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76.9% of edible_perspective's followers are female and 23.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 547 and the average number of comments is 36.

Edible_perspective loves posting about Food, Recipes.

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76.9 %
23.1 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 85.26 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 75.74 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 67.16 %
  • Art & Design 61.40 %
  • Children & Family 46.81 %
  • How-to & Style 38.04 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 37.74 %
  • Home & Garden 37.38 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.24 %
  • Music 35.12 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 34.73 %
  • Photography 34.38 %
  • Business & Careers 32.82 %


1,030 71

Here is the last fridge photo in the series I created for @healthade! This is definitely one of my proudest projects to date. Having a client give you this level of creative freedom was 1 part horrifying and 10 parts completely amazing. ✨ . This setup was meant to have an ombré affect — light pink -> dark blue — just like their label for the Bubbly Rose flavor. Sourcing the ingredients took just as long as styling and shooting the photos. Crazy, right? The randomness in this shot might be my favorite in the series. Mixing bowl filled with cereal? Sign.Me.Up. . Thanks for all of your cheering as I’ve shared these photos. ✨ I cannot express my gratitude enough. And, exciting news, I’m working on more photos for HA in the coming months. So, stay tuned for more fun! 💖💖 . #fridgegoals #fridgeorganization #foodphotography #productphotography #denverphotography #denvercolorado #foodstyling #kombucha

453 52

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lennon! 💙💚💛🧡❤️ (a few weeks ago 😬) I’ve typed and re-typed so many thoughts, but my words just aren’t able to capture all that you are (the joy and the crazy). I hope you can always be your confident, incredibly thoughtful, sparkly self, teaching me how to be a better human every single day. 💖💖 xoxo mama

656 43

I realize the holidays have come and gone, but it’s cool if I still post this Christmas-y photo from the fridge series For @healthade .... right? 🎄🤷‍♀️🎄 . The giant jar of olives is my fav. What about you? 👀 . #fridgegoals #insidethefridge #fridgeorganization #healthade #kombucha #holidays #denverphotographer #foodphotography #foodstyling

327 25

This photo makes my brain so happy. But I think my stomach was the real winner from this project. 🤗 . I am thrilled to be working on a whole lot more recipe development + photography with the @kitehillfoods team in 2020! Be on the lookout! 👀 📸 . And a very big thank you for following my haphazard posting and rambles throughout the years. 💛💛💛 . #freelancephotographer #denverphotographer #foodphotography #foodstyling #shadowphotography #plantbased #plantbasedrecipes

472 25

For so many years, I resisted posting photos on IG from my “fancy camera.” I love how insta originally started as little snippets into life, without much overthinking. The photos weren’t planned or edited, and felt very real-time. (Kind of like when I used to post photos from my college days on Facebook. 🤭) . I feel like I resisted longer than most, trying to hold on to that behind-the-scenes life feel. (Not at all saying it’s wrong if you didn’t do this.) But then, I felt like I was just resisting change and that it was probably time to post my real work and promote my business. . So, here we are today. I post pretty photos that I’ve spent hours styling, photographing, and editing. I have no posting schedule. I don’t follow best practices for IG. I don’t stay up to date on what new algorithms are doing. I still show as much #behindthescenes as I can. I don’t have a feed that flows together with similar styles and colors, because I work with all types of clients with all types of photos needs. (Honestly, this last one is what keeps me from posting more often than I do.) . Point being: There really isn’t one. But these thoughts have been on my mind for awhile, and I finally felt like rambling them out into the world today. So, if instagram decided to show you this post 😅, thanks for reading and following along. 💛💛 . plant-based apple muffins with @kitehillfoods cream cheese spread on top (recipe found on their website)

265 22

I recently had a ridiculous amount of fun recipe developing, styling, and shooting for @kitehillfoods. This project style really tapped into my creative brain more than usual. I enjoyed the level of precision and more geometric approach. It’s so different from my typical style, but still felt like “me!” It’s easy to fall into a creative rut and/or lack inspiration from time to time, but switching things up always helps break me out of those photo-funks! . I remember while styling these photos thinking, “I am lovingggg this!” I really felt in the zone. I also remember giving this recipe to one of my bff’s and she ate it as dip with crackers. I ate it with a spoon. No judgement in whatever device you deliver it to your mouth with. 👯‍♀️ . Recipe #1 —> Instant Pot Creamy Chive Root Veggie Mash (you can find it on their website) . #freelancephotographer #denverphotographer #foodstyling #plantbased #instantpot #thanksgivingrecipes #fallrecipes #denvercolorado #denverfoodie

742 32

Allll the pinks + reds today, with a hint of purple. ❤️💖💜 . Hack #1: If you’re thinking, it must have taken a lot of food to fill up those drawers, think again! I stashed 5lb grape containers in the drawer first and then added whichever ingredient in front of them. Wayyy less food needed that way and still looks totally packed and insane. . Hack #2: I sprayed the plums and grapes with water so they looked more vibrant and less “dusty” and dry. You know that sort of dusty look those fruits can have! . Hack #3: I ate a lot of those pink 🐘 cookies. More of a fact, less of a hack.😉 . Another #behindthescenes look at our kitchen table if you swipe 👉 ... this was only a small portion of the food. And we definitely didn’t eat dinner at the table for that entire week. . Lastly: A HUGE 💓 thank-you 💓 for your genuine support and love for this project and for welcoming me back after a couple quiet months. I’m still trying to find my place here (basically since IG started 😅) and a way to share my work that doesn’t all flow perfectly together. I do many different things, for many different clients, and my feed just isn’t going to fit a mold. I’m pretty okay with that, though, and am so grateful you are, too.💓 . #instagramvsreality #denverphotographer #foodphotography #fridgegoals #fridge #kombucha @healthade #photohacks

630 38

Comin’ at ya with monochromatic yellow vibes today. 💛🍋💛🍋💛 . Photo 2 of 5 for @healthade’s ginger lemon flavor, and my eyes have never loved yellow like this before. . Fun fact: Kenna ate the entire cake after the shoot. 🐶 #mybad . Swipe 👉 to see the #before of my fridge. I promise we eat more than feta, eggs, wine, and beer. Although, do you really need more than that? #instagramvsreality . And worry not, no mac n’ cheese went uneaten. By people, not Kenna. ✌️ . #foodphotography #behindthescenes #denverphotographer #foodstyling #kombucha #yellow #fridgegoals

929 111

Hiiiiii 👋🏼 Let’s just skip right over how long it has been since my last post and talk about this crazy cool project I got to work on for @healthade! . I shot 5 fridge photos to match 5 of their kombucha labels and they basically gave me total free reign to do whatever I wanted, as long as the colors in the fridge coordinated with the label. It was one of the most creative projects I’ve ever worked on and also one of the most challenging, artistically + logistically. . Imagine emptying and cleaning your fridge 5 times in 1 day (6 if you count the initial big clean), while filling it in a visually engaging, color-coated way, all by yourself. 🙀 It was total mayhem and there was zero time in between shots to keep the kitchen clean. Swipe 👉 for the #behindthescenes evidence of that. . So this is a fab example of #instagramvsreality — But hopefully people don’t think this was meant to be reality. It was created as art! . Big thanks to @healthade for trusting me with this job! 💙💙💚💚💛💛 More photos coming soon! . #foodphotography #freelancephotography #foodstyling #kombucha #foodphotographer #denverphotographers

212 9

I recently worked on a photoshoot for the s t u n n i n g stock image site @hautestockco and cannot wait for the 25 image gallery to be released in a few weeks! ✨ You may remember from all of the #behindthescenes stories I posted a few weeks back. I had the best time working on these photos and honing in on my prop styling, as this gallery showcases props (not food). 🥣🍴It was a new challenge for me and after the first couple shots I found my groove. If you haven’t checked out Haute Stock, I highly recommend you do. Their photo galleries are incredible! 📸💯 Most of the props I used were rented from my favorite local houseware shop @millerlanemercantile. A must to check out if you’re in Denver! . . . . . #clientwork #propstyling #foodphotography #freelancephotography #foodphotographyandstyling #hautestockco #millerlanemercantile

549 27

I definitely made s’mores over our gas stovetop burner the other night. Have you ever done this?? I had all of the ingredients on hand leftover from this shoot and couldn’t help myself. I used my favorite 90% dark chocolate, because I’m weird like that. Totally hit the spot. But not quite like marshmallows toasted/charred over a real wood fire. And not quite like this s’mores cookie pie. ✨✨ . . recipe from @handletheheat! . . . . #foodphotographyandstyling #freelancephotography #cookiepie #smores #smorescookies #bakingphotography

441 23

Best ever lemon cheesecake shot for @handletheheat this month! Check her blog for this ridic recipe and very helpful cheesecake baking tips!! 🍋🍋🍋 . For freelance photography inquires, feel free to email (in profile) or DM me! Now booking for early fall! 🍂🍂


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