing the freshly harvested cones. This now allows brewers father away to get these amazing hops while still retaining the freshness. Naturally we had to get some. So…we secured 50 pounds and had them shipped to the airport in Seattle. From there they got stuffed into a insulated shipping pod and loaded onto a plane to make the journey to Guam. Upon receiving them we immediately went to work brewing this very special IPA for you! Was it expensive, yeah. Was it somewhat of a logistical nightmare, yeah. Was it worth it…we think so, but we really want you to be the judge of that! So come on by today and grab a pint or two! 🍻🍻🍻 • Here are the specs: LOVE BLIND 100% Mosaic, wet hop IPA 7.3% ABV 43 IBUs • Secondly…we have a super amazing sandwich to pair with your beer. Details in the comments⬇️⬇️⬇️
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