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Walter Knoll is known as a furniture brand of modernity.

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 11 and the average number of comments is 1.

49.15% of the followers that engaged with walterknollindonesia regularly are from Indonesia, followed by United States at 20.34% and Japan at 3.39%. In summary, the top 5 countries of walterknollindonesia's posts engager are coming from Indonesia, United States, Japan, India, United Kingdom.

Walterknollindonesia loves posting about Design, Architecture, Art, DIY & Crafts, Gardening.

Check walterknollindonesia's audience demography. This analytics report shows walterknollindonesia's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Indonesia 49.15 %
  • United States 20.34 %
  • Japan 3.39 %
  • India 3.39 %
  • United Kingdom 1.69 %


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Designed by Ginger Zalaba. Clear, almost austere in its geometry – casual in its effect. Swiss designer Ginger Zalaba has made Aisuu Side Chair something of a tribute. A tribute to Otto Kolb, her grandfather and a master of the New Bauhaus, who designed avant-garde furniture in the Chicago of the 1950s. With its wing-like armrests, it was ahead of its time. Walter Knoll found it good from the outset. In 1961, we created an upholstered version of it. And today we are more than pleased that his granddaughter, herself an artist, has reinterpreted the original design. #walterknoll #gingerzalaba #madeingermany #interiordesign #interior #design #modern #bauhaus #ottokolb #highend #architect #furniture

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Reposted from @walterknoll_official (@get_regrann) - Fall mood: we're already enjoying the changing colors outside our windows this season. The beauty of nature inspires our work every day #walterknoll #fallcolors #moodboard #leatherfurniture #craftsmanship #interiorinspiration - #regrann

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Reposted from @walterknoll_official (@get_regrann) - Onsa chair: the perfect place to curl up and relax when its getting cold outside. Link in bio. #walterknoll #leatherchair #maurolipparini #interiorinspiration #craftsmanship - #regrann

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The Foster 512 series bench – the latest product line designed by Foster + Partners for Walter Knoll – is a new range of furniture that can be easily adapted and scaled to suit any space. As well as pre-defined modules, the Foster 512 has an innovative frame construction which allows for bespoke configurations, with exact radiuses and dimensions that can be specified at the time of manufacture. It supports multiple – almost infinite – seating configurations, with different levels of enclosure for groups and individuals, and is available in a range of materials and finishes. #walterknoll #foster+partners #foster512 #madeingermany #highend #architect #modern #design #designer #interior #bench #construction #normanfoster #bestofthebest

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Inspiration LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM ROLLS-ROYCE MOTOR CARS LONDON #walterknoll #rollsroyce #cars #healeylounge #andoolounge #eoos #eoosdesign #pearsonlloyd #madeingermany #furniture #highend #modern #design #designer #interiordesign #

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The Kyo chair comprises an injection moulded inner shell, which is PU moulded and upholstered, before slotting into an injection moulded outer shell – rather like the assembly of the Turtle chair. All of the parts are push fit, and clip together. As such the assembly of the chair – from production through to the packaging – is super fast. The result is refined, and very cost effective. #walterknoll #walterknollindonesia #pearsonlloyd #madeingermany #highend #kyochair #chair #castors #interiordesign #inspiration #interiorinspiration #modern #architect #design #designer 🏢Walter Knoll Indonesia Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond no 7 Jalan Letjen Soepeno, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 📞021 5366 3195

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Mood piece. Healey Lounge is a modern lounge chair that supports the rituals of our technology driven lifestyle. The outer shell carries the soft upholstery – underlined by the distinctive piped quilting. A genuine tribute to the seats of legendary classic cars. Flowing lines trace the shape precisely. An elegant shell envelops the seat and armrests. A tool for modern life: the broad upholstered armrest. Easily adjustable for comfort and as a surface for a tablet or smartphone. Healey Lounge reveals its personality whether as a soloist or in an informal get-together – lightweight, casually elegant, comfortable, on a swivel base. And you know what they say: how monotonous would life be without extravagant characters? #healeylounge #walterknoll #walterknollindonesia #pearsonlloyd #madeingermany #bestofthebest #highend #modern #interior #design 🏢Walter Knoll Indonesia Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond no 7 Jalan Letjen Soepeno, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 📞021 5366 3195

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Lox is the perfect invitation to take a seat. The sturdy base plate grounds the flowing forms of the seat and footrest. A sign of cultivated enjoyment. The swiveling barstool is surprisingly comfortable and can be adjusted to just the height you require. The button for adjusting the height is hidden under the seat. A plastic cast in white, black or grey, chromium-plated steel and upholstered seats complement each other to form a dynamic silhouette. #lox #barstool #walterknoll #walterknollindonesia #madeingermany #highend #interior #design #designer #pearsonlloyd #readystock 🏢Walter Knoll Indonesia Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond no 7 Jalan Letjen Soepeno, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 📞021 5366 3195

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Reposted from @walterknoll_official (@get_regrann) - Just add color: our cozy Onsa chair in vivid yellow is a focal point amid the elegant neutrals of this modern living space. Link in bio. #walterknoll #maurolipparini #leatherchair #interiorinspiration #fallcolors - #regrann

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Project : Simprug House, Jakarta, Indonesia Locations : Bedroom, living room, dining room, entrance hall, kitchen Pictures : Sefval Mogalana, Jakarta, Indonesia | @sefvalmogalana Architect : War Architect, Jakarta, Indonesia | @fajarwidharta Interior Design : War Architect, Jakarta, Indonesia | @fajarwidharta @stanley.savio @walterknoll_official @eoosdesign @pearsonlloyd @ben_van_berkel @fosterandpartners #walterknoll #walterknollindonesia #modern #simprughouse #furniture #interior #architect #interiordesign #inspiration #madeingermany #eoosdesign #jakarta #permatahijau #project #residential #design #designer #sofa #armchair #barstool #loungechair #diningtable #tadeo #jaan782 #grandsuite #healeylounge #foster521 #saddlechair #saddlebarstool #livinglandscape750sofa 🏢Walter Knoll Indonesia Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond no 7 Jalan Letjen Soepeno, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 📞021 5366 3195

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LEGENDS OF CARPETS Design: Helmut Scheufele Inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa, and hand-knotted in certified Nepalese workshops, the collection “Legends of Carpets” translates abstract painting into timeless, woven works of art. Wool from the Tibetan highlands, fine Chinese silk and nettle yarn all possess exceptional qualities which consequently characterize the products. In Nepal, our certified partner workshops have often been in the hands of the same family for generations. There, carpets are hand-crafted using traditional Tibetan knotting methods under sustainable and socially responsible conditions. Due to the heterogeneous nature of fibers and threads, to their diverse colors and hues, and to the personal interpretation of craftsmen, every rug ends up being a unique masterpiece. These objects are living proof that true values are wisely handed down from generation to generation. #carpets #walterknoll #madeingermany #handmade #silk #furniture #africa #inspiration 🏢Walter Knoll Indonesia Grand ITC Permata Hijau Blok Diamond no 7 Jalan Letjen Soepeno, Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan 12210 📞021 5366 3195


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