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Preserving traditions by collaborating with artists+artisans and creating contemporary designs for your interiors

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.00%. The average number of likes per post is 101 and the average number of comments is 5.

31.48% of the followers that engaged with yallahabibi_bh regularly are from Bahrain, followed by United States at 8.33% and India at 5.56%. In summary, the top 5 countries of yallahabibi_bh's posts engager are coming from Bahrain, United States, India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

Yallahabibi_bh loves posting about Art, Design.

Check yallahabibi_bh's audience demography. This analytics report shows yallahabibi_bh's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Bahrain 31.48 %
  • United States 8.33 %
  • India 5.56 %
  • United Arab Emirates 3.7 %
  • United Kingdom 3.7 %


100 1

Looking at this previous collaboration, one of my favorite with @sharkawym , so minimalist and balanced. And the colors on my studio sofa are also my favorite color combinations, black, red and white or beige... this color combination always reminds me of the Moroccan Kilim carpets of my childhood, which were an essential part of my first relationship to traditional craftsmanship and artisans. Swipe left to see a beautiful example of a Kilim cushion cover #yallahabibi #sharkawym #bahrain #egypt #morroco #collaboration #artforyourcouch #kilim #craftmanship #traditionalart

173 21

Launching our lastest collaboration with @faikalhassan today, the Orange and the Blue Story. What is the Story these little people tell you? #yallahabibi #faikaalhassan #collaboration #people #story #handmade #artforyourcouch

68 0

I like the symbolic meaning behind this customized wedding gift, a tray and 2 boxes that bear the bride and groom’s names. 2 becoming 1, yet each a unique individual. // By purchasing this original gift, you are also supporting the skilled woodwork artisans of Damascus. The tray is in birch and inlaid mother of pearl, box base is plexiglass // Calligraphy @reemalorrayed // #yallahabibi #kufi #calligraphy #woodwork #syrianartisans #wedding #gift #customized #love

101 7

Beirut still needs our help! To support our dear Lebanese friends, Jehan Saleh and I collaborated on the prints shown here. You can bid any amount over 20 BD by DM, until August 31st. Simply state the reference number of the print you’d like to purchase. The Lino prints and Monoprints & chine-collé are all numbered, signed and printed on Acid-Free paper, 100% cotton, 300g. The highest bidders will be notified on Sept. 1st and will be asked to transfer the amount: either - to “Impact Lebanon”, a disaster relief fund which distributes all proceeds to various NGOs according to their specific needs and projects (link in my bio) @impact.lebanon or - to any other organisation of your choice, as long as it's related to supporting Beirut. Once a screenshot of your donation is sent back to us, we will deliver/ship your unique print to you. A warm thank you to Jehan from @jehansaleh_studio especially, for walking me through my first printmaking steps and for collaborating so kindly with me on this project. She is a wonderful teacher and artist. And thanking you all in advance for your support and generosity!

151 7

New Series by Faika Al Hassan “Coloring of the spots” 1.2.3 // Signed and numbered Limited Edition of 12 per artwork // Dm for size and price // @faikalhassan #yallahabibi #faikaalhassan #collaboration #limitededition #interiors #artforyourcouch

66 2

Wishing those of you who celebrate a blessed and happy Eid ✨📸 by @dilmunicouple #yallahabibi #bahrain #ksa #uae #festive #happy #eid #eidmubarak2020🌙🕌 #staysafe

76 0

Little triangle walnut wood box, inlaid with white mother of pearl. Made by the skilled Syrian artisan of Damascus, this traditional craft dates back several hundred years and has been passed down from generation to generation. //DM for customized orders // 📸 by @mohamadr // #yallahabibi #bahrain #damascus #woodworking #motherofpearl #craftmanship #tradition #artisans

179 23

New multi-talent collaboration! ✨Ali Mashhadi from @amdesigns.bh made this little side table with a special groove which was then inlaid with this Palestinian embroidery sample made by Jamila Baroud in Jesrash camp/Jordan. Multicultural and filled with craftsmanship from different fields and countries, these are the kind of projects that truly represent what Yalla Habibi was created for: sharing my passion for artisans and their beautiful skillful work, in modern, respectful and meaningful ways. #yallahabibi #bahrain #jordan #palestine #woodworking #embroidery #craftmanship #artisans #passion #support #share #collaboration

92 5

After all these years working with Kufi calligraphy and calligrapher @reemalorrayed , I am still in awe of how contemporary the oldest calligraphy of Arabic script looks and feels. Doesn’t it look lovely combined with the playful calligraphy of @karimasart and her Twirling Dervish design? #yallahabibi #bahrain #dubai #ksa #calligraphy #kufi #playful #soclever #modern #artforyourcouch

91 4

To all of you who are celebrating today, may your home be a place of happiness this Eid, and wishing you all the joy that the occasion brings ✨pic @mohamadr #yallahabibi #bahrain #ksa #uae #eid2020 #eidmubarak #festive #joy #homesweethome

58 0

Throwback to the Lace Eid collection ‘18 // Looking at this picture, I realize how much I miss reading @brownbook which was a beautiful publication featuring people and places of the Middle East and North Africa. This specific edition No. 65 is very dear to me as it is all about Bahrain and features friends and wonderful artists like @dilmunicouple (cover pic shown here), @sharkawym , @hasan.hujairi, @camillezakharia and interviews with @halakaiksow , @bahrainidanish and many more. Published in September 2017, it is filled with beautiful images from Bahrain’s diverse neighborhoods and its rich creative community. So grateful to have this collector edition! Will flick trough it in Stories to share glimpses with you #yallahabibi #bahrain #manama #muharraq #adlyia #mybahrain #brownbook #urbanguide #middleeast #nostalgia

82 2

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are celebrating today. You are all kinds of amazing❣️Kufi calligraphy by @reemalorrayed //📸 by @dilmunicouple #yallahabibi #bahrain #dubai #ksa #woodworking #interiors #syrianartisans #craftmanship #happymothersday #yourockmorethanever #yougotthis


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