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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 119 and the average number of comments is 3.

42.86% of the followers that engaged with larkandpeony regularly are from United States, followed by Singapore at 28.57% and Brazil at 4.76%. In summary, the top 5 countries of larkandpeony's posts engager are coming from United States, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom.

Larkandpeony loves posting about Cooking, Food & Drink, Animals & Pets.

Check larkandpeony's audience demography. This analytics report shows larkandpeony's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 42.86 %
  • Singapore 28.57 %
  • Brazil 4.76 %
  • Australia 4.76 %
  • United Kingdom 4.76 %


76 2

🌅Open House Day! ATELIER ASANOHA is a little space we use to showcase brands we love and our own labels as well! Located at the basement of Far East Shopping Centre (😬 Not Plaza!) Today we have with us @riverlotusdesigns ✨ A brand we love because almost everything they have match our cheongsams and kebayas beautifully and it won’t break the bank 😅 their whimsical style and gorgeous Ladyboss @gangryun.byun will make your shopping experience a breeze so swing on by, stock up on presents for your #besties #bridesmaids #moms #sisters ❤️❤️

153 5

August was such a splendid month of customisation and creativity. Massive thanks to everyone who made it and shared wonderful ideas and feedback. We never know when our tailor or seamstresses will retire so we’ll keep doing our custom sessions for as long as they stay with us. We never take them for granted because no one else will agree to the details we want on our pieces 😬😬 Don’t forget to make your payment so that we can start work ASAP 🙈 September will see ATELIER ASANOHA stocked with our off-the-rack pieces and new designs now and then. We know we’ve neglected our online friends so we’ll stock some items online so you don’t need to make the trip down to see us, especially if you’re based overseas! Don’t forget our OPEN HOUSE this Sunday from 12-6pm with @riverlotusdesigns ✨ See you then! . . ❤️❤️ Team L A R K & P E O N Y

90 0

It’s the FINAL WEEK we’re doing custom fabrication! Last day is 31 Aug! We’ve really had a blast with all you lovelies who came by to get creative with us this past month. We released this Amalfi Lemon print last weekend and we can’t wait to see what this gets made into this week 🍋🍋 we won’t be able to take appointments on Mon and Tue because we’ve gotten quite a few orders and we need to be at our production studio discussing w our tailor and seamstresses so we apologise for any inconvenience caused! Appointments start from Wednesday! See you in the new week and don’t forget to come by on Sunday for our open house! @riverlotusdesigns will be showcasing their gorgeous trinkets and we can’t wait to customise with them 🥰

39 2

We’ve been obsessed with bespoke jewellery brand @riverlotusdesigns and we’re thrilled to have them join us for a one day only open house on 1 September at our atelier! Come try, buy and flex your creative muscle by making custom earrings ✨ don’t come if you have no discipline because you WILL walk away with one too many pairs of earrings but hey, Christmas isn’t too far away! 🥰

97 2

Second last week to customise the fabric on our signature silhouettes! We've added some post-work hours for those who wanna indulge in a little retail therapy after work. We can't wait to see you all ♥︎ P.S. We're at Far East Shopping Centre and not Plaza! Right next to Liat Towers and across from the Thai Embassy.

130 4

Happy Long Weekend! We’re open by appointment only on Saturday. That means we urge you to please make an appointment with us before coming down. We appreciate that you arrive punctually but do note that if you arrive too early, we won’t be able serve you immediately because that would mean abruptly ending the previous customer’s session. We know it’s exciting to be able to customise something that’s truly unique but let’s also be kind to one another and respect each other’s time ❤️ 💛 💙

212 1

💛 Today’s fabric picks by @hellojujubee - toned down African batik in white and a beautiful organic leaf print. Silhouette suggestion: This works well as a boxy or cheongsam top with the white print as a base ✨ . . . We had such a wonderful start to our custom pop-up! A few lucky ones came by and snagged some in-store exclusives. We’re trying to make new pieces weekly so you can visit every week (YES, we’re in Orchard Road now!) and find a new treasure to make your own. See you in store 💛

343 14

We designed and printed new paper bags because we were tired of boring white or brown bags. We love how they look because each little window showcases prints we are crazy for and what good is printing your own bag if you can’t have a few peonies on the front?

46 1

☁︎ Morning all, we’ve put up appointment time slots in our NEW ARRIVALS so get those slots before they fly. We didn’t think so many of you would make it on a Thursday but I guess we thought wrong! Available slots are all LIVE now ♥︎ can’t wait to create with you today! We’re at B1-20 and if you don’t have an appointment, we might not be able to serve you, so treat yourself and grab a slot! 😘

150 5

Tsuyu in Japan means relentlessly rainy days and what feels like 100% humidity when it’s not raining. Undaunted, I made it out to Kusatsu Onsen via a 3.5 hour bus ride out of Tokyo to experience for the second time, one of the best onsens in Japan, if not the world. Despite the hair raising humidity, the fog that rolls in thick at dusk and peels gently off in the morning was something otherworldly. It was a tad scary when we went for a walk at night to the 7/11 nearby with very few street lamps and screeching bats to keep us company. I kept my fear of the dark at bay until my walking companion asked me, do you think there are Japanese pontianaks? 😱 I stormed off quickly back to the ryokan because being angry seemed like a better choice than being afraid! After getting pampered at this low key and what seemed like a mostly locals only onsen, I’m back in Tokyo now and buying fabric at every chance I get so that when we have one of our custom edit trunk shows, you’ll be able to snag something special. Yes, I did get my hands on some crane prints for those who’ve been asking 🎋 see you soon in Motherland! ♥︎ Junie

188 6

In the middle of QCing some gorgeous pieces bound for Dubai when you realise your matte nails from @nudes_n_neutrals match this so beautifully 😅 mad love for this combo, now we have to make more! What would you girls like to see this in?


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