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📍Agana Shopping Center Market Place (across playport) 10AM-8PM DAILY WE SHIP! 💎 Handmade Jewelry 🌴 @vidalocalhayu

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.10%. The average number of likes per post is 153 and the average number of comments is 9.

54.93% of the followers that engaged with vidalocalguam regularly are from Guam, followed by United States at 18.31% and United Kingdom at 5.63%. In summary, the top 5 countries of vidalocalguam's posts engager are coming from Guam, United States, United Kingdom, India, Dominican Republic.

Check vidalocalguam's audience demography. This analytics report shows vidalocalguam's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Guam 54.93 %
  • United States 18.31 %
  • United Kingdom 5.63 %
  • India 2.82 %
  • Dominican Republic 1.41 %


122 4

Quarantine tings...NEW Tortoise bar necklaces and earrings available for purchase. So much new pieces available, pls see our story! I am thankful for all the support so far 💙

104 15

Hafa Adai Guahan, In trying times for our island, I believe we’re doing the best we can to keep our businesses alive. Yesterday marked our 2 month anniversary and it sucks to have spent it like this... In preparation for the initial lockdown, I have brought all my materials home to prepare for reopening..that is until our lockdown was extended until April 14. Not expecting my shop to be closed for such a long duration, there are some things I have left in my shop such as my shipping materials... and because our shop is located in a mall, I am unable to open and close whenever I need to..I’ve been debating if I should continue making and wait til we reopen or buy new shipping materials to sale online for the time being. If you guys are interested in purchasing through PayPal, pls comment below. I will post all available pieces on our STORY. I will also purchase a few shipping boxes for you all! I have been trying to make some pieces since the lock down and hopefully you’ll be able to find something you like. Si Yu’os Ma’ase for the continued support. Remember to keep supporting your islands small and locally owned businesses 💙

134 0

New tortoise earring styles available in our shop! Don’t forget we ship 📦 Vidalocal, Mermade in Guam

338 16

Everyone meet Bill. His passion for wood work inspires me to continue doing what I love. I met Bill at a art fair and he said he remembers me because my name is Nara like the wood lol. I told him I was interested in having his work in my shop. So he and his wife invited me to their home. He was excited to show me his display room and invited me into his workshop area. Bill only uses LOCAL wood that is already cut down or given to him. He then skins the logs, place them on the rotating machine and begins carving. He uses different tools to shape and add accents on each piece all by hand. The enthusiasm and excitement in his voice as he explains each piece, they type of wood, and the process is so genuine. I am so blessed and excited to have his beautiful masterpieces in my shop and be an exclusive carrier. I have a handful of his pieces so come by and check them out.

186 1

If you saw our story, then you’ve seen our newest earring styles. I upcycle and handmade these earrings from scraps of woven mats. The pieces are coated to prevent any frays and cracking. SO PLEASE WEAR WITH CARE💙✨ Personally, I love finding scraps or unwanted products into a something creative or different that they normally were. And I love how these earring turned out! RELEASING ON MARCH 6, 2020 at the @vidalocalguam shop ONLY. Off island orders will also be accepted

140 5

New wristlets in shop! Made with recycled plastic and custom handles. We changed out the original same handles it came with to our handmade handles made with our custom fabrics. Come by the shop and check them out! Thank you to my Momma for creating these handles💗 they’re all so pretty and unique.

200 4

Have you seen our new tortoise pieces? We now have tortoise bar necklaces, cuffs, and studs ✨🐢 Don’t forget, we ship 📦 Vidalocal, Mermade in Guam

150 183

Our beautiful customer all the way from Florida in our Spondylus earring and necklace set. DON’T FORGET, WE SHIP! 💌 Also, let’s end this weekend with a small giveaway! LIKE this post AND TAG all your friends in the comments to win a $50 gift card (locals only pls) Winner will be chosen in the comments section tomorrow morning HAPPY SUNDAY 💙

193 8

Introducing our beautiful hand woven hand bags. I always try to have products in my shop that define my heritages: Chamorro, Filipina, and Japanese & these beautiful handbags are handwoven by local artisans in Cebu. I met with the sweetest Filipina lady who helped me locate the hand bags as she educated me how they are made. She even told me the colors of the pandanus leaves of each bag are hand dyed with natural coloring and because they are hand woven, the color ways always come out different. How unique is that? Each bag is also detailed with a enclosed zipper top to keep all your belongings in. I’m so blessed to be carrying their beautiful work in our shop and even more supporting local artisans from the Philippines. We only have 5 bags available; each all different styles and colors.

137 16

Tomorrow (2/13/2020) is my birthday!!! Come in and take advantage of our 15% off birthday special on all @vidalocalguam @vidalocalhayu items on me & receive a FREE sticker with every purchase. Sale will be running all day, 10AM-8PM 💖And as always, thank you for always supporting my small business.

101 9

Guam is OUR happy place. Handmade magnets new in store 🧲💙

161 4

Some precious drop necklaces made with assorted gemstone ✨ Available tomorrow in store! Gemstones used: Labradorite Sodalite Turquoise Amazonite Larimar Mother of pearl Spondylus


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