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⛓OG Warehouse Gym Owner 💪🏼Trainer to the Pros since 1999 (NFL, WWE, UFC, MLB, NHL & MLL) 🖕🏼Unapologetic “Jersey Guy” 🎙Host #IndustrialStrengthShow👇🏼
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9.6% of defrancosgym's followers are female and 90.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 1597 and the average number of comments is 48.

Defrancosgym loves posting about Basketball, Training, Coaching.

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9.6 %
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  • Fitness & Yoga 89.99 %
  • Sports 48.67 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 44.37 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.37 %
  • Business & Careers 36.39 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.69 %
  • Books and Literature 31.36 %
  • Music 31.10 %
  • Entertainment 30.65 %


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👊🏼IMPROVE PUNCH & PUSH POWER! ... *This is a GUEST POST from Cameron Josse - Head Coach at DeFranco’s Training & Consulting in East Rutherford, NJ. ... Upper Body Power & Plyometrics . For combat sports and many team sport athletes (like American football linemen) - explosive and reactive upper body power are essential to performance. . While the majority of punching/pushing power is generated from the lower body, the shoulder, elbow and wrist must be trained to handle impact and rapidly produce and transfer force for devastating strikes and blows. Plus, it’s common in MMA to strike while on the ground (where hip power might not be available). . Just as we want strong ankles to transmit power into the ground when sprinting/jumping, so too do we want a stiff contact point at the elbow and wrist when striking! 🤜🏼💥 . 🎥 These 2 videos provide some of our favorite progressions for improving both PUNCHING & PUSHING power. -Cam • • • • • • • • . 👕NOTE FROM JOE D. [FREE TEE!] 1st person to comment & name the “song/soundtrack” playing in the background of the “Punch Progression” video will win a FREE t-shirt! ... 🗣ATTENTION ATHLETES! . We have a few spots that just became available at our private training facility in East Rutherford, NJ. (We’re now able to accept 4-5 new athletes into our program.) If you’re interested in receiving world-class training in a private/focused environment, Email: . SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. . LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

1,670 49

I am NOT a big “selfie guy”... In fact, up to this point, I’ve never posted a selfie on my IG. But an #ironneckselfie?! Now THAT I can get into!! @joerogan

579 15

🎙NEW EPISODE of the #IndustrialStrengthShow w/ former NXT Champion @nxtciampa is now available! ... Highlights from our conversation include: . 19:50 - The biggest difference b/t wrestling on the “Indies” vs being in the WWE . 25:45 - The story behind Tommaso’s epic entrance at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans . 30:30 - Heel vs Babyface (Which is more fun/fitting for Tommaso) . 35:00 - How Tommaso has been able to keep a positive mindset while being out injured . 41:30 - What Tommaso’s initial “post surgery” training looked like . 51:50 - Tommaso’s current weekly training split (now that he’s cleared to train, without restrictions) . 1:06:55 - Tommaso’s TOP 4 “Go-To” strength exercises! . 1:13:40 - How Tommaso dialed in his nutrition (and got in the best shape of his life) . 1:23:50 - Tommaso’s thoughts on @wwenxt starting live TV & the head-to-head competition that’s about to go down on Wednesday nights! much, Much MORE! ====== 📝 For Show Notes, Timestamps & Important Links from today’s episode goto: . 🔗 DIRECT LINK IN BIO . 🎧 Also available on iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher ====== . . . #defrancopodcast #fitnesspodcast #nxt #wwenxt #wwenxtlive #tommasociampa #necksurgery #neckrehab #athlete #wrestling #wrestlingnews #joedefranco @tripleh @wwepc @fla_hayes @cppscoaches

3,141 109

Warm-up Tips for Those Who Travel/Sit a Lot ✈️ ... I spent the majority of my day Monday sitting in Uber’s, airports & on airplanes. Once I made it back to NJ - I had to immediately hop in my truck and drive to Connecticut to train @tripleh (which required another 3.5 hours of sitting). - When I finally got home, I knew I HAD TO train/move. - Even though I had a scheduled upper body workout, I made sure to include a few lower body warm-up drills that required me to BALANCE ON ONE LEG... - HERE’S WHY: When you sit on your ass all day - your glutes (and core) downregulate. This can lead to pain, tightness, and just an overall feeling of 💩. - Standing/balancing on one leg is one of the best ways to “wake up” your glutes and core, while enabling you to “re-connect with your body”! (It’s basically like a “slap in the face” for your abs & ass!)🤪👋🏼 - 🎥 The accompanying videos show 2 of my favorite Single Leg Warm-Up drills. I love both of these drills because they give you a great “bang for your training buck”...and can be done ANYWHERE, ANY TIME! Both drills develop tremendous ankle & hip stability (on the balancing leg), while the “free leg” challenges/strengthens the hip flexors. [Remember, just because your hip flexors are tight/short; that doesn’t mean they’re strong!] - SIDE NOTE: After performing just 2 sets of each exercise, I felt like a different person. (Less low back pain/tightness, hips felt way better and my core felt like someone hit the “ON” switch.) - RECOMMENDATION: If you sit/travel a lot, I highly recommend incorporating one (or both) of these exercises into your daily routine: • You can incorporate 1-2 sets of each drill into your existing warm-up OR • Choose 1 of these drills and perform 1 set (each leg) after every hour of sitting! 👆🏼👆🏼Yes, people in the airport or at work might look at you funny, but fu*k ‘em!! You only have ONE body - TAKE CARE OF IT! -Joe D. •••••••••• . . . #workoutwednesday #workoutwednesdays #travelworkouts #travelworkouttips #gluteactivation #hipstability #anklestability #core #lowbackpainrelief #defrancoinsider #cppscoaches #joedefranco

740 22

✈️ Finally back in NJ after 4 (action-packed) days in Orlando, FL... - 2 of those days were spent at the WWE Performance Center teaching our #CPPS certification to another group of AMAZING coaches from across the globe! These coaches spent 20 HOURS listening, learning, asking questions, sharing ideas, assessing, correcting & COACHING! (In other words, the personal training / fitness industry got BETTER this weekend)...and @smittydiesel & I couldn’t be prouder to welcome this new class into our #CPPSFamily. - 🙏🏻 Special thanks to @tripleh for allowing us to use the @wwe Performance Center to teach our cert... And shoutout to #CPPS Master Coach Sean Hayes (@fla_hayes) for showing our new coaches how he implements our system w/ the world-class athletes of @wwenxt! - Speaking of #NXT... 🎧 Look out for @nxtciampa on this week’s #IndustrialStrengthShow podcast! (You guys are going to LOVE this episode.)👊🏼 • • • • • • . REGISTER NOW FOR NEXT #CPPS CERT! *Our next CPPS Level 1 course will be held at the @mindpumpmedia studio in San Jose, CA...and we couldn’t be more excited!! This course is going to sell out FAST - so GRAB YOUR SPOT NOW: . 🔗 DIRECT LINK IN BIO🔗

646 26

🎙NEW EPISODE of the #IndustrialStrengthShow w/ one of JERSEY’S FINEST - UFC Fighter @mickeygall! ... This week’s show is jam-packed with Info-tainment!! . HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: •16:15 - Mickey’s cRaZzy bar fight story . •22:50 - A street bum attacks Joe D. in Philly & tries to steal his @breitling watch!😱 . •30:20 - Mickey reveals How To Win a Bar Fight! . •33:55 - The Top 3 “difference makers” in Mickey’s training (since hiring Joe D.) . •37:00 - Benefits of nasal breathing & the @optio2labs mouthguard . •48:30 - The most common area of training that most MMA fighters NEGLECT . •50:20 - Mickey explains what it’s like to “make the walk” (from the locker room to the cage before a fight) . •65:40 - The exercise(s) Mickey HATES doing, but LOVES the results ...Plus much, Much MORE!! - 📝 For Show Notes, Timestamps & Important Links from today’s episode goto: - 🔗 DIRECT LINK IN BIO . 🎧 Also available on iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher • • • • • • . . . #fitnesspodcast #defrancopodcast #podcaster #jerseysfinest #jerseyboys #jerseystrong #mma #mmatraining #UFC #UFCfighter #mickeygall #strengthandconditioning #sportsperformance #strength #recovery #oxygendelivery #breathing #nasalbreathing #optio2 #bretling #breitlingwatch #cppscoaches #defrancoinsider #joedefranco

396 15

🎙NEW EPISODE of the #IndustrialStrengthShow is now available! [LINK IN PROFILE] - On this week’s show Dr. Johanan Rand tells us everything we need to know about “NAD” - The amazing “new” supplement/drug that’s being touted as a legitimate FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! - If you’re interested in health, longevity and the newest breakthroughs in anti-aging - you will find this week’s episode very interesting. [SIDE NOTE: If you know someone suffering from opiate addiction or alcoholism I highly recommend giving this episode a listen.] - 🎧 Available on iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher - 📝 For Show Notes, Timestamps & Important Links from this week’s episode goto: • • • • • • #podcaster #podcastlife #NAD #RealNAD #antiaging #longevity #fountainofyouth #addiction #endopiateaddiction #alcoholdetox #defrancopodcast #joedefranco

2,475 53

Programming “Combo Movements” for Athletes - Strength Training is GPP for athletes. Period. There is no such thing as a “sport-specific” exercise in the weight room (unless you’re an Olympic weightlifter or powerlifter). - BUT! With that 👆🏼being said, all exercises were NOT created equal! - When it comes to training athletes, I like to incorporate “combo movements” into my programs. - 👇🏼HERE’S WHY👇🏼 - COMBO MOVEMENTS require the athlete to produce force (quickly) multiple times during a single rep. (Simply put, the athlete is forced to “explode repeatedly”, as opposed to just one single effort.) This is exactly what happens during an MMA exchange (punch followed by takedown, kick followed by sprawl, etc.), football play, and countless other athletic events. - 🎥 Check out the 3 videos I’ve included in this post. They are great examples of “combo movements”: - 1️⃣ Reverse Lunge/Step-Up Combo 2️⃣ Falling Med Ball Chest Pass/Plyo Push-Up Combo 3️⃣ Kneeling Jump into Backward Overhead Med Ball Throw —— What are some of YOUR favorite combo movements? - TAG A FRIEND who trains athletes or TAG AN ATHLETE who could benefit from this post. • • • • • • PS - If you’re looking for a qualified trainer - OR - you’d like to become a qualified trainer yourself, check out our new #CPPS website! #LinkinBio . *The site includes our COURSE SCHEDULE, info regarding our new MASTER’S PROGRAM & GLOBAL DATABASE of TOP #CPPSCOACHES! .

3,518 150

This @elitefts Preacher Curl wouldn’t fit through the doorway to our basement gym, so its been in our driveway all summer... - @ashleydefranco finally put her foot down & said, “You can’t leave that piece of equipment in the driveway any longer...YOU HAVE TO MOVE IT!!” - So I moved it.🤷🏻‍♂️🤣💪🏼 ... #ProblemSolved #ItsNotInTheDriveway😉 #meathead #WelcomeToNewJersey #MyFrontYardisStrongerThanYours #TheNewMuscleBeach #OurNeighborsThinkWeRweird #DontCare #0fucks #biceps #preachercurls #gunshow


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