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i cum in peeesh 👽🖖🏽
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 1634 and the average number of comments is 33.

Annalisemishler loves posting about Game, Fashion, Technology, Travel, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Humor, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Film, Music & Books, Education, DIY & Crafts, Design, Celebrities, Art, Animals & Pets, Cooking.

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1,504 18

*stops bleaching my hair for 6 months until it all grows out* *immediately gets highlights* look i tried the dirty blonde thing, but it wasn’t for me folks. shoutout to my sis @jess_mishler 👯‍♂️ and also shoutout to my hairs for somehow still being very plentiful on my head despite all of the chaos i have put her through over the years. how weird that we as humans take the dead things on our body (hair + nails) and change their color often in attempt to make them/ourselves look aesthetically pleasing. like what the hell dude who was the first person to cover their head in bleach and also were they ok? i’m changing my answer of which historical figure i’d like to have dinner with if possible from gandhi to that guy. sry mahatma ily but i have questions

1,320 31

philm phun 🖖🏽🥳🌪

935 6

this video of me when i was one year old is PROOF that you are born sassy & stubborn. from now on i’m not apologizing for being a sassball because i was just born this way. someone tells me i’m being sassy? you’re dimming my sparkle. get out of here with your toxicity, sharon. you were born with a weird shaped birthmark on your ass cheek but you don’t see me telling you to cover that shit up. anyway no pls don’t abide by that advice—i actually found this and believe it or not this went on for about 17 sure to swipe right and watch til the end to see just how much of a daaamn genius i was even in ‘96. (also still obsessed with chocolate and still give these same dirty looks)

2,364 59

no long caption; i’m just grateful today

2,177 56

i call this look “kitten in heat” 🐱 errrthang from @dollskill

1,499 23

“clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them,” (-marc jacobs) i say to all the ppl i have trapped inside my closet and folded inside of my drawers

1,445 17

first they’re sassy..then they’re sweet

1,645 109

giveaway time 🌈 TWO winners will win TWO bottles of @notpot CBD gummy bears! (yes they’re vegan & yes they’re delicious & no you shouldn’t pour a whole bottle into a bowl and eat it like cereal ok read the damn serving size) just follow @notpot and tag two friends below to enter 👽👽 winner chosen in 72 hours

1,351 31

do u like lemonade? do u like free food? if you answered no to either of those pls go away & also probably seek help. in honor of National Lemonade Day on 8/20 i’m giving away a $50 gift card to @lemonadela 🍋 just comment below to enter! bonus entry if you follow them; bonus entry for each friend you tag. and if ya don’t win, they’re also giving out free lemonade all day on the 20th to celebrate this sacred and holy holiday. when i was 7 i wanted to have a lemonade stand with my best friend but we didn’t have any lemonade so we sat outside of my house and sold chocolate milk. it was like 104 degrees and we were just out there with our warm, coagulated nesquik trying to be entrepreneurs or wutevah. so remember kids: when life doesn’t hand you lemons, enter this giveaway so you can get some lemon in your life. when life does hand you lemons, put them in ur shirt and pretend they’re boobies

1,886 21

the word ‘crouch’ is one of those words that starts to sound reaaaalllly suspiciously weird after you say it out loud a few times. crouch crouch crouch crouch crouch suddenly i’m questioning everything about the english language and also life. anyway thanks for coming i’ll be here all week except friday cuz i have a thing. swipe up & subscribe & retweet this and if we get to 27 likes i will personally show up at your doorstep with a bowl of raw cookie dough. it’s not for you, i’ll just be eating it when you open the door. what are you doing at my house

2,196 21

my 90s lewk can’t suffer just because my pants are too big ok. i said ‘fix my pants but make it fashion’ and i did that, beeeeeech. zack morris where u at baby i’m waiting 4 u


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