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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 556 and the average number of comments is 37.

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A postcard from spring past.🌸☀️💐Woke up to another gloomy gray morning. And now it is snowing yet again. So I am closing the curtains, playing Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ on the speaker, fixing myself a rose latte, and shopping for seeds for our vegetable, herb, and flower gardens today.

1,558 135

This look is all about the monochrome blue on the surface. But getting dressed and wearing this out was a real practice in body confidence too. This silhouette (and wide leg pants in general) is a serious departure for me. When it comes to separates, I typically wear a slim leg pant with a tent-shaped tunic top. This is the exact opposite and adds volume and weight to my bottom half. It isn't flattering, but look, dressing to look thinner should not be the objective. And sometimes a girl just wants to try a new trend, you know?! And when certain silhouettes become too familiar (I'm looking at you skater dresses and babydoll tops!), they can start to feel boring. Where trying something new and intimidating can be exciting, liberating, empowering! I do not look like my slimmest, trimmest self here. But I see someone having fun with tonal dressing. And I see someone willing to be seen instead of someone who hides in her clothes. Honestly I'm inspiring myself just looking at these photos because I was scared to wear something revealing and new, AND I DID IT ANYWAY. @eloquii #eloquii #XOQ #kendrascott #katespade #monochromeoutfit

438 19

Journal with me! FIND 3 THINGS TO ENJOY TODAY. Anticipate the good. Be on the lookout for it. Acknowledge it in the moment and hold to that acknowledgement and joy for a few seconds and let yourself FEEL it. Today I will hit my first major milestone on my Peloton. 50 rides! 50 rides feels like persistence, routine, accomplishment. And I am already anticipating the sweat, the release, the pride (and the joy!) I will feel in hitting that milestone. Because to me it represents having established a routine that moves my body and fuels my spirit. Today I will look for light in the little moments. I will leave myself open to be curious and gracious. To NOTICE. To notice what is beautiful, wonderful, familiar, comforting, fresh, and new. Like planning a vacation, there is joy in the anticipation. Vacations are once in awhile. But we have today everyday, and it’s up to each of us to look - to anticipate - the joy to be found. So make a point to look today. And enjoy.💕 *Today’s journal was inspired by my BEAUTIFUL YOU guided journal by Rosie Molinary

543 38

5 beauty looks using my @hudabeauty New Nude Eye Shadow Palette and @maccosmetics lipstick! Breathing Fire (electric fuchsia pink) Politely Pink (frosty sheer shimmer) Ruby Woo (vivid strawberry red) Dubonnet (warm and rich red-brown) Snob (chalky Barbie pink) #hudabeauty #hudabeautynewnude #hudabeautynewnudepalette #maccosmetics #maclipstick #macrubywoo #macbreathingfire #macpolitelypink #macdubonnet #macsnob

396 48

#ad Which Cozy Coat is your favorite? Pink, ivory, or black? All three ponchos and capes are from new-to-me brand @shoplindaanderson. They specialize in one size outerwear and overpieces that are plus size friendly. And ever better than that are their $40-$60 Cozy Coat SETS which come with coordinating hats and gloves. Perfect for serving snow bunny LEWKS during these looooong Michigan winters! #shoplindaanderson #lindaanderson #winterfashion #winterstyle You can learn more about #LindaAnderson

670 55

Tonight’s Mardi Gras festivities: 💜💛💚 cupcakes, looking back at photos from our 2015 trip to New Orleans, and watching The Princess and the Frog for the first time! What are you up to tonight? #mardigras #mardigrascupcakes #duncanhines #belleandbroome

506 24

They're covetable, collectible, and delightful-fanciful-playful! I have hesitated on too many @lele_sadoughi headband drops, only to have my favorite sell out. But not this time! I picked up this Opal October headband from her recent Birthstone Collection drop, and it is some cosmic iridescent magic!! October isn't my birth month, but opal is one of my forever favorite gemstones. Opal is prophetic, uninhibited, original. #lelesadoughi #lelesadoughiheadband #ladiesoflele #leleheadbands

581 45

Dress to express your CREATIVITY, your CONFIDENCE, your JOY! Cultivate your CREATIVITY by experimenting with color, texture, pattern, and shape. Right now I'm all about frosty pastels, accessories that add texture, playful prints, and relaxed silhouettes. Cultivate your CONFIDENCE by wearing the unfamiliar until it becomes familiar. For me it's been a journey to embrace short skirts, sleeveless tops, and my natural curls. Cultivate your JOY by letting your creativity and confidence be your liberation {in fashion, and in all things}. @shopchicsoul #shopchicsoul #chicsoul #guccijackie1961 #guccijackie #kendrascott

886 29

Love is pre-ordering Valentine donuts from @donut_bar. It's cuddling up on the couch and reading through old love letters and cards we wrote to one another. And it's cooking breakfast together and taking it back to bed for breakfast-in-bed. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's special and sweet! @adriannapapell #adriannapapell

893 28

A look back at Valentine's Days past...❤️💕


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