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Cold-Pressed | Raw | No HPP | Home Delivery & Pick-Up @mcfarmersmkt 5/2 & 5/16 | 952-346-9000
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 27 and the average number of comments is 2.

60% of the followers that engaged with zulajuice regularly are from United States, followed by India at 4.35% and France at 3.48%. In summary, the top 5 countries of zulajuice's posts engager are coming from United States, India, France, Japan, Italy.

Zulajuice loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking.

Check zulajuice's audience demography. This analytics report shows zulajuice's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 60 %
  • India 4.35 %
  • France 3.48 %
  • Japan 2.61 %
  • Italy 2.61 %


18 1

How are you celebrating your Mother’s Day? How about a fresh DIY juice bar? Fresh watermelon margaritas? You can make your own Melon Margarita with our recipe below or better yet, make your life A LOT easier by having a box of fresh juices delivered right to your door. Easy Ordering (details below). See our story for options. #BeWell . 👉🏻Next Delivery: Friday, May 15th. 👉🏻Next Pick-up: Sat, May 16th (9-1) . Text Ordering: 612-387-4011 Order Online: zulajuice.com . Details: Minimum of 12 juices for home delivery. Delivery fee applies and varies upon location. No juice minimum for pick-up at the @mcfarmersmkt on Saturday between 9am-1pm. . 🍉 Melon Love Margarita 🍉 • 2oz Fresh Watermelon Juice (or Zula Melon Love) • 1/2 oz Fresh Orange Juice • 1/2 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice • Juice from 1/2 of a lime • Tequila • Orange Liquor (optional) ++ Shake well and serve over ice. Also tastes amazing blended with ice. . . . . . . #mn #mothersday #mothersday2020 #raw #coldpressed #noHPP #vegan #vegetarian #juicebar #mom #dogmom #bartender #custom #preppy #orchid #juicebar #homedeliverymn #mnfood #mnfooddelivery

27 1

Juice Cleanse Drink No. 1 | Are you ready for a reset? Today is the last day to reserve your 3-7 raw juice cleanse for home delivery on Friday or pick-up from the @mcfarmersmkt on Saturday. See our previous post for more details. — Lemon Skinny: Ginger, Lemon, Fuji Apple. — Order online: zulajuice.com Text ordering: 612-387-4011 . . . . . . . . . . . #millcity #millcityfarmersmarket #mnfarmersmarket #juicecleanse #vegan #raw #NoHPP #mn #mnfoodie

34 1

Order Update | We’ve missed you and we’re happy to announce we’re NOW taking preorders for home delivery or pick-up at the Mill City Farmers Market every other Saturday (details below). Place your order by Tuesday for a Friday delivery or pick-up at the Market on Saturday. — Order online: zulajuice.com Text Ordering: 612-387-4011 — Consuming raw, fresh juice daily is a great way to support your immune system by flooding your body with a concentrated form of plant-based nutrition. Select from one of the packs below or create your own pack of 12 or more juices. Visit the @mcfarmersmkt website for detailed information on how the market is operating safely during this time. Millcityfarmersmarket.org — ➕The Raw Juice Cleanse: 6 juices/day for 3-7 days. (60.00/day) ➕The Essential: 2 juices/day for 6 days. 120.00 — ➕The Bartender: 6 Melon Love, 6 Pineapple Passion. 120.00 — Mill City Farmers Market Pick-up: • May 2nd & 16th | 9am - 1pm | Our usual spot located just outside of the train shed. . . . . . . . . . #mn #mnfarmersmarket #rawjuice #coldpressed #NoHPP #shoplocal #millcityfarmersmarket #bewell #juicecleanse #drinktherainbow

24 1

Can you believe Spring is only three weeks away? Get yourself ready by scheduling your 3-5 day raw juice cleanse for delivery on Friday, February 28th. Simply text your order and/or any questions to 612-387-4011. We’re looking forward to seeing you in May as we celebrate our 7th season at the Mill City Farmers Market! www.zulajuice.com

29 1

Join Us // Our FINAL market of the season is THIS Saturday. We’ll have all of your favorites including Celery & Melon. If you’d like to reserve juices for home/office delivery on Friday or pickup on Saturday (8am-1pm), send us a DM or a text 952-346-9000. Include your name, address and the juices/cleanse(s) you’d like. _ FYI: the juices may be kept refrigerated for one week or frozen for one year. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! _ • Lemon Skinny • Green Glow • Green Splash • Daily Detox (green) • Deep Red (beet) • Carrot Plunge • Celery Celery Celery • Cashew Dream • Pineapple Passion • Melon Love

27 0

We’re BACK and can’t wait to see you @mcfarmersmkt on Saturday (8am-1pm)! We have TWO weeks remaining in our juice season 😳 and we’re taking orders today for pick-up at the market on Saturday or home/office delivery on Friday. Text us your order (name, juice request, delivery address) and we’ll respond back with delivery and payment details. . Why Zula? Our juices are pressed locally (by us) and delivered raw and fresh (no HPP) for maximum nutrient density. #raw #fresh #coldpressed #juice . . . . . #mnjuice #juicecleanse #vegan #minneapolis #zulajuice noHPP #vegetarian #cocktail #bespoke #mnfarmersmarket #farmersmarket #shoplocalmn #foodie #juicerecipe

73 14

Market Update // We won’t be @mcfarmersmkt this week because we’re @mayoclinic with our oldest son Ryan. Ryan has pressed your juices, delivered your cleanses and you might even remember him helping at the market. He’s having major surgery to remove a rare paraganglioma (glomus jugulare tumor). It means a LOT that so many of you come to the market to see us and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience. As a small family business, it’s difficult on our family to miss any markets. We’ll miss you this week and appreciate each and every message. You can follow Ryan’s journey on Facebook (Link in Profile). 💕

17 1

How do you start your day? Make your mornings easier with fresh pressed juices for the week... available TODAY @mcfarmersmkt from 8am-1pm. Text us at 952-346-9000 to reserve your juices (or 3-day raw juice cleanse) for pick-up! Comment below with any questions. Our juices are raw (no HPP) and cold-pressed fresh for the market. Choose from these flavors: + • Lemon Skinny • Melon Love • Celery • Daily Detox • Green Glow • Green Splash • Pineapple Passion • Carrot Plunge • Beet Retreat • Cashew Dream

40 11

Good things launching SOON! We won’t be at the @mcfarmersmkt this weekend because we’re going away to bring YOU (and your family) ALL things CBD. 💃 . We know what’s important to you and our mission has always been to provide the best cold-pressed juice... and soon, CBD too. . Have you heard of CBD? Have you tried CBD? All questions welcomed... Comment below with your thoughts or questions and our founder @marineandgrey will answer them this weekend. Get ready to schedule your next juice cleanse... with CBD 🙌. . #organichemp #CBD #CBDoil #mnCBD #broadspectrum #fullspectrum

15 0

How do you get to the farmers market? Comment below and stop out to see us @mcfarmersmkt today from 8am - 1pm 👊🏻 . . . #raw #fresh #organic #coldpressed #juice #juicecleanse #NoHPP #mnfarmersmarket #farmersmarket #Nolo

33 1

Hey there, weekend... we see you. Market Saturday is HERE and your fresh juice is ready and waiting. Pick up juice for a reboot or step up your cocktail game with our cold-pressed Melon Love. Organic CELERY JUICE is all the rage and we’ve got you covered there too! See you soon. . Mill City Farmers Market / 8am-1pm


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