How to Save Your Time by 50% on Influencer Marketing

How to Save Your Time by 50% on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is now essential for brands and agencies to effectively reach target audiences. However, managing influencer campaigns can be both time-consuming and challenging. Find out how to simplify and expedite your influencer marketing efforts with some powerful tools and strategies!

In this blog post, we’ll explore how brands and agencies hasten their influencer marketing management processes using StarNgage+ and StarNgage Pro. We’ll also be taking a look at effective time management tips and strategies to maximise your chances of success. Check out this article’s run down!

Time Management in Influencer Campaign Planning

Prioritisation and organisation of tasks are the name of the game for effective time management. Taking the time to devise and prepare things saves much more time down the pipeline. Here are some tips:

  • Create a content calendar. Plan your influencer campaigns in advance, outlining key dates, deliverables, and milestones. This helps you stay organised and ensures smooth execution.
  • Set clear goals, objectives and campaign messages. Define your campaign goals and align them with your overall marketing objectives. This will also help to guide you in brainstorming your campaign theme and key messages. 
  • Identify your target audience. Create a clear buyer persona of your target audience so to get a clearer picture on what kind of social media influencers to work with. An excellent example of business/influencer fit would be sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike collaborating with athletes to endorse their products. This clarity will guide your decisions in influencer selection and saves time by focusing your efforts on what matters most.
  • Allocate adequate budget for influencer collaboration. Find out the average rates charged by the influencers to avoid overpaying or underpaying the influencers before you decide on how many influencers whom you are going to work with. 
  • Plan out how you should measure and evaluate your influencer campaign performance. List down the key metrics such as reach, engagements, website visits and the number of sales that are relevant to your business. You might also want to check out whether your website analytics tool is in place for tracking. If you are running an online business, make sure you generate personalised website links and promo codes for your influencers before they publish the content.  

Unique Promo Code for Tracking

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The right tools will significantly streamline your influencer marketing workflow. StarNgage provides a comprehensive influencer database, allowing you to quickly find relevant influencers based on specific criterias, such as niche, location, and engagement metrics. This eliminates the need for manual research, saving precious hours. It also offers a range of features designed to save you time in influencer search: 

  • Use the Influencer Discovery Tool on StarNgage+ or StarNgage Pro to look for the ideal influencers based on your requirements such as the influencers’ location, topics of interest and so on.


  • Use the Hashtag Tracker on StarNgage Pro to find influencers who have featured your brand or similar brands using hashtags related to your products, your branded hashtags or hashtags used by your competitors. (Hint: Use ChatGPT to get some hashtag ideas so that you don’t need to crack your head on what hashtags to insert before you get started!)

StarNgage Pro Hashtag Tracker

  • Use the Tag Tracker on StarNgage Pro to find influencers who have tagged your brand or similar brands on their past contents on TikTok or Instagram.

StarNgage Pro Tag Tracker

StarNgage Pro Hashtag Tracker - Top Creators

StarNgage Tag Tracker - Top Creators

  • Find more influencers using the Lookalike feature on StarNgage Pro by uploading the existing list of influencers who have been selected by your brand or your client.

StarNgage Pro - Lookalike List




Time Management in Influencer Campaign Management

Enhance and simplify your influencer campaign management processes to cut down on time wasted. Run a tight ship by establishing proper systems and protocols with the following strategies:

  • Automate repetitive tasks if possible. For example, use the influencer campaign management tool on StarNgage Pro to send bulk emails to invite influencers to join your campaign instead of dropping them emails separately. This frees up your time for more strategic activities.StarNgage Pro - Send Bulk Email
  • Delegate responsibilities. Assign specific tasks to team members or agencies to lighten your workload. Clearly communicate expectations and provide necessary guidelines to ensure a smooth delegation process.
  • Provide detailed campaign briefs to influencers, outlining expectations, key messages, and deliverables. Use StarNgage Pro to create and send your influencers the campaign brief to save time. Alternatively, you may use StarNgage+ as your influencer outreach tool by creating an influencer campaign that recruits influencers for you. Clearly list down your influencer and campaign requirements including the deliverables and key campaign message when creating a campaign on this influencer marketplace. This minimises back-and-forth communication and time spent on revisions. (Hint: You can use AI tools such as ChatGPT and Notion AI to save your time in drafting your campaign brief and outreach message, too.)StarNgage Pro - Edit Campaign Brief 

StarNgage Plus - Campaign Brief

  • Integrate your communication with the influencers by keeping all your conversations in one place.


  • Streamline content approval processes by expediting the review and approval process. Consider implementing clear guidelines and templates to ensure consistency and minimise revisions. Using one single platform or Google Form to collect the drafts from the influencers, keeping everything tidy and organised.


Other Effective Time Saving Tips for Successful Influencer Campaigns

Boost your influencer campaign management processes in the long run with these tips:

  • Nurture long-term relationships. Building long-term relationships with influencers can save you time and effort in future campaigns. Using StarNgage Pro to manage your influencers is a great way to cultivate strong partnerships with the influencers based on trust and mutual understanding while converting them into brand ambassadors

StarNgage-Ambassador Programme Example

  • Measure and optimise your influencer campaign. Regularly monitor and analyse your campaign performance using metrics provided by tools like StarNgage Pro. Based on the hashtags and the brands’ tagged by the influencers, you will be able to determine what works and what doesn't, identify the top-performing creators and optimise your strategies accordingly.



In a Nutshell

Influencer marketing doesn't have to be a time-consuming endeavour. Implement effective time management practices, utilise time-saving tools like StarNgage, and follow the strategies and tips mentioned in this blog post to halve the time taken while achieving remarkable results. Streamline your influencer marketing efforts, boost efficiency, and focus on driving meaningful connections. Contact us if you need more advice on how you can save your time in influencer marketing!

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