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Czech Republic

Enjoys to bake and knit, basically a grandma in her 20s.
Czech Republic

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 8.10%. The average number of likes per post is 99 and the average number of comments is 6.

34.21% of the followers that engaged with zuzanaosw regularly are from Czech Republic, followed by United Kingdom at 18.42% and France at 7.89%. In summary, the top 5 countries of zuzanaosw's posts engager are coming from Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Italy, China.

Zuzanaosw loves posting about Celebrities, Fashion, Hair & Beauty.

Check zuzanaosw's audience demography. This analytics report shows zuzanaosw's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Czech Republic 34.21 %
  • United Kingdom 18.42 %
  • France 7.89 %
  • Italy 7.02 %
  • China 6.14 %


151 22

So it looks like I’ve just submitted my last ever assignment as a student. V happy that my last assignment was this dissertation and that I got the chance to conduct (😅) my own study about something which is so close to my heart. Biggest thanks should go to all my participants who despite all that’s happening right now, were still interested in being interviewed! Not going to lie to do a research during the first months of the world pandemic is horrid. But here we are and I’m happy to present my work on the topic of 'Independent Music Artists' Perception of Instagram and Instagram's Impact on Their Music Career.' Makes me a bit emotional thinking I was a student at @middlesexuniversity the past four years! Truly, I couldn’t find a better place to be a student! I wanted to give a little shoutout to my friends and classmates @martinemeekers and @bridiejackson11 who have also submitted their work this week. Thanks for making me push more and inspire me not give up haha xx

58 2

Dissertation office 🤗

140 14

Loveliest loveliest birthday I could ever imagine. Feeling very happy and full of love AND very touched by all cards, letters and presents sent ❤️ thank you xxx

66 5

Happy birthday, Clem. My birthday wish to you is that you smile like you did yesterday on your birthday for the next 365 days. I love you very much @clemeruidiaz

92 4

Je to štěstí mít za nejlepší a jedny z nejdůležitějších lidí v mém životě zrovna tyto dvě. Nejsem moc na prolevy emocí nebo na srdcervoucí vyznání, ale příští rok to bude 10 let co tyto dvě znám (teda myslím, s Luckou jsem se seznámily, když mi bylo 15, s Kristý o pár měsíců později). Po rodině jsou tyto dvě důvodem, proč mi vlastně Praha chybí a proč je mi za ní smutno. Je to prostě štěstí štěstí štěstí, jiné slovo mě napadá. Obě jsou štěstí! ❤️

109 5

Eres el mejor amigo para mí (y pololo). ¡Qué vacaciones! @clemeruidiaz

92 1

Someone came to visit me in our village (so we went to see the goats and buy some veg from the farmers) 🥰

99 4

enjoying not wearing makeup

43 4

Here is a cheeky little glass of bubbles to celebrate my last submission. Although, I don’t know any of the grades or haven’t started my dissertation, I didn’t think I’ll be able to get to this point of my Masters at all. It’s good to have a little celebration xx

133 6

Hoping I’ll wake up feeling like this ☀️

105 5

Just wanted to make a quick appreciation post for all the abroad students, not me, but my friends and those affected by the current situation. To all of you who decided to stay abroad. To all who travelled back home. To all of the students who are not able to return home because their government closed the boarders. To all of them who are now worried about their families. To those students who were tested positive. To those students who are now financially struggling even more than they did before. To all Erasmus students and their stressful return home. And to those, like us, who still have to finish their course and all the assignments despite the current circumstances. Besides this, we all should be also thankful for the medical staff, police and firemen, transport drivers, cleaners and supermarket workers. Those who cannot take a day off, cannot work from home, and through this they put their own health but also the health of their families in risk. Love.

91 3

Wish I could be dancing like this with @kamilashibalova right now ☀️


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