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56.2% of zoekellerart's followers are female and 43.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 3294 and the average number of comments is 33.

Zoekellerart loves posting about Art, Illustrator, Painting.

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56.2 %
43.8 %


  • Art & Design 72.03 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.82 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.50 %
  • Photography 37.79 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 37.03 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.74 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 35.28 %
  • Music 34.86 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 34.82 %
  • Books and Literature 32.42 %
  • Home & Garden 32.02 %
  • Entertainment 31.95 %


2,048 9

Enormous 🐳 Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I took yesterday off from the challenge, and am back today with some PNW whale friends drawn in Procreate for ‘Enormous.’ Swipe to see nine recent Wild October pieces from nine talented artists! The #WildOctoberArt tag passed the 10k mark this weekend! 🖤

2,777 30

Keystone Species • More sea otters for ya today! I’m going to be taking my own advice about being gentle with myself and will be taking tomorrow off from the challenge 😅 I’ve been hit with some pretty bad burn-out and need to charge back up before the holidays *really* hit. Swipe for nine recent and wonderful submissions to the #WildOctoberArt tag! If you need a break from making work like me don’t forget that liking, sharing and leaving kind comments on Wild October posts is also a really important way that you can participate in this challenge. 🖤 Here’s a bit about sea otters as keystone species From the @glaciernps website “Sea otters are a ‘keystone species’ which means that they can exert top-down pressure via predation on sea urchins, which are grazers upon kelp. As urchin density decreases from sea otter predation, so does the grazing pressure on kelp and as a result kelp forests flourish in the presence of sea otters. These top down influences on nearshore prey species can result in changes in community structure including maintaining a more diverse nearshore ecosystem.” This is from the “O is for Otter” page in the alphabet book I am working on. Drawn in Procreate.

2,741 20

Pollinators • Here are two pollinators on the ‘Y is for Yellow’ page of the alphabet book I’m working on: a Western Swallowtail (left) and Clouded Sulphur (right). 🐱🐤🐥🌼🌝☀️ Swipe for nine #wildoctoberart submissions that made me grin. I’ve said it before, but it’s so awesome seeing these prompts interpreted in such a wide variety of mediums and styles! We’re past the half-way point, so no matter how you’ve been interacting with this challenge I hope you give yourself a high-five today. 😘

3,332 23

In My Backyard • Wrapped up this California Quail illustration just in time to post today! Not in my Portland backyard, technically, but I did see them in my backyard while staying down on the Oregon Playa once! 🐦 Swipe for nine rad recent submissions to the #wildoctoberart tag! Y’all are crushing it as per usual. Don’t forget to give these artists a follow!

3,607 24

Camouflage • Here’s one of the postcards from my new mushroom postcard set! The eyespots on the wings of this Io Moth are an example of “disruptive coloration,” helping to confuse predators into thinking they are not to be messed with. 🍄 Since lots of folks are catching up on prompts, just joining the challenge, or doing a few prompts here and there, I’ve decided that for the rest of the month the nine pieces that I feature in every post won’t be tied to the previous day’s prompt. (I hope that makes since...feeling a bit brain melty from a long few days in Procreate.) Here are nine stellar pieces from the #wildoctoberart challenge. Thanks for participating everyone! We’re so close to the halfway mark! 🖤

3,306 23

Dwelling • For this prompt I did a little Elf Owl peeking out of a Saguaro Cactus. According to the @saguaronationalpark website “Saguaro cacti are host to a great variety of animals. The gilded flicker and Gila woodpecker excavate nest cavities inside the saguaro's pulpy flesh. When a woodpecker abandons a cavity, elf owls, screech owls, purple martins, finches and sparrows may move in. Large birds, like the Harris's and red-tailed hawks, also use the saguaro for nesting and hunting platforms. Their stick nests are constructed among the arms of a large saguaro. In turn, ravens and great horned owls may take over an abandoned hawk nest.” Swipe for nine lovely responses to yesterday’s prompt, “My Favorite,” and give these artists a follow 💕

2,652 24

My Favorite • My piece for today is another drawing from that alphabet book I’m working on! Land snails are technically my favorite critters, but nudibranchs are dear to my heart too and are one of the reasons I wanted to get back into working in color. There are just some animals that you can’t really do justice in black and white! All of these nudibranchs can be found on the PNW coast. I have yet to see one in person myself! Drawn in Procreate 🌊 Swipe to see nine awesome pieces from yesterday’s “Fur & Fluff” prompt and give these artists a follow! 💕

3,312 121

Fur & Fluff • We’re one third of the way through the month already! When I put out the Wild October prompt list back in August I really didn’t expect this response. I grin like an absolute over-the-moon dork every day while scrolling through the pieces under #WildOctoberArt tag. Thank you so much for sharing your work with me and this new little Wild October community! Because we just made it through our first full week of the challenge, I wanted to check in with folks today and give anyone who has fallen behind a bit of encouragement. Here is the text on the images above: We are 1/3 of the way through Wild October! How is everyone doing? If you haven’t met your original goals, or kept with the schedule you initially set for yourself that’s 100% OK, and totally normal! Let go of any guilt you might be feeling because of this (or any daily) challenge! As a working artist I am constantly re-evaluating and adjusting my plans to fit around my shifting commitments and emotional energy. If this challenge has become a source of stress, or if you’ve stopped participating completely and want to jump back in, how can you adjust the way you are working to make this challenge more manageable? Smaller work? Looser or less complete pieces? Completing every other prompt? Returning to a more familiar medium? Special note that if you’ve stopped posting because you are comparing yourself to other artists with more experience or a more defined style, I am sending a BIG hug and hope you hop back in! Did you just find out about Wild October? Don’t be shy! You’re welcome to join in at any point this month!

3,859 17

Migration • First up a couple of housekeeping reminders for friends new and old! One: info about tattoos can be found in my ‘TATTOOS’ Story Highlight. And two: due to the volume of messages I cannot respond to (or read) Direct Message Requests. I do try to respond to every comment I get, so if you want to chat with me on this platform leave a comment on my latest post! You can also drop me a line at zoekellerdraws@gmail.com 💌 Noooowwwww for #WildOctoberArt 🐟 For today’s prompt ‘Migration’ I’m sharing another page from my in-progress alphabet book! This page is ‘S for Sockeye Salmon.’ I’m sharing an informative post from Pacfic Wild about these colorful fish in my stories if you want to learn more. Swipe to see eight pieces from yesterday’s prompt, ‘Spineless,’ and show these artists some 💕💕💕 Thanks as always to everyone participating in Wild October! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this community 😭

3,335 26

Today’s #WildOctoberArt prompt is ‘Spineless,’ but first an enormous thank you to everyone who purchased an ‘Octopodes’ print through @pangeaseed! Both editions sold out in less than 24 hours! I am floored by your support, and feeling really encouraged about pursuing color work moving forward! If you don’t already be sure to follow both @pangeaseed and PangeaSeed’s public art program @seawalls_ to see more art in action to protect our oceans 🖤 Throughout Wild October I will be sharing a few pages from the alphabet book I am slowly working on (publishers hmu lol), and today I’m sharing a detail from the ‘C is for Crab’ page! Swipe to see 9 lovely pieces from yesterday’s ’Animals in Love’ prompt, and don’t forget to give these artists a follow!

12,840 369

Taking a #WildOctoberArt break to wish you a happy World Octopus Day! I am very excited and honored to share this collaboration with @pangeaseed. This digital painting, “Octopodes,” will be available as a limited edition print in two sizes - 18” x 24” and a hand-embellished edition at 24” x 36” - through the @pangeaseed website today, Thursday, October 8th, at 12 PM PST. Enormous thanks to @pangeaseed for inviting me to make a print this year! If you aren’t already familiar with @pangeaseed’s work you should definitely give them a follow! 🐙 Octopus species featured, clockwise from the biggest at the top: Giant Pacific, Ghost, Caribbean Reef, Starry Night, Octopus Wolfi, California Two Spott, Coconut, Larger Pacific Striped, Greater Blue Ring, with Pacific Red Octopus eggs 🐙 This piece was made on an iPad in Procreate using a variety of default brushes. 🖤 PS - I will be sharing pieces from yesterday’s #WildOctoberArt prompt, Misunderstood, a little later on today in my stories! Looking forward to seeing what y’all post today for “Animals in Love!”

4,018 20

I will be taking a small break from #WildOctoberArt tomorrow for a print release announcement so I’m cheating a small bit, skipping ahead and sharing my “Animals in Love” illustration today 🖤 Swipe for nine awesome illustrations in response to yesterday’s “Metamorphosis” prompt! I’m sharing nine lovely amphibian pieces because I think we could all use a boost and it is scientifically impossible to be sad while looking at an amphibian. 🐸 My “Animals in Love” drawing features two Red-tailed Hawks. Did you know that Red-tailed Hawks are known to do that lock-talons-and-plummet-to-the-earth courtship thing that Eagles do?


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