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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.10%. The average number of likes per post is 130 and the average number of comments is 6.

20% of the followers that engaged with advrider973 regularly are from Bahrain, followed by United States at 16.67% and Canada at 5.56%. In summary, the top 5 countries of advrider973's posts engager are coming from Bahrain, United States, Canada, Germany, United Arab Emirates.

Advrider973 loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel.

Check advrider973's audience demography. This analytics report shows advrider973's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Bahrain 20 %
  • United States 16.67 %
  • Canada 5.56 %
  • Germany 4.44 %
  • United Arab Emirates 3.33 %


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It's that time of the year.. 26 January is my birthday and this for some reason felt good! Ended 2018 with a life time goal to ride North America from Key West to Dead Horse Alaska👍 after my retirement from working as an airforce pilot for 32 years it's time to leave everything behind and spend more time with my family and friends! The world is beautiful and my goal now is to travel and enjoy what it can offer us before it's too late🙏 I would like to thank my wife for this beautifully themed cake as I really loved it and thanks to @lilouartisanpatisseriebah for their amazing work👍👍

81 2

2018 was kind to me achieved a personal goal! And the one thing I learned was to let things go and move forward God has a will and a plan for everyone keep your head held high be proud of yourself wishing you health and happiness hope you achieve your goals in 2019.. God bless.. 🎉🎊🎆

134 2

I would like to wish all my dear followers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year God bless you all🎅🏻🎄🎆 #newyear

194 14

The power of social media made it possible for me to connect with an amazing Demo pilot and equally gifted ground crew for the F16 demo team during the Bahrain Airshow 2018. Wherever you go in the world if you're one of the few F16 pilots in this world you're part of an elite family very few are able to be a part of and I'm proud and honored to say I have flown it for 11 years and I'm one of that handful of pilots who successfully flew this amazing plane. The love for this amazing plane will last forever and that love was ignited during the show even more when United States of America Airforce pilot Major John Waters (Rain) flew the demo flights during the show to show the ability of the Viper and his amazing skills over the skies of Bahrain. I was also able to take Rain and the team for a short tour to experience some of Bahrains well known hospitality. The Bahrain Airshow marks the last demo flight for Major John Waters during his assignment as a demo pilot. During that tour he had put a smile on a lot of people and in doing so inspired many young children to be future pilots . I would also like to recognize those hidden soldiers who keep the Jets flying, without them we can't go anywhere nor could we perform our duties and responsibilities. Thank you John for giving me the honor to meet you and the team to show you a bit of Bahrain. You and the team are always welcome here in Bahrain if you ever come this way!🇺🇸🇧🇭🇺🇸🇧🇭🇺🇸🇧🇭🇺🇸

140 5

June 5th 2018 After our short visit to Yellowstone we departed heading to Beartooth Pass to stay a few days in Red Lodge. Beartooth Pass is an amazing mountain pass and due to its high elevation it's usually closed during winter and open in the summer. Tony and I have been very lucky this year, the snow melted and the pass was open during our trip North so I wasn't going to miss it. The videos and pictures will give you all an idea on how beautiful the mountains are on this amazing stretch of road. For those interested it's US 212 Or also known as Beartooth Pass! Enjoy the videos and pictures😀👍#alaska #roadtrip #usa #canada #2018 #keywest #prudhoebay #DHL #orlando #coffee #ridenorth #mountrushmore #oldfaithful #Bearthooth

143 5

June 5th 2018 The ride to Yellowstone National Park from Cody had some amazing views and a picture post and a few hundred hashtags will not do it justice. So after going through my videos I have chosen to upload them so all of you my dear followers can relive my ride to Yellowstone and hopefully one day can replicate this ride or for this matter drive those amazing roads. Once we arrived at Yellowstone Tony and I went to see Old Faithful as I personally only had seen it in pictures and to be able to experience it was nothing short of exciting. We have been very lucky with the amount of traffic, it was all good and never had we felt it was packed given it was the high season. Everything was fluid and riding a motorcycle made it easier to park near Old Faithful and the gift shop for a few magnets! I hope you will all enjoy the videos😎👍#alaska #roadtrip #usa #canada #2018 #keywest #prudhoebay #DHL #orlando #coffee #ridenorth #mountrushmore #oldfaithful

132 1

June 3rd 2018 Arriving in Cody was uneventful and soon we got our stuff in our rooms and ready to go grab dinner and then return to get some washing done as you all know you have to be on top of things to stay clean. On the way back we passed by Walgreens to restock on consumables. During travel on a motorcycle you don't have the luxury of space so everything is travel size or you just have to buy what you need once you reach your destination (i.e soap, detergent, water, snacks). Here are some videos and pictures from that day enjoy. #alaska #roadtrip #usa #canada #2018 #keywest #prudhoebay #DHL #orlando #coffee #ridenorth #mountrushmore #Cody

113 0

June 3rd 2018 After departing Sturgis we continued our ride West to our destination Cody. We rode on the I 90 to Buffalo to refuel and get on US 16, a mountain pass that I would highly recommend to anyone riding in that area. The scenery was fantastic and I loved the twisty nature of the road much better than the last few hundred miles we have been riding on. The videos and pictures will do the talking enjoy.#alaska #roadtrip #usa #canada #2018 #keywest #prudhoebay #DHL #orlando #coffee #ridenorth #mountrushmore

139 3

June 3rd 2018 A good night's sleep helped to recover from the long ride the day before, we grabbed breakfast and got our bikes ready to hit the road but not before we refueled and I had to take some Tylenol to help with the headache that I got from the wind buffeting my helmet. What I didn't notice was I was slowly getting dehydrated from the heat and that was causing all kinds of reactions. I always thought I was drinking enough but I wasn't, this will be apperant later in the ride. Once we left Wall the plan was to ride to Mount Rushmore and then continue to the town Cody. Seeing Mount Rushmore was very interesting as I have only seen it in pictures, glad I made it there. The entry was good very few cars were coming in as Tony and I were worried we could hit traffic and that will change our plans on where we will spend the night. Once we left Mount Rushmore we planned to stop in Sturgis a place very well known for the annual gathering of Harley Davidson owners and other riders from across the USA. We refueled and took a ride around town and then like most people living at Sturgis we got the hell out of town passing through amazing mountain passes on our way to Cody. The ride was good and Tony and I enjoyed the twisty Mount pass after the long flat highway from Souix Falls to Wyoming. Here are some videos and pictures of that ride enjoy 😀 #alaska #roadtrip #usa #canada #2018 #keywest #prudhoebay #DHL #orlando #coffee #ridenorth #mountrushmore


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