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◈ Holistic Design Studio ◈ ➳ #Consulting #StrategicPlanning #Logistics ❃ #CommunityDevelopment ☼ #ConsciousDesign BOSSES: @chiefchea + @vevehomemaker
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 43 and the average number of comments is 6.

19.44% of the followers that engaged with ohhoneydesign regularly are from Venezuela, followed by United States at 13.89% and Philippines at 9.72%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ohhoneydesign's posts engager are coming from Venezuela, United States, Philippines, Italy, Brazil.

Ohhoneydesign loves posting about Celebrities, Fashion, Design, Hair & Beauty.

Check ohhoneydesign's audience demography. This analytics report shows ohhoneydesign's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Venezuela 19.44 %
  • United States 13.89 %
  • Philippines 9.72 %
  • Italy 6.94 %
  • Brazil 5.56 %


72 15

I have a gift to make shit pretty. I love it. I’m obsessed even when I’m not trying I make shit pretty, I do. It’s just in me and people actually like what I do, and I find that dope! However, for years, I still felt something was missing because every time things in business began to get overwhelming for me, I started questioning why I’m doing this, and then I would stop. ____ I started feeling like maybe I’m wasting energy especially when people would tell me how much of a waste of money invitations are and how people are just going to throw them away. People don’t understand how saying stuff like that to the person you are trying to get to do invitations for you can affect that person and them wanting to work with you. Because if you feel that way, why are you coming to me?? I’m not a machine. I have feelings, and It takes so much energy to produce the things I do, so for you to invalidated my work, but yet want to work with me is mind blowing. . ____ I stared thinking well, why am I doing this if people feel it’s a waste, so I took this serious break to do some soul searching, and what I found is that it wasn’t what I was doing, but it was how I was doing it and that’s why I can do a wide range of creative projects i.e invitations, photography, interiors, events, gardens, I can go on & on. Every thing I do, I do it with love and detail. I truly desire for the product to be a reflection of my client’s style and personality. It’s not about the money for me which causes me to under value my work. I put ALOT of energy in the projects that come my way, but it’s not just physical; It’s mental, emotional and spiritual. _____ I took on one invitation order this past year, and I found myself praying over the invitations as I was putting them together. I was praying for the couple and their family and hoping it would assist in bring healing to the two families coming together. Praying everyone have the time of their lives at the wedding. I realized my true purpose is to put love and positive energy into whatever I’m doing because people can feel that. ____ 👇More in Comments👇

31 2

Repost via @theprevailingwoman ____ "‘A prevailing woman is somebody that works really hard to obtain the desires of their life, but also pays it forward’ says cover person @angelayee _______________________________ Read more about Angela Yee by purchasing our Fall ‘17 issue! Link in our bio 🔗 _______________________________ Photo credit: @sobitartphotography Hair: @parisnguy MUA: @facebysandradene Stylist: @sofreshnsokeesh Studio: @theregalsuite #prevailingwoman #angelayee #askyee #womensmagazine"

32 10

I would say I miss my grandmother, but truth is I never feel like she left me. I hear and feel her all the time guiding and showing me the things I need to do to fulfill my purpose so I can help those around me. I carry her with me everyday and when I’m sad, I feel a warmth come over me as if she is giving me a hug and comforting me the only the way she can. I hear a quiet whisper telling me it’s going to be okay. ____ I created this program 2 years ago with the help of family for her funeral, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed designing it. It was therapy for me, and I felt her spirit there with me, and I know she would love this program because she helped create it. Today, I celebrate your life grandma, and I will continue to celebrate you until God calls me home and there we will be united again in spirit. 🕊

25 2

Sometimes you just have to Boss Up! 💪 _____ 📷 Via @cyncelebrations

45 0

Happy New Year!! 🎊

43 2

No matter how much is piling up on you; You have to take time to relax and reset. #EntrepreneurMindset #ConsciousBusiness #BusinessInspiration 🌺🌿

16 3

#Repost by @jdseries . "Of course the drinks will be flowing and prepared by the one and only @justinicocktails ! Get your tickets now! Link in my bio! #TheGlitzMix #JusTini #TheJDSeries #Nola #NolaEvents #NolaChristmas #HolidayParty #NolaFashion #IgersOfLouisiana #NolaHolidayParty #NolaCreatives #Cocktails #NolaCocktails #LouisianaCreatives #NolaBloggers #NolaFashionBloggers #Glitz"

68 12

Everyday, I feel this way! Never giving up! #HappySaturday #HappyNewMoon set some intentions for your business! #EntrepreneurMindset 🌺🌿

49 11

I know it's been awhile. We've been on a little hiatus. We are taking the time to reevaluate our business purpose. We have evolved into something some much better. We will be returning shortly, but I had to share this dessert table we styled for one of favorite partners @redlaveau of @fasciohair for her birthday gathering this pass weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @redlaveau !!! 💛


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