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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 133 and the average number of comments is 2.

31.43% of the followers that engaged with shhonduras regularly are from United States, followed by Honduras at 22.86% and Australia at 4.29%. In summary, the top 5 countries of shhonduras's posts engager are coming from United States, Honduras, Australia, France, Japan.

Shhonduras loves posting about Humor, Health & Fitness, Animals & Pets, Celebrities.

Check shhonduras's audience demography. This analytics report shows shhonduras's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 31.43 %
  • Honduras 22.86 %
  • Australia 4.29 %
  • France 2.86 %
  • Japan 2.86 %


172 2

Two of our ninth graders were chosen to represent the school and give the speech for the High School Inauguration. While the event went a bit differently than planned, Jade and Daniela were still able to share the speech they had prepared for the event. Speech: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." This famous appointment was told by the lawyer and activist, Nelson Mandela. Good morning parents, teachers, students, managers, and special guests. My name is Daniela Reyes and my partner for Jade Aranda. We are 9th grade students and we proudly represent Villa Soleada Bilingual School. In this beautiful morning we thank God for allow us to bring this event to an end and all of you for joining us on this special day. Today we are opening the professional technical baccalaureate in sciences and humanities. Years ago nobody could have even imagined the bright future that awaited Villa Soleada. Today we recognize the hard work of all those who have been part of making real the dream of our founder and not only the fate of all those Hondurans and volunteers who fight for a better future for our country. Thanks for thinking of Honduras. Thank you for thinking of Villa. On behalf of our school, we are grateful to all of you. they and God bless your lives forever. The famous Albert Einstein said: “Never consider study as an obligation if not as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge.” Thank you very much. _____________________________________________________________ These young women inspire us every single day. Help SHH continue fighting to alleviate violence and extreme poverty in Honduras through education and youth empowerment: 1) Make a one-time gift towards our Covid-19 Emergency Fund to help us survive COVID-19: 2) Join our newest monthly giving program, the Tigers Club, to help us reach sustainability:

218 1

In less than 3 weeks, the SHH community came together in unprecedented ways and raised over $100,000! In addition to providing emergency food and supplies for Villa Soleada residents, this money made it possible for SHH to pay full salaries for the month of April to all staff, whether or not they are working. We are so grateful. As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, and projections are showing that we will be in this lockdown for the foreseeable future, we need more help. To help sustain the Children’s Home and support the families of Villa Soleada and our staff: 1) Make a one-time gift towards our Covid-19 Emergency Fund to help us survive COVID-19: Our new goal is $150,0000. 2) Join our newest monthly giving program, the Tigers Club, to help us reach sustainability:

297 5

Amidst an extremely challenging time for the entire world, we wanted to take a moment to share a major accomplishment for SHH. Earlier this month, we inaugurated the completion of the high school building at Villa Soleada. While we were unable to have the inauguration we had planned due to COVID-19, we still celebrated with all the students and staff. We cheered together as one of our Kindergarten students stood on Shin’s shoulders to cut the ribbon. Seeing the entire school community together, stronger than ever, during uncertain times is what keeps us inspired every day. The High School inauguration marks our commitment to education and the future. Our goal: to reopen our school after the crisis so we can continue fighting violence and extreme poverty in Honduras. Join us: Make a one-time gift towards our COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help us survive financially: Join our newest monthly giving program, the Tigers Club, to help us reach sustainability:

197 5

We are posting today to CELEBRATE that in just three days, we have raised over $50,000 for the SHH COVID-19 Emergency Fund (54,8% of our goal) AND we got 152 members in Tigers Club (39% of our goal)! 🎉 Your donations have made it possible to fully stock the Children's Home for over a month, provide food for families in Villa Soleada and other SHH staff members with financial strain, and pay for water + electricity for families in Villa Soleada. Thank you to the entire SHH community for coming together in an unprecedented way to support our programs and staff in Honduras! Let's keep working together towards that goal! 💪

173 0

Words cannot express our gratitude today... in 24 hours, the SHH community has raised $36.081 towards our COVID-19 Emergency Fund ( 118 people have signed up for Tigers Club ( Our tribe WILL save all what we have been building TOGETHER in the past 10 years. THANK YOU. . Let’s keep working. We are 36,08% of the way with the Emergency Fund and 30,25% of the way with Tigers Club. Let's show the world what the SHH tribe is made of!!

66 0

The 2019 Impact Report is live! We are proud to share our 2019 Impact Report with you. Read it to learn about the highlights and accomplishments for each project! From new staff to graduations, it has been a big year for us here in Honduras. A big thanks to you - our supporters- who make it possible! The link ➡️

129 2

We are currently looking for our 2020-2021 SHH Student Directors! Do you have...? . - initiative - positive energy - knowledge about SHH - on-point event planning skills - experience working on an SHH executive board - passion for achieving our goal of building 1000 schools in Honduras . If you want to apply send your resume and cover letter to

124 1

Personas hondureñas . Meet Ever Hernandez, School Bus Driver and Taxi Driver . “Tengo 37 años, soy de El Progreso y toda mi vida he vivido aquí. Me he dedicado a diferentes tipos de actividades de trabajo, como industrial en la máquina, construccion, en gasolineras, y como conductor. A través de todo este tiempo he adquiridos diferentes amistades, experiencias muy buenas, que me han permitido conocer un poco de la realidad que se vive en nuestro país y eso me permite ser una persona que puede expandir su conocimiento, aprender de las diferentes cosas que ha hecho. . Conocí a la organización cuando trabajaba como bombero en una gasolinera, para despachar el combustible. Pude conocer a sus líderes, Shin y su hermana Cosmo. Primero empecé como conductor de busito verde los sábados, y más adelante me dieron la oportunidad de trabajar también el domingo, los sábados por la noche. Y después de un año compraron un nuevo bus grande y necesitaban conductor para toda la semana y me lo ofrecieron a mi.” . “I am 37 years old and I have lived in El Progreso, Honduras my entire life. I have done many different jobs such as industrial machine work, construction, at a gas station, and as a driver. Throughout my time working I have gained different friendships and good experiences that have allowed me to understand the reality of living in this country. This allows me to be a person that can expand their knowledge and learn from the different things that I have done. . I heard about the organization when I was working as a firefighter at a gas station, my job was to dispense fuel. I met the leaders, Shin and his sister Cosmo. I started as a driver of the old small green bus every saturday. Later I was given the opportunity to work Sundays as well and Saturdays at night. After one year, the organization bought a new big bus and they needed a driver for the weekdays and they offered the job to me.” . Learn more about Ever’s story on our Facebook page.


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