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restless optimist 🎀 ♐️ ☀️ AZ🌵SD 🌊 things i love...yoga & taking pictures. 📷:
San Diego
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 110 and the average number of comments is 12.

41.67% of the followers that engaged with xoxobritta regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 8.33% and Brazil at 4.17%. In summary, the top 5 countries of xoxobritta's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom.

Xoxobritta loves posting about Photography.

Check xoxobritta's audience demography. This analytics report shows xoxobritta's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 41.67 %
  • Germany 8.33 %
  • Brazil 4.17 %
  • Italy 4.17 %
  • United Kingdom 4.17 %


73 3

⚡️🖤 I had a dream I got everything I wanted 🪐 Not what you'd think And if I'm being honest 💧 It might've been a nightmare... - @billieeilish * * 📸: @anna_captured * * #leicamag #afilmcosmos #photocinematica #longlivefilm

78 6

Escape - to break free from confinement or control (one of Sagittarius’ favorite words)🏹 * This one goes out to anyone who’s struggling. Whether you’re having a rough day, week, or year. For the ones who feel like the pain won’t end... Keep going for YOU. Not your family or friends, but for YOU. * Since we can’t skip chapters in our lives, some days you’re going to feel like you had the life sucked out of you, and other days you’ll feel like you took a long deep breath in. * I hope this photo reminds you to go outside today, regardless of the weather, and take a deep breath IN. 💨 * YOU got this. #namaste

87 22

Walk outside. Lift your heart towards the sky. - BREATHE - Let your pain release from within you. ⚡️ I have spent the last couple months as my shadow-self. -I see pregnant women and mothers every day, at the grocery store, the boardwalk, and of course all over social media. TRIGGERS come from my friends and co-workers with comments such as “oh my god you two will have the CUTEST babies!”, or “when are YOU going to have kids?! you’ll be such a good mom.” None of these people know that their words ignite my trauma, because it’s all innocent commentary. As friends, family, and co-workers we never truly know what goes on in other peoples personal lives. The moments they DONT share on social media or bring up at happy hour. Many women like me have trauma around motherhood - fertility, miscarriage, termination, or the lack of even having a partner to create with. It doesn’t matter which of those situations I’ve experienced, because they all involve pain, suffering, and sadness. I am writing this post to find support. I want to use my platform to connect with other people who understand this silent suffering. I want to feel better so that I can use my experience to help others feel better.🦋 * * 📸: @egermatt * * #strongertogether #womensupportingotherwomen #speakyourtruth #shareyourstory #moksha #freedom

116 16

🌿 Sun shining, trying to take in all the light. no substances inside me, my old escape methods removed. Being outside by a tree, the coolness from the ocean breeze. This is Me. Blooming into who I’m meant to be.🌿 * * 📸: @karleygardner * * #selfreflection #deepthoughts #creativephotography #geminiseason #stayinspired #dreambig #fuelthesoul

91 6

R e f l e c t i o n s. ☀️ Day dreaming about this place, with these people, and this room. This trip made such a positive impact on my life. 🌴 Grateful for the memories (and photos) to reflect on, and all the soulful connections I made. ✨✨✨✨ Could you use a reset retreat? Something to look forward to? Invest in yourself and take the leap! (more info) ⬇️ @antonmackey_yoga @witchgoddessmama @sacredyogajourneys 🌺🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🌊 #yoga #yogaretreat #resetretreat2020 #tulum #mexico

103 18

Here’s a HIIT series Matt & I came up with: 🔥 Each series 30 seconds - 1 minute Repeat 4x 💥 1.Standing crunch Right / Left - knee to opposite elbow, Squat 2.Shuffle steps 3x, Double lunge with twist 3.High Plank - spider crunch Right / Left, 1 plank jack, 1 push up 4.Forearm Plank - 1 hip dip, 1 heel life ⚡️ Let me know what you think! 📬 #partnerworkout #fitcoupleguide #fitcouplegoals #hiit #hiitworkout #cardio #cardioworkout #sweat #workoutinspo #homeworkout #athomeworkout #stayhealthy #stayhappy #sandiego #fitness

177 11

✨How do you find support when everything you know that helps has been put on hold? * Whether it be a yoga studio, the gym, church, an AA meeting, or for those of us in San Diego - the beach. Our support systems have been put on pause. * I moved to San Diego because I loved the idea of living in a beach town, where shoes are optional and I run into people I know simply by just running an errand or taking a yoga class. I understand why things are the way they are right now, and the sacrifices that need to take place for the greater good of humanity...but damn! it’s been a struggle. I miss teaching, I miss interacting with clients & friends, I miss my family back home in Arizona, and I miss being able to go to the beach. * Trying to keep my Sagittarius optimism shining through during these difficult times. I feel very grateful to have my partner & his family, and my dog by my side. * How can we practice the power of the pause, and embrace all that we are? Simple: our breath. * Sending you all good vibes! 🌴😎✌🏻#wegotthis * #yogalover #inspire #strength #balance #letgo #yogajournal #meditation #motivation #breath

82 10

side by side, mat to mat i feel so connected to you, to me, to us. Every day I fall a little bit more in love with you. The way you accept who I am today, and who I was before I met you. Thank You. I love you. Namaste 🙏🏼 * * #yogadiaries #savasana #loveletter #happy

198 17

🌸 Life is so subtle sometimes, that you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed would open. 🌼 * 📸: @yogagirlaz #resetretreat2020

162 15

🌻 “Listen to the sounds of the waves within you.” -Rumi * When we learn to Trust our own inner knowing (intuition), we are able to receive all the Magic that surrounds us. Sometimes that means making a choice without evidence that it will all work out. The TRUST comes from pealing away the layers of your belief systems that could have been created by you, your family / friends, education system, or the environment you grew up in. * For me - movement has always brought me back to Truth. And when I learned to meditate thoughts and emotions I needed to let go of began to surface. With the help of my mentors and loved ones I can now say I am living my life through intuition. Knowing when to say No, when to say Yes. Honoring my needs as they change day to day, and letting go of this idea I should “adapt” to my surroundings instead of be myself. * Free yourself from routine or autopilot mode! Listen to that little voice inside that tells you to ask for a raise / change careers, leave a relationship - romantic, family, or friends, or maybe take control of your diet / health & wellness. Whatever it might be, don’t let the person you were yesterday define who you are today. Trust the process of your life✨ * 📸: @yogagirlaz #resetretreat2020

86 3

Tulum, Mexico 🌴 * Attended my 2nd yoga retreat this past week, hosted by two of my yoga mentors @antonyoga11 and @witchgoddessmama ✨ * What I left with was some relief from the Fear of Karma I have carried with me for years and years. During our closing ceremony, we learned a Hawaiian mantra “ho'oponopono”, which means: I’m sorry Please forgive me I love you Thank you Thank you * Do you place judgements on your past self / behavior or choices you made? I highly recommend repeating this mantra to release those stories that are not True. * And if you haven’t worked with the teachers I mentioned above I strongly encourage you to connect. ✨🌎✨ * #resetretreat2020 #yoga #practice #spiritualawakening #soulwork #selfcare #connection #love #tulummexico

115 10

🐒🌴Sagittarius Season! Friendly reminder to go outside and pLaY 🏹 * side monkey - skandasana (hip opener, hamstring stretch) with padma (lotus) mudra (seal). * The Lotus Mudra opens our heart chakra and is a symbol of purity. Imagine how a lotus flower sits on the surface of a pond, opening to the sun as its roots remain in the muddy bottom, holding it firm and strong. The lotus symbol represents light and beauty emerging from the darkness. * Practicing the lotus mudra helps us stay connected to our roots, our own inner light (magic) and provides us with a sense of steadiness with an open heart. 🔮✨ * 📸: @zoeross * #yogaeverydamnday #yogaflow #yogateacher #prana #lotusmudra #innerlight #shadowwork #thejourneyinward #findyourflow #yogafeature #powerofshe #worldofyoga


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