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I dig music. I dig for music. Can you dig it? 📀 BHM•AL 🇺🇸 Music Biggest Fan | DJ | @britneyspears fan acct #vinyl #cuziloveyou Lizzoooo 🖤
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16.7% of carolsvinyl's followers are female and 83.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.20%. The average number of likes per post is 927 and the average number of comments is 34.

Carolsvinyl loves posting about Music, Rock, Songwriting.

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759 28

“You’ll float too🎈” •• I know that I posted this about a year ago but I love this picture so much & I think it’s one of my favorite recreations I’ve done & here ya go. Me as Georgie from the OG IT film & thank you to @officialfye for sending me this record 🤡 it’s actually red balloon exclusive vinyl & spooky as I’ll get out. The packaging is 🔥+ it’s October 1st witches 🖤 I hope y’all are ready for spooky things from Carol & of course tons & tons of rock music cuz it’s also ROCKTOBER 🤘🏼 . . Ok so I actually grew up watching Stephen King’s terrifying classics, like we seriously would have family movie night when I was in middle -college years & watch mostly horror movies all together. Misery, IT, Pet Semetary, Carrie, The Shining, etc. I love all the OG Classic Stephen King films & it’s my goal this October to read at least a few of his books! @vinylcode came up with this challenge and I accept! I’ll be reading “Pet Semetary” b/c I have an OG copy of the book. I’ll also be listening to another one on my trek to Texas & back this upcoming week!! I haven’t decided which ones to listen to! GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS! Ok, so Stephen King is the master of suspense & horror. His stories are iconic. He has a way of terrifying you on multi-dimensional levels but also reminding you that you are in fact in control of the situation & it is truly up to you to determine your fate. and this is even the cases on his non-horror films. Everyone is always trying to overcome some sort of fear. The ultimate conquer! 💪🏼“There is nothing to fear but fear itself....” it is simple, life is terrifying but it’s about conquering that fear & overcoming yourself, that’s how you defeat IT 😜 . . Ok, so let’s talk about your favorite from Stephen King! Let’s talk about what scares you the most & let’s talk about what you want me to dress up as during this October of epic proportions 🎈 . . Which one? Bill Skarsgard vs Tim Curry 🎈🎈🎈 . TY @melissalinn 4 tha 📸 ILY 🤡 #it #stephenking #georgie #itmovie #billskarsgard #pennywise #timcurry #youllfloattoo #fyeexclusive #vinylrecords #soundtrack #soundtracksunday #igvinylclub #igvinyl #cosplay #halloween #hallowseve #horrormovies

647 16

Now Britney, I give you all the love. Time to share some of that love to @xtina ❤️ if you can believe it, I sure can’t... Christina Aguilera’s debut/Self-Titled album celebrates its 20th anniversary this year 😱 so that means 21 years ago, we had never heard the song “Genie In Bottle” & that really rubs me the wrong way..... 😁 but anyways, thank god for the year 1999 & the epic pop/rock/soul/iconic records that were released that year & now we get to live in a world where there’s music from Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera 🙌🏼 . . So, this is not a Christina vs Britney post. That’s something that we can discuss at a later date, but y’all already know my answer. Buttttt, I loved her Self-Titled Debut sooooo much. I remember having it & Rainbow & BOMT in my three changer CD player. I would crank it up & I was Christina Aguilera for a hot minute. I even spent most of my mornings & afternoons on the bus of my sixth grade school year listening to “Stripped” on my lavender sparkly Walkman. Even though that record was her attempt at one upping my favorite pop princess (she even co toured that album with JT 😬) oh, and my roommates & I in college would rewatch Burlesque over & over again. Literally singing every word to the soundtrack. Christina is a pop icon & she has the most stellar vocals of any of the 90s/00s pop princesses. But Christina is a bit more edgy & risqué & slightly more “grown up” than the others. You can hear that in the lyrics, songs, & see it in her music videos. She was never penned as the “innocent good girl with sex appeal” •• she was always older than her actual age. I did not identify with her as much as I did the other(s) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love her contributions & her efforts she creates in the world of music. I love every song on her debut, it’s my childhood. I love the album “Stripped.” It got me through some really tough times. I love the “throwback” album “Back to Basics” & Bionic & Lotus have some stellar tracks. “Liberation” was alright. But I’ll always support her, love her & appreciate her!! Happy 20 years, X-Tina 🔥 okurrr, let’s talk Christina ❤️ . . #christinaaguilera #xtina #stripped #burlesque #cher #1999

712 16

Y’ALL 🖤 we are two weeks away from @exit111fest which will be making its debut on the festival circuit October 11 - 13 at Great Stage Park in Manchester, TN (home of summer festival @bonnaroo ) & I’ll be checking off my shows bucket list with this lineup of legendary rock gods & the festival will also feature a paranormal cirque, motocross & car show!! See more details & the full lineup + tickets & camping at 🖤 . . On Friday October 11th, we get to see tons of rock artists but the ones I’m most excited about are Anthrax, Slayer playing their last show EVER 😭 & of course the headlining show by Southern Rock legends, @skynyrd 🙌🏼 This girl from Sweet Home Alabama cannot wait to get down on the farm with Skynyrd! I absolutely adore Lynyrd Skynyrd’s music. Southern Rock runs through my veins. I’ve also sat down on the piano where “Freebird” was written & first recorded & the studio where my favorite Skynyrd album was recorded. Greatness was created in my state at @muscleshoalssoundstudio . If you haven’t found a liking to them just yet, check out “Street Survivors” their “last” studio album recorded with the original band. It’s a gem & “That Smell” is one of my favorite songs of all time, especially my favorite from Skynyrd. It is a hauntingly satisfying ballad & tells a wicked narrative. The best kind of songwriting. “Simple Man” & “Tuesday’s Gone” are also my absolute faves. I cannot wait to hear them played live. I’ve heard the new Skynyrd sounds just as good as the OGs. If you don’t know the story of Skynyrd, you must get acquainted! I’ll link my previous post in my story! 🖤 . Stay tuned for Day 2 & Day 3 lineup salutes 🖤🔥 . . Ok, who’s all going? Who are you most excited to see?! What’s your favorite Skynyrd song? 🦅 . . #exit111 #vinylcollection #lynyrdskynyrd #skynyrd #vinylcollectionpost #sweethomealabama #festivalfashion #festival #festivallife #rockfest #rockmusic . Thank u @beckuhbeck for this 🖤 I can’t wait to hug ya neck 🖤🖤🖤

1,185 43

I love the @pixiesofficial forever & always! They are a truly iconic band with music that never ages! Seriously if you listen to their first two records “Surfer Rosa” released in 1988 & “Doolittle” released in 1989 they both sound like records that could have been released anytime within the last 31 years! And if you remember a few posts ago, I shared Nevermind & we all know how important those two records were to Nirvana’s late front man, Kurt Cobain. If Kurt is a fan of the Pixies, then we all should love the Pixies, amiright? But anyways, on September 13th the Pixies released their seventh studio album, “Beneath The Eyrie” under the label @infectious_music & before releasing the album, Tom Fletcher, famous music journalist, hosted a 12 part podcast called “It’s a Pixies Podcast” detailing the history of the iconic band, their recordings & memories. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire podcast yet, but I’m going to listen on my road trip within the next few weeks! The album is very different than their other records, especially of those that the band released in the late 80s but it’s a stellar record & one that belongs in every Pixies fans collection! My favorite song from “Beneath the Eyrie” is the song “On Graveyard Hill” which is spooky & really gets me in the Halloween spirit! The album was actually recorded in an old converted 1800s church & the title of the album was inspired by the eagles nest they found by the train tracks behind the church! 🖤 . . Ok, so what do you guys think of the Pixies & their newest installment into rock n roll history?! Have you listened to the podcast? Did you learn anything new from this era of the Pixies?! 🧚‍♂️ . . Grab your copy here :: !! Thank you to the Pixies & Infectious Music for my copy 🥰 . . #pixies #beneaththeeyrie #blackfrancis #nowplaying #records #recordoftheday #wmgpartner #vinylrecords #doolittle #surferrosa #rockmusic #indiemusic #80s #newmusic #recordcollection #hey #vinyljunkies #womeninvinyl #vinylcollecting #vinylcollectionpost

740 28

“I’m crying cuz I love youuuuuuu” •• I’m 100% that bitch, well according to the I’m 63% that bitch & just like everyone else in the world... I’m OBSESSED with @lizzobeeating & her most recent album “Cuz I Love You” which is FINALLY released on vinyl & you can order your copy through @atlanticrecords here :: & this album was meant to be on vinyl. I’m so lucky to have been sent this by Atlantic Records & Lizzo #wmgpartner ! . . Ok, let’s talk Lizzo 🖤 she can sing, rap, perform, & she’s classically trained on the flute @sashabefluting !! She is an absolute ICON & always promoting body positivity, loving yourself, & female empowerment 🙌🏼 #girlpower & she just radiates love & power. Her newest album “Cuz I Love You” is a mix of many different type of subgenres & genres. Funk, soul, rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, & of course the epic flute solos! She speaks the truth in her lyrics & her music is so easy to get stuck in ya head. “Blame it on my juice... somebody come get this man, he got lost in my DMs.....” 💁🏼‍♀️ . . My first introduction to Lizzo was a few years ago with the song “Good As Hell.” I used to sing it at the top of my lungs & when “Juice” came out I was like yasssss & “Truth Hurts” resurfaced & she re-released it as a single! It is truly an anthem & we sing it with power & the way that Lizzo intended for us to sing it! Boy byeeeee 😂 . . Ok, so you all love Lizzo. You all are obsessed with her. Her music is catered for EVERYONE. This album features @laflare1017 & @missymisdemeanorelliott & everything you need in an album. I LOVE EVERY SONG & you need to go listen to it. Pick it up & for the love of this world, let’s spread the good word of our savior, Lizzo! Everyone, comment with your favorite Lizzo lyrics! Let’s light this feed up with her gospel 🙏🏼 LOVE YOURSELF, YALL! If you don’t love yourself, who will?!?! 🖤 . . ALSO I GET TO SEE HER NEXT WEEK #cuziloveyou #lizzo #sasha #ilovevinyl #missyelliott #guccimane #recordoftheday #records #coverart #truthhurts #vinylcollection #igvinylclub #juice #tempo #recordcollection #promocopy #hiphop #warnermusic #atlanticrecords #singersongwriter #inlizzowetrust

950 24

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us” 🖤 I recently talked Nirvana’s first album “Bleach” and it’s importance to the grunge subgenre of rock music but to ALL artists & songwriters. Mainly b/c Cobain wrote lyrics after he created the music & publicly announced the lyrics did not mean anything to him. Well, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” was quite the opposite. After the unavoidable circumstances & breakups with girlfriends & record labels, Cobain truly had something to say... 💙 . . Nirvana’s most popular, most sold, most recognizable album turns 28 years old today !! Happy birthday to one of the greatest albums ever created “Nevermind” & thank you to Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, & Dave Grohl (1st time w/ the band) #iconic for giving us anxious teens/adults/humans something to jam along with & make us feel not alone in life. The lyrics shared throughout this album will always be important & some of the greatest & most iconic music ever created. If you don’t like Nirvana, there’s a chance that you like something on this album! I love every song on this album. So, this particular copy is not a first pressing. This actually was one of the first repressed records I bought, ten years ago, when I started heavily collecting vinyl again. I bought it in Auburn, AL for 20 “hooked dollars”😂 & this particular pressing is worth over $150 now 😱 I also bought the most recent @target grey vinyl pressing! Highly recommend 🙌🏼 . . So the artwork on this album is the most recognizable Nirvana record of all time. The idea was conceived by Cobain after watching water births 😓, however the record label did not want a graphic cover. They looked through stock photos of babies in the water & the stock company wanted 7.5k each year to use the photo... nah fam. They took their own shots & settled on baby, Spencer Elden, to be the album cover. The record company wanted the cover censored but Cobain was like, nope! Also, FF the lyrics in the album packaging are incorrect & just excerpts of Cobain’s journals & their’s a picture of KISS on the back stabbing meat. 😂 . . Let’s talk👇🏼💙 . #nirvana #nevermind #kurtcobain #davegrohl #kristnovoselic

712 12

Last week @thelumineers released their newest album “III” & it is such an amazing album! 🖤 thank you to @dualtonerecords & The Lumineers for sending me this copy #wmgpartner 🖤🖤🖤 . . A lot of times when an artist puts out a record we crave some sort of change of sound or some sort of shift in artistry. In this particular case, “III” sounds very much like the first two records The Lumineers have put out BUT that’s what we love as being a fan of The Lumineers, the consistency of their sound. The indie, simply produced music the band releases. The record is titled “III” not only because it’s the third studio album but it tells the story of three characters. You need to listen to the album to truly grasp its feel. “Donna” starts the record off with the narrative & one that is extremely familiar to me. “It Wasn’t Easy Being Happy for You” is the start of the 2nd act of the album & “Leader of the Landslide” + “Left For Denver” is the climax of of story. The rest is truly heartbreaking but so sweet too. I’ve loved The Lumineers from the beginning & I can remember when “Ho Hey” came out & everyone was singing it. It’s simplicity is truly something so beautiful. I do love “III” so much but I’ll forever pick “Cleopatra” (even though I don’t own it on vinyl yet 😭) over any because I truly love every song on the record. “III” is my second favorite now! I’ve already spun this record about four times & you will love it too 🖤 . . Btw The Lumineers cite Bruce Springsteen as one of their main influences when it comes to crafting their music & today The Boss celebrates his 70th birthday! So cheers to you, @springsteen 🖤 . . If you want to grab your own copy of The Lumineers “III” you can snag it on this link :: 🖤 What are your thoughts of this record/The Lumineers ?! 🖤 . . #thelumineers #iii #vinylcollection #recordoftheday #vinylcollecting #vinylcollectionpost #thirdalbum #newmusic #vinylcollector #vinylrecord #igvinylclub #nowplaying #music #reddress #vintageaudio #kimono #indiemusic #indierock

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“I can’t let these people play me. Name one genius that ain't crazy. Follow our father. You borrow our motto. I'm a Chicago Southsider...” Kanye West ❤️ Day 21 #comedyvinylchallenge is Barbershop which means we pay homage to ChiTown on the 21st of September 💃🏻🕺🏻 & of course I picked my favorite person from the city of Chicago other than @vinylcode 🖤 KANYE WEST 🤩 I know he gets a whole lot of hate & but he’s the asshole we wish we could be. We are all like Kanye in someway, me more like him than most b/c I’m actually a Gemini. But despite Kanye’s questionable rants & his public altercations... he’s truly a music pioneer/genius & we should remember that more often when his name comes up in conversation 🖤 . . Now I’ve shared my love for Kanye with you many times. He’s an important part of my life & my love of music. He’s one of the reasons that I love hip-hop & rap and his music is motivation to me when I’m going through hard times, difficult times, or escaping the passing of time. I’ve been training for a half marathon & it’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done mentally & physically. I know that sounds dramatic, but I’m not very athletic at all. I need music to motivate me when I test my own limits. Songs like “Monster,” “Jesus Walks,” “Wolves,” “I’m In It,” “All of The Lights,” “Runaway,” “Hell of a Life,” “Love Lockdown,” “Stonger” & the entire “Watch The Throne” record gets me through those terrible mind games I play on myself. I’m going to “runaway from ME babyyy, runaway....” P.S. here are my two abs that I’ve created due to my hard work 😂 thank you Kanye 4 the motivation & escape. I’ve been loving you fifteen years & I won’t ever 🛑♊️ . . Yes I realize that I can’t bring my vinyl with me when I run, but it would be cool if I could 😂 I do however have a Walkman & “Yeezus” on cassette... but anyways, what is your favorite motivational music/artists from Chicago/Kanye West music ?! Any suggestions on kicking 13.1K in the ass?!😎 . #kanyewest #chitown #chicago #gemini #nowplaying #thecollegedropout #watchthethrone #halfmarathontraining #vinylcollection #hiphop #13point1 #barstoolsports #records #recordoftheday #vinylcollectionpost

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“Does this post make you Koяny, baby?!” 😂 I’ll see myself out now 👋🏼 but today we celebrate the new release from the epic band, @korn_official & it truly does not disappoint! I got to see Koяn for the first time a few months ago & they put on one hell of a show!!! But anyways, back to this album “The Nothing” which was released on September 13th & thank you to Koяn, @roadrunnerrecords & @elektrarecords for sending me this beautiful white vinyl copy #wmgpartner 🖤 . . I’ve always had Koяn on my radar especially after learning the story of @brianheadwelch & admirable conquering of his addictions. I admire this band & @officialjonathandavis still sounds as epic as he always has. Truly there is nothing lame about this album & they still have every bit of their energy as they did at the beginning! There’s not too many bands that you can truly say that for, especially these days with the influx of reunion tours & nostalgic based concert series. Koяn will always be a powerhouse & an important part of the nu metal scene & also an important part of the lives of my generation! Thank you to @eclecticelyse for sharing with me her extra Koяn #cds ! You can see that collection behind me 🖤 & these @musiconvinyl pressings of Koяn’s debut & “Follow The Leader” are absolute necessities in any rock lover’s collection. Also, everyone needs to go grab a copy of Koяn’s newest album “The Nothing” it’s truly amazing. Such a good escape, just like all the other albums are! My favorite songs :: “You’ll Never Find Me,” “Finally Free,” & “Cold” go to my story to hear snippets of those 🖤🖤🖤 . . You can grab your copy here :: !! What is your favorite from Koяn ? My favorite songs of all time by them are “Freak On A Leash” cuz it’s just so f’ing iconic & “dam da dam da dammm dawmmm” 😂 and I love the song “Right Now” & of course “Coming Undone” 🖤 . . #korn #brianheadwelch #jonathandavis #numetal #vinylcollection #vinylrecords #vinyljunkies #vinyladdict #vinylgirl #records #recordoftheday #music #igvinylclub #thenothing #newmusicfriday #newmusic #promovinyl #coloredvinyl #offtheshouldertop #discopants #rocknroll

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PSA :: Follow your dreams & never lose sight of them! Always remember what those dreams are & the things that happen in your life to lead up to the dream will be ever rewarding! If you are discouraged, figure out a way to kick it & whatever you do Don’t Cry b/c if you aren’t getting close to making that dream happen, come up with another way to get there! You’re important, remember that! ❤️💙 Happy Birthday to GNR’s epic duo albums••• USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II •• yes, both albums were released on September 17th, 1991 ••• and thankfully since they both were released and we have them in our lives, we don’t have to choose which one we love more! We get them both! And even on top of that we get two versions of my favorite GNR song on both record. Equally as amazing. “Don’t Cry” is my favorite GNR Song. “Civil War” is my next pick & then I have to go with their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knocking on Heavens Door.” Sooooo, UYI II is prob my favorite 😋 but I’m the world’s biggest @slash fan & I’m so stoked to be able to FINALLY catch a glimpse of him at one {or maybe two 😊😉) festivals this year! && you’ll be seeing a bit more GNR on my account... The Cure, Pixies, Weezer, hmmm maybe ... Slayer, Def Leppard, Deftones, hmmm, maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd, & definitely a whole bunch more rock music within the next few weeks & months! I’m going to intertwine some pop & hiphop & Soul & Country, but as you all know, besides Britney, rock music is my whole entire soul 🖤 . . Ok, I’ve written bunches about UYI I & II ! You can see my linked posts in my story! Short synopsis:: the albums were supposed to just be a single album. Nah fam, let’s release it all. Fluff n all. But it truly isn’t fluff. Some of the best music in rock n roll history. Guitar riffs, stellar vocals & the best music videos of the late 80s/early 90s rock generation. Grunge was cool, hair Metal was not. GNR adapted & did it perfectly. They brought glam & sludge together in the GNR way. UYI I & II are absolute gems. All the greatness stems from 1991 💙 Now, let’s talk rock music & of course Guns N Motherf**king Roses 🌹 . . #gunsnroses #useyourillusion #slash #rockmusic #1991 #vinylig #geffenrecords #music #vintage #GNR

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So I was camera testing a lewk & I caught Mimi creepin’ :: @vinylmeplease exclusive pressing of @mariahcarey ‘s “Daydream” which has not been pressed in the US ever or repressed anywhere🖤 so... this picture had to be shared! And if most of you really have an issue with this picture, swipe & you’ll see the record, & I also included her record “Butterfly” which celebrates its birthday today 🥰 “Daydream” was the fifth studio album released by Mimi back in 1995. It features the song “Fantasy” which celebrates its 25th anniversary release a few days ago; the song “One Sweet Day” featuring Boys II Men which was dethroned a month or two ago by @lilnasx “Old Town Road (Remix)” for spending the most consecutive weeks on the Billboard 200; “Always Be My Baby” which is an iconic Mariah song; and of course, the chosen cover, “Open Arms” which was originally sung by @journeymusicofficial **if you know anything about Mariah’s music, she always includes one cover of a song on her albums! My faves are her reindition of “Against All Odds” on “Rainbow” & “Bringin On The Heartbreak” on “Charm Bracelet”** Anyways, back to “Daydream” & it’s fantastic tracklist, which includes so many other Mariah gems! If you wanna grab your own copy of this epic & long overdue repress, go to & become a member! 🖤 . . “Butterfly” is also an epic album! Released in 1997 & featuring the song “Honey” which became a classic Mariah song as well and it features the song “Fly Away (Butterfly Reprise)” that was co-written by Elton John & Bernie Taupin. This album is an essential Mariah album to own. Well, everyone should be able to own ALL of Mariah’s music on vinyl. Which I’m hoping will be a dream come true within the next few years instead of a “Daydream” . . 🎤 . . Ok, I’ll go into detail about who I’m dressed as a bit later... but until then, let’s talk Mariah Carey & her beautiful voice & songwriting ability & how absolutely incredible she remains & how amazing her legs look ALWAYS!! Oh & of course, let’s talk Vinyl Me, Please & all the epic releases & albums you are looking forward to in the near future!!! 🖤 . . #mariahcarey #daydream #vinylmeplease 🖤

769 46

“She likes the dark... Now it’s all hallow’s eve, the moon is full, will she trick or treat? She will....” 🖤 happy Saturday the 14th!🔪 We have all survived another Friday the 13th 🙌🏼 and just like Jason, @runoutgroovelps SLAYED this @typeonegativeofficial Box Set & I’m absolutely in 🖤 . . I found out about Type O Negative because one of my favorite cult classic films is “I Know What You Did Last Summer” & their cover of “Summer Breeze” is featured on the soundtrack. Being a huge fan of horror & rock music, Type O is the perfect fit for meeee & TON’s “Bloody Kisses” has become one of my favorite records. It’s such a solid album from start to finish & when I fell in live with this record, I started to explore the rest of Type O Negative’s catalog. Now with this box set, you all can indulge in this epic Goth rock band & enjoy some of the most provocative, creative, & interesting rock music ever created! Once again, thank you to Run Out Grooves & @roadrunnerrecords for sending this to me & remember to go to their website & pick what they will press next 🥰 . “Loving you was like loving the dead...” 🖤 . . Featured in this box set are six of Type O’s studio albums:: 🖤Slow, Deep and Hard (1991) 🖤The Origin of the Feces (1992) 🖤Bloody Kisses (1993) 🖤October Rust (1996) 🖤World Coming Down (1999) 🖤Life is Killing Me (2003) . Go to this link ::: to grab yours! This boxset is out everywhere on September 20th 🖤 oh yeah & let’s talk Type O Negative, ROG & of course Friday the 13th (I’m hella superstitious, hence why I’m posting this today 😝) 🔪 . . #typeonegative #vinylcollection #boxsets #vinylrecords #fridaythe13th #jasonvoorhees #gothrock #vinylcommunity #coloredvinyl #horrormovies #horrorjunkie #littleblackdress #lbd #wmgpartner #runoutgroovelp #vinylcollecting #recordoftheday #records #vinylofinstagram #igvinylclub #igvinylcommunity #vinylgirl #rockmusic #thelovewitch #witchywoman #vinylgram #birmingham


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