How to Measure the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign


Influencer marketing has taken off massively over the last few years as more brands have been adopting it as part of their marketing strategy. However the question remains, how do you actually measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns? 

Here’s a helpful guide on 5 techniques you can use to ensure success in your campaigns.

1. Work Towards Your End Goal

Before working with an influencer, it is important to first have a clearly defined end goal in mind. Are you working to increase the visibility of your brand? Do you wish to increase the number of followers on your social media profile? Or are you hoping to generate more leads to your website? 

You need to have this goal clearly in your mind before deciding on an influencer. This is so you can find the best person to help your brand reach its objectives, and be able to see if the influencer managed to help you achieve your goals. 

You can easily see the Return on Investment (ROI) of your partnership by seeing how close you are to achieving that end goal. If you’re trying to sell 100,000 product units, see how many have been sold through your influencer’s special codes or landing pages.

2. Define Your Measurement

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of tracking vanity metrics and taking the numbers at face value. However, you have to make sure that these numbers are what you are looking for. For example, if you receive 2,000 new followers from your influencer’s campaign, this could be deemed a success if follower growth was your goal, but if not, then this would not be considered as a successful metric.

Instead, define what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) you’re looking for that is actually impacting your business. This could be email addresses, number of sales, hits on your website, or sign-ups to a pre-launch. If you’re getting excited because you’re getting a lot of likes, remember this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making money; it just means someone thinks you’ve got some pretty content.

Always make sure to define your measurements and communicate that with your influencer, so that they can have a clear angle on how to help you achieve that.

3. Read The Comments

A really quick and easy way to figure out whether your campaign is working is to simply check the comments of the content your partnered influencers are creating. The comments section will show you in real-time, how people are reacting to your brand and what their sentiments are.

Of course, you should not take this method too literally. People generally only comment when they feel a strong urge to say something, or when they feel extremely positive or negative towards the content. While there will always be a group of customers that are not commenting their thoughts, it is still wise to analyse the existing comments to understand what customer concerns are and how they are responding to the campaign.

4.  Use Trackable Content

When you are working with influencers, it is always highly recommended that you use trackable content to see how effectively you are reaching the audience. This can be in the form of referral links or influencer-specific discount codes, for example, if you’re using coupon codes to give your influencer’s audience a discount, you can simply track how many times it’s been used.

You can also do this using customized links and landing pages. By viewing how much interaction and conversion rates these methods are getting, you can easily see your investment return. 

You could also just use standard, untrackable content with your influencers such as using normal links for your site and products. However, you won’t be able to keep track of which customers are coming from your influencers and which customers are coming from other promotions you may be running, making it difficult to measure your influencers’ effectiveness accurately.

5. Check On Influencer Analytics

There are many platforms that currently exist, allowing you to analyze and break down what kind of impact and engagement rate a page is getting, in this case, the page of the influencer you’re working with. Simply use a service like Starngage to analyze the Key Performance Index (KPI) you are interested in, and convert this information into the ROI you’re looking for.


In conclusion, it is not that difficult to track and measure the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. With the right methods and techniques, you can ensure that your campaigns will reap good results for your brand and the influencers you choose to work with are best suited for your needs.


Ashley Halsey is a professional writer at Lucky assignments and Gum essays, who has been involved in many projects throughout the country. Mother of two children, she loves working on social media and helping brands use it to their full potential.

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