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Egyptian street food but different Follow @Zooba NYC Zamalek, Citystars, Korba, Maadi, Downtown Mall, Capital Promenade, Rehab & NYC Call us: 16082

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44.8% of zoobaeats's followers are female and 55.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.40%. The average number of likes per post is 169 and the average number of comments is 5.

Zoobaeats loves posting about Food, Travel.

Check zoobaeats's audience demography. This analytics report shows zoobaeats's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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44.8 %
55.2 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 64.78 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 44.86 %
  • Music 37.73 %
  • Art & Design 36.90 %
  • Books and Literature 35.32 %
  • Sports 35.32 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.32 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 35.24 %
  • Business & Careers 33.73 %
  • Entertainment 30.89 %


55 2

61 1

197 6

We miss cooking for you.

155 10

Thank you for 8 great years, today.

126 8


292 6

Ain’t no baba ghanoush at Zooba either but we do have bessara and it’s great. Happy Mother’s Day 🪐

86 1

The safety and health of our guests and staff has always been a top priority for us. We're sure you've read a lot of similar statements over the last few days, so we'll keep ours as brief as possible. In addition to our own internationally-certified food safety and hygiene procedures, here's all the extra preventative measures we've taken in our branches: ⠀ - We are closed until further notice for dine-in and will only be open for delivery and pick-up. ⠀ - We've assigned a team member every shift to constantly clean and sanitize every possible contact surface of the branch, independent of our standard cleaning procedures. ⠀ - Hand sanitizer will be readily available at every branch if you're coming by to pick up a take-away order. ⠀ - All employees are now wearing masks and gloves (in the past, only certain stations in the kitchen were mandated to do so). Gloves are replaced every 15 minutes or in-between jobs, whichever comes first. In between glove changes, every employee is required to thoroughly wash their hands with disinfectant soap. ⠀ - Every staff member's temperature is being taken by an infrared thermometer as soon as they show up to work. ⠀ - All communal condiments (shatta, dakka, etc.) have been removed from the dining room and will be added to your food by the kitchen as you like it. ⠀ - The World Health Organization's "Advice for public" article on preventing as well as reacting to coronavirus has been translated and placed in all our kitchens. We've also personally taken our entire team through each step because it's important to us that they not only know what they're supposed to do but why they should be doing it, so they can better educate those around them. ⠀ Thank you, we love you and we hope you're all safe and well (at home calling 16082).

180 1

Call us for delivery on 16082 and we’ll be on our way.

268 12

Starting tomorrow, Monday March 16th, we have decided to close our New York branch and remove all dine-in seating in our Cairo locations. We are not sure exactly how long we will have to do this but our hope is that it doesn’t exceed a couple of weeks. We make this decision with a heavy heart knowing what it means for us as a small business; the consequences of this decision aren’t a reality we can sustain for too long. We know that our closures are by no means a solution to what we’re all facing these days, but in times like these it’s the small decisions we all make that can add up to make a difference. In both countries that we operate, one of the few things currently in our control, as individuals as well as business owners, is our ability to minimize extended social interaction as much as possible to buy time and allow for the cities we call home to better prepare for and contain this virus; closing is the best way we can contribute to those measures. Delivery and Take-Out will continue to be available at our Egypt locations. We’ve always prided ourselves on not only maintaining but exceeding all food hygiene and safety standards, and our commitment to those standards is even more resolute today. Unfortunately, our New York business is still relatively new and not large enough to allow us to stay open to only offer you delivery and take-out. This is the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make at Zooba. As a business whose foundation is built on community and hospitality, nothing is more difficult than taking decisions that limit social interaction between people from all walks of life within and around our walls. We can’t wait to be serving you all again very soon. To our New York friends and family: hang tight, we’ll be back as quickly as we possibly can. To everyone in Egypt, you're the only reason we've made it this long in the first place; please order us from home for now. Sincerely, Chris Khalifa Zooba Founder and CEO

585 8

النهارده مش يوم خروج

239 3

Sharing is caring. Order a side Baladi Salad.


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