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Luxury handbag brand built with, and for the modern ambitious women of the world created by @yebaolaye Join us on the 🎙Podcast #lessentiel_podcast

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 80 and the average number of comments is 6.

32.88% of the followers that engaged with yebaessentials regularly are from United States, followed by Belgium at 28.77% and France at 6.85%. In summary, the top 5 countries of yebaessentials's posts engager are coming from United States, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom.

Yebaessentials loves posting about Design, Fashion, Celebrities, Hair & Beauty.

Check yebaessentials's audience demography. This analytics report shows yebaessentials's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 32.88 %
  • Belgium 28.77 %
  • France 6.85 %
  • Italy 5.48 %
  • United Kingdom 5.48 %


173 8

What a week, what a many souls standing together, pushing the boundaries to claim justice for George Floyd, for black lives, to stop racism, all around the world . It's been an intense battle, a time where painful memories came back to the surface of our hearts, and complicated legacy were remembered to haunt some consciences.... but it's been a time where hope opened the door to change, where the light appeared on the horizon of what looks like a new day . It took me time to process all this, to find the right words to express myself in the name of my brand. As a Black African woman, I have many stories to tell about racism, but as a founder, my heart is full of hope. I want to believe the future will be brighter, as I vowed to contribute to make it a better place . I wish to grow this brand into a place that reminds you how capable you are, no matter the colour of your skin or your background. I want you to find in me, in every step I make, in our community,… the friend(s) and the inspiration that will unleash the immensity of your potential. Because I will continue to nurture in you the sort of confidence that shines bright in a room in which you are . This brand is my quest to become free and has become a common quest to gain the freedom to be the person we've always wanted to be. So, let's uplift, channel together all these values we share. Let's be the change we need, be the light we want to see in this world, lead by example, be open-minded, be resilient and kind. I survived all my life in a world that wasn't designed for me and guess what? it feels sooooo good to be part of the one we are about to create together. With all my love, passion & heart. Yeba . #yebawords #formytribe #withlove #georgefloyd #blacklivesmattermovement

161 9

🖤 We stand for humanity. . #blackouttuesday #theshowmustbepaused

57 4

As long as we can spread love and happiness✨ . Few days ago, I was overwhelmed by gratitude and hope. I remembered while preparing an order how I truly missed that feeling. The one you feel when you know you’re about to make someone else happy. When you realise someone trusted you enough to buy something you’ve designed. When I started the brand, I used to write a little note to every single person who ordered one of my bags. It was such a delight for me to know I went till the last mile with all my heart. I hope we’ll reconnect soon. I wish you‘ll fall in love with one of my designs and hold in your hands a little note from me making you feel special and certain you’ve made my day.... Sincerely x Yeba . . . #mood #spreadinglove #spreadinghappiness #yebaessentiels #handbags #statementbag #madewithlove #madewithcare #byyeba #craftmanship #handmade #sophisticated #leatherbag #workinglady #highendbag #essentialbag #abagforeverything #firstbag #myyebastory

78 1

We stand for humanity, for more inclusivity, for hope, for the right to be treated the same . #BlackLivesMatter #SomeDayIsToday #NoRacism

41 2

In this episode #13( 👉link in bio 🎧) we set off to meet Monica Sordo – the rising jewelry designer based in New York. Her brand @monicasordobk – Monica Sordo Jewerly is the wonderful story of a calling to return home that turned into a life project . Monica was born in Caracas. She left Venezuela at an early age to study abroad. She studied Fashion Styling in Milan, worked for Marie-Claire while studying Merchandising in Madrid and in 2009, she moved to New York to work with Christian Louboutin . But after years working in the fashion industry, she began to suspect that her calling lay elsewhere and returned home to create her jewelry brand, beautiful timeless pieces. Monica is a traveller at heart and at the same time she is deeply rooted in the Latin design community she is very active supporting . Today, her work has been featured in leading fashion publishers from @voguemagazine , @lofficielusa to The @nytimesfashion and her collection can be found in retailers around the world, including @netaporter , Le @printempsofficial , @barneysny ’s (where she exploded) and @brownsfashion to name just a few . The journey – started almost a decade ago- was not straightforward, but organic as she explains… I loved interviewing her and hope you will enjoy this beautiful journey in her company. Bonne écoute . . . . #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #entrepreneurship #womenentrepreneur #creativebusiness #personaldevelopment #lifeinspiration #changerdevie #alignement #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

69 1

Etre en phase avec soi-même, trouver sa place et ce qui nous fait vibrer, en s’ecoutant. C’est l’histoire de Linda Champenois @lindachampenoiswedding et celle de tous ceux parmi nous qui portent un projet en eux et ne peuvent vivre sans le réaliser✨ . Ne manquez pas ce bel épisode avec Linda, une grande dame pleine de ressources, de talents et de sagesse dans l’épisode #12 de #lessentiel_podcast . . . . #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #essentiel #trouversavoie #entreprendreaufeminin #entreprendreautrement #changerdevie #alignement #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

81 4

Dans cet épisode #12 (glien 👉dans la bio 🎧) , je rencontre Linda Champenois @lindachampenoiswedding , Wedding designer & Floral designer basée à Paris, directrice artistique du studio qu’elle vient de créer mais aussi Consultante business pour les entreprises créatives. Vous le comprendrez en l’écoutant, Linda est une femme aux multiples talents et ressources. Il émane d’elle cette force, mêlée de bienveillance, de ces femmes qui prennent les choses en main, et au contact desquelles, vous sentez, vous savez, que vous pouvez entièrement leur faire confiance et vous reposer sur elle. Le temps d'une conversation, Linda nous raconte comment elle est passée d’une carrière dans la Finance à sa passion pour le design & la décoration florale dans le monde du mariage, comment elle s’est investie dans un métier qui fait du sens pour elle, dans lequel il lui a était enfin possible de laisser s’exprimer sa créativité. Encore un épisode passionnant qui vous transforme et vous ramène à l’essentiel. Bonne écoute ! . . . . . #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #essentiel #trouversavoie #entreprendreaufeminin #entreprendreautrement #changerdevie #alignement #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

103 17

It’s all about the little things in life✨ . We’re into little things lately and preparing everything to open preorders to make sure your favorite handbags and accessories arrive at your door next September . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Le plaisir est dans les petites choses de la vie. En ce moment, nous travaillons d’arrache pied pour faire avancer les choses et vous permettre de pré-commander votre prochain sac #yeba... pour Septembre. Alors intéressées? 😉 . . . #yebaessentials

93 16

L’ épisode #11 de #lessentiel_podcast est sorti ! 👉lien dans la bio 🎧 . Dans cet épisode #11, je vous emmène à Madrid, à la rencontre Gabriela Salord @gabrielasalord co-fondatrice & CEO de la marque Rowse, une très jolie marque de produits de soin naturelle à base de plantes uniquement, respectueuse de la planète & de nos peaux . A travers @rowsebeauty et la mission qu’elle s’est donnée aux côtés de Nuria son associée, Gabriela a enfin trouvé sa voie. 
Pourtant le chemin pour se forger sa propre identité et trouver sa voie n’a pas été simple. Abonnée au mantra, «continuez à bouger jusqu'à ce que vous trouviez votre véritable vocation », elle enchaîne des positions aussi impressionnantes que celles de CMO chez Eutopia (un VC à Paris pour les start-ups grand public) après avoir été responsables PR et Marketing dans des belles start-ups comme BlaBlaCar ou encore Rocket Internet, et avant cela, se faisant la main dans la prestigieuse agence comm Saatchi . Nous parlons de sa marque, de sa quête de sens, de maternité & d’équilibre suite à la naissance de sa fille de 4 mois. .
Un épisode dans lequel elle nous raconte son histoire avec beaucoup d’authenticité. J’ai adoré discuter avec Gabriela. J’espère que vous prendrez autant de plaisir que moi à l’écouter. Et aussi, n’hésitez pas à revenir ici pour partager avec nous ce que vous en avez pensé. . . . #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #essentiel #trouversavoie #entreprendreaufeminin #entreprendreautrement #changerdevie #alignement #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

53 0

Suivez-moi, nous partons à Madrid à la rencontre @gabrielasalord , co-fondatrice & CEO de la marque @rowsebeauty 🌿, une très jolie marque de produits de soin naturelle à base de plantes uniquement, respectueuse de la planète & de nos peaux . A travers Rowse et la mission qu’elle s’est donnée aux côtés de Nuria son associée, Gabriela a enfin trouvé sa voie✨. . Pourtant le chemin pour se forger sa propre identité et trouver du sens n’a pas été simple. Abonnée au mantra, «continuez à bouger jusqu'à ce que vous trouviez votre véritable vocation », elle nous raconte son parcours avec beaucoup de sincérité. A tout de suite, dans l’épisode#11 qui vient juste de sortir (👉 lien dans la bio 🎧 Bonne écoute !) . . . Beautiful pic from @farrahpower via @jonak #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #essentiel #trouversavoie #entreprendreaufeminin #mompreneur #entreprendreautrement #changerdevie #purpose #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

62 4

In episode 10 🇬🇧 of #lessentiel_podcast with @noellacoursaris, I’ve learned how much we, Women, can be incredible, resourceful, generous and strong . As one, we are many. As Noella, we can be everything we want: entrepreneur, founder, leader, influencer, role model, mother, actor of change, powerful, feminist and believer. It’s up to each one of us to decide what our story is going to be, which story we want to write, how many lives we’re going to impact positively and how many smiles we intend to create . An incredible episode that empowers you. To discover on the podcast 👉link in the Bio 🎧! Be prepared to be moved and touched. . _____ Dans cet épisode, je rencontre Noella Coursaris, une femme incroyable qui a réécrit le cours de son histoire avec détermination et courage alors que tout était mal parti. Après avoir perdu son père tragiquement à l’âge de 5 ans et été séparée de sa mère pendant plus de 13 ans, le retour au Congo sa terre natale changera le cours de sa vie. Une leçon de vie et de force que je vous invite à découvrir dans l’épisode 10 de ce podcast. . . #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #essentiel #trouversavoie #entreprendreaufeminin #entreprendreautrement #changerdevie #alignement #yeba #yebaessentials #yebawomen #yebawoman

38 3

Keep on ✨ . My father devoted his entire life to contribute to the economic development of African industries for merely four decades. He is still very active in the field, even long after he retired. Giving back and knowing where you come from was the foundation of the education he gave me. Being generous, open to others and grateful for the chances that were offered to us knowing others did not have the bare minimum for a decent life was somehow integrated into my mind, engraved in my heart . For a long time, I wanted to walk in his footsteps. I have long hesitated but the call to create YEBA, this luxury brand was stronger. The call was screaming my name so loud I forgot about all it… But somehow, once in a while, I find myself questioning the status quo and wondering what I could do concretely to have a positive impact in other’s lives? . In times where the world needs to change, we also need to change something in our lives, in our ways. Listening to @noellacoursaris (✨Episode 10 of #lessentiel_podcast) reminded me how important it was for me to make sure this brand means something to you, and through you, help little girls to go to schools, to get access to health programs and to celebrate local African craftsmanship for example. So thank you so much Noella. Your strength and generosity woke me up in such a positive way. I hope to join my actions to these words in a very near future. . How about you dear friends? Which barriers are you willing to push? . #New challenges #newlife #yebaessenstials #essentials #lessentiel_podcast #podcast #inspiration #giveback #sustainability #noellacoursaris


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