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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.90%. The average number of likes per post is 292 and the average number of comments is 26.

25% of the followers that engaged with johannahedvik regularly are from Sweden, followed by United States at 16.67% and Finland at 14.17%. In summary, the top 5 countries of johannahedvik's posts engager are coming from Sweden, United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Germany.

Johannahedvik loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink.

Check johannahedvik's audience demography. This analytics report shows johannahedvik's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Sweden 25 %
  • United States 16.67 %
  • Finland 14.17 %
  • United Kingdom 6.67 %
  • Germany 5 %


266 27

This is not what it looked like during my 6 am morningrun this morning, but apparently a morningrun in September could look like this as well, because it did for me a few years back 😍 #throwbackthursday . . Today's run was dark and heavy, because my breathing is bad once again, but it was nice to start the day in an active way and it feels kind of badass to start working at 8.30 am knowing that you have already been awake for almost 3 hours 😅

267 30

Today my best friend, the love of my life (or one of them), my Muffins turns 12 years old ❤️🥳 She has been with me my whole adult life and while it in some ways feels like she has always been there, I can still vividly remember that day when we brought her home and she sat in my lap, shivering, the whole car ride from her birth home to her forever home. It was such a big (and scary) day for her and such a big (and lovely) day for me ❤️ I love her to pieces (even though she drives me nuts on merely every walk we take because we have very different opinions on appropriate walking speed 😅). . . Happy 12th birthday Muffins! ❤️

313 21

'Tis the season for locker room selfies, because apparently I only work out during the dark hours nowadays 🌃 Today I ran 5 K on the treadmill and then did a leg workout, which felt like a really good set for this Tuesday 😊 Yesterday I was supposed to have a massage (way overdue, I am so freaking tense), but my massage therapist got sick so now it's scheduled for Thursday instead and I can't wait even though it's going to hurt 😅 . . P.s. Did you notice my water bottle? ❤️🐶

273 22

It was a chilly morning yesterday, and I had slept less than 4 hours, but I still got up at 5.55 and went for a morningrun - and I didn't regret it! 🏃🏼‍♀️ . . Today, however, the lack of sleep during the week took its toll and I slept almost until noon 😴 Now I'm preparing for Saturday gym night, because that is (one of) the best way(s) to spend a Saturday evening 😉

304 25

I had a Monday yesterday - like a real Monday - with basically no silver lining at all. Tried to make my Tuesday better by making it a double workout day (a run in the morning and a leg workout in the evening 🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️) and it worked - at least to some extent 😅 I still have a massive amount of work that needs to be done, but I am postponing it as much as I can and convince myself that I will be super efficient this weekend instead 🙄😅 . . Do you do double workout days?

297 23

It's Friday (finally!) and I got out for a run at 6 am 👏👏 I was a bit surprised to wake up and find that it was still dark outside, because apparently the sun rises at 6.45 these days 🤷 However, it was nice to run while it got brighter and even though I was tired, I was also glad I got it done before work 😃 . . Have a wonderful weekend!

275 28

The days are flying by and I can barely keep up (feels like I say that all the time) 😅 I am sort of stuck in a rut of work, train, sleep, repeat and I am struck by some serious wanderlust! 🛫🌍 I have a trip planned in just over 3 weeks, but it's for work, so I'm afraid it won't satisfy my cravings 😅 What are you dreaming of at the moment?

332 24

This weekend I listened to my body and took both Friday and Saturday off from workouts, because I was exhausted 😴 I am not getting in the amount of sleep that I need (working on it, though) and while I am able to push through the work week, I do feel the lack of sleep by the end of it. So, a weekend of dog walks, rest and Netflix has been awesome, but tonight I also really enjoyed a tough leg workout 💦 Now I am ready to tackle another week! Are you? 😊

254 31

The days go by so quickly now I can hardly catch up (and yet the weeks seem to drag on forever, so I guess it's only the weekends that go by in a heartbeat) 🤷 This weekend I finally got to see my puppies again after three weeks without them and now Muffins is staying with me, so I get some snuggles every day (Molly had to have tooth surgery in Vaasa today, so that's why I only have one dog) ❤️ . . I am working out every day, but I take very few pictures, so it doesn't end up here 😅 This pic is from last Saturday (our 6th wedding anniversary) when I was running for a while when my dogs played in the dog park with my husband 😊 What have you been up to? Catch me up!

217 30

Yesterday I went to the gym to take some nice photos of my #JaybirdVista headphones (just kidding, I went there to do a heavy leg workout, the photos were just a bonus) 😅 I have already told you - and showed you - that they are completely waterproof, but now I have also tried out if the battery life is as good as promised (spoiler alert: it is!) 🎧 . . The buds in themselves hold 6 hours of battery life and in the small case you have another 10 hours of power, so if you use both buds at the same time you have a total of 16 hours before you need a power outlet (and if you just want to use one bud at a time, like I do when I'm biking, you can of course double that time) 🔋It is definitely enough for my purposes - it would even be enough if I was about to do another ultra 😄 #JaybirdTeam #PowerYourPassion . . On another note; I am finally getting to see my puppies today after almost three weeks apart ❤️ They will be here any minute now and I am so excited 🥰 Have a wonderful weekend!

405 23

#throwbackthursday to my favourite city and a foggy morningrun a couple of days after THE marathon 🥰 NYC, I am always missing you!

333 24

Today I had a very lengthy debate with myself over when I should go for a run, and it ended with me going out at a pretty late hour 😅 By then the humidity was at 99%, and even though that sounds harsh, with a temp of 15°C (60°F) it was really pleasant! My initial plan was to go for a shorter run, but it felt so good so I ended up running 10 K with a great feeling! 😄


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