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75.0% of yahoosg's followers are female and 25.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 27 and the average number of comments is 2.

Yahoosg loves posting about News&Politics.

Check yahoosg's audience demography. This analytics report shows yahoosg's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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75.0 %
25.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 86.78 %
  • Music 72.37 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 59.66 %
  • Art & Design 49.63 %
  • Movies and TV 49.63 %
  • Luxury Goods 45.15 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.51 %
  • Photography 35.79 %
  • Entertainment 31.46 %
  • Pets 31.46 %


8 1

Hermès @hermes launches its latest high jewellery line, Lignes sensibles. The 45-piece collection includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches and rings that invokes both elements of intimacy and sensuality. Dreamed up by Creative Director Pierre Hardy, @pierrehardy who’s been at the maison since 2001, shared that he was “inspired by objects that are used to listen to the body, such as the stethoscope, which allows you to hear sounds and vibrations that are otherwise imperceptible to the ear.” #linkinbio

17 1

East side is undoubtedly a foodie heaven 🤩 Singapore charcoal grill brand, Garang Grill @garanggrill, is reopening in New Ubin Village – joining New Ubin Seafood and UbinEats at its new venue, after nearly a year since its closure. Returning to helm Garang Grill is New Ubin Seafood’s head chef, Cole Soo, who had his start with the group with the charcoal grill brand in 2017. Find out more: #linkinbio @newubin

33 1

Bugis has been nominated the 29th coolest neighbourhood in the world by the annual Time Out index survey for 2020 🎉 In fact, the area around Bugis Street has always been on the edgier side of life. Before WWII, it was the spot for exotic ‘ladies of the night’, and the first home of Singapore’s vibrant trans community. Check out some of the coolest places to visit in Bugis #linkinbio

33 2

The wild deer roaming Nara Park in Japan are one of the unexpected affected parties of COVID-19 pandemic. With the significant decrease in tourists who would feed them senbei (rice crackers), some of these starving deer have been reportedly seen venturing further away from the park, going into shops and towns. Some have also lost weight as a result of the lack of senbei, as well as switching to eating more grass – which is a healthier natural food source for them. #linkinbio

26 1

Make delicious baked lemon cheesecake using vanilla ice cream 🤤 The pandemic spurred the creation of rice cooker recipes. And now, someone has devised a quick and effortless way to make cheesecake. Japanese cook Yuri Yamamoto recently shared her recipe – which called for no conventional oven, egg, cream or any professional equipment – on Twitter. It is literally as simple as mixing all the ingredients together, letting the microwave oven do its job for four minutes, and putting into the toaster oven for a mouth-watering look. Find it here: #linkinbio

62 1

NEW SONG ALERT 🥳 Asian superstar JJ Lin @jjlin will be hosting a global listening party tonight to preview his latest music from his 14th album/double EP “Drifter / Like You Do”. The event will be hosted by Mickey Huang @mickey1972330 and a slew of celebrity guests: Jam Hsiao, Jackson Wang, Harry Chang, Seven Tan, Chen Linong, Roy Wang and many more. Tune in to JJ’s official YouTube page at 10.45pm! #linkinbio @jam_hsiao0330 @harrychang1122 @roy_____wang

31 1

Japan’s life-size moving Gundam has recently confirmed its grand opening date to be on 19 December 2020 🤩 Located at Yamashita Pier in Yokohama, about 30 minutes south of Tokyo, the gigantic robot stands at 18 metres tall. As part of the Gundam Global Challenge project, the attraction will run till 31 March 2022. It was originally scheduled to open this October, but delayed due to the pandemic. #linkinbio

42 1

Recognise this building? 🍃 Eco-warrior David Attenborough @davidattenborough, 94, thrilled Singaporeans last week when he shared a photo of Parkroyal Collection Pickering @parkroyalpickering on his Facebook page, calling it an “urban forest”. 🇸🇬 The Parkroyal Collection Pickering has won numerous award for its unique hotel-in-a-garden concept. The hotel is an architectural marvel, spanning over 15,000 square metres of greenery that blends visually compelling vertical gardens with an awe-inspiring green-blue façade. Read more: #linkinbio

35 2

For the past 25 years, 44-year-old Vikki Jonied has built a steady career as a fitness instructor in Singapore. She specialises in aquatic fitness – aerobic exercises in water – and has actively attended overseas conferences and obtained certifications to improve her chosen field of expertise. But when circuit breaker kicked in earlier this year, Jonied saw her income drop by as much as 60%. The single mother of three young adults admitted that there were moments of intense depression and despair when she looked at her bank account. Yet amid those depths, Jonied’s instinct to rise up and try overcoming her setback kicked in. “Maybe it’s my background as an athlete, but I always believe that there is no point being depressed for too long. You have to get up on your feet and work your way out of a problem,” she said. Read more: #linkinbio

19 1

The world is going through a rough time economically, but contrary to popular belief, people are still shopping. “However, they’re looking to ‘invest’ their money in companies that resonate with them on a deeper level and are in line with their beliefs or values,” said founder and owner of Singapore jewelry brand By Invite Only, Trixie Khong. In addition to having just acquired another local innovative brand @themindfulcompany, Khong also shared that @byinviteonlystore is set to hit its seven-figure revenue target for 2020. Read more: #linkinbio

12 1

Retired birds from Kings of the Skies show will now enjoy the rest of their golden years in a new aviary open to the public. 🤗 The oldest resident at the senior aviary is Rod Stewart (first slide), an Egyptian vulture who is estimated to have hatched in the early 1960s making him close to 60 years old. With an average of 21-year lifespan for this species in the wild, Rod has lived way beyond his life expectancy and is said to remain “spritely for his age and likes to roam about the ground level of the exhibit.” Read more: #linkinbio


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