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39.8% of wilhelmtroth's followers are female and 60.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.50%. The average number of likes per post is 2823 and the average number of comments is 20.

37.5% of the followers that engaged with wilhelmtroth regularly are from United States, followed by France at 12.5% and Turkey at 6.25%. In summary, the top 5 countries of wilhelmtroth's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Turkey, Netherlands, Ukraine.

Wilhelmtroth loves posting about Entrepreneur, Business, Speaker.

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39.8 %
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  • United States 37.5 %
  • France 12.5 %
  • Turkey 6.25 %
  • Netherlands 6.25 %
  • Ukraine 6.25 %


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#Life can only take you so far, the rest of the way can only be completed with a great #cigar 🎩💨

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Three things are critical to stay sharp. Your mind, your humor and your mustache.🎩 📷 @alexal.foto

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Life is a lot like jazz... it’s best when in good company and a fine cigar🎩💨

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World reaction to Italian elections simplified with food: 🇪🇺: you wished for aioli pasta, but you got it with chili aioli. 🇺🇸: you ordered a double pepperoni pizza, but got Neapolitan with too much basil. 🇮🇹: you knew what you wanted to order, but went “F**k it give me the entire menu, the bill is on the EU.” #instapolitics #instapundit #europolitics #europundit #politicsdaily #politics

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I know, I know. I got your DMs and messages about #my lack of activities this past two weeks. And as sinful as it is, #I did it for a good purpose. Both with an exciting #new project and something new for you guys as well that I’ll publish very soon. So let’s get back to our tradition on Mondays - #politishouout !🙌 Meet Javier Nart @alde_group and Partido de la Ciudadanía member 🇪🇸 Why the #shoutout ? As #Europe was struck by terrorism the EU parliament didn’t stand idly by. With new legislations the parliament pushed both new security measurements and regulations to protect #EU citizens. Yet, you can’t always stop #radical thought, but you can make sure to cut the finance for jihadists from getting tools of murder to carry their sinister acts. This week Javier will bring the Committee on Foreign Affairs new recommendations to cut the sources of income for Jihadists to the mini-Plenary session in #Brussels . So far the EU has worked together with both the national security agencies here in the continent as well as @interpol_hq and the bank federation to block the movement of money and donations to jihadists. Javier’s newest proposal is touching on a critical part of the financing chain. Most money is not always transferred in large donations, but with small and medium “donations” that amount together to large amounts of money. Javier said: “We adopted a new “microfinance” approach aimed at cutting off transfers of funds to jihadi terrorist groups. A common information platform and coordination centre for intelligence services, checks on anonymous debit cards, registration of hawala and similar practices, and monitoring funds received by cultural and worship centres, are just some of the proposals in this recommendation.” Good work Javier! You and the committee do us all very proud! I hope that these recommendations will be adopted for our security.📷Efe. #instapundit #europundit #europolitics #politics #instapolitics #diplogram

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Whether cold or hot, high or low, always follow your heart!

2,437 30

I know you guys waited for the usual weekly #politishoutout , but today will be a bit different. Over the past few months I’m getting more and more requests from you asking #me to writing more articles about the ever changing state of our political world in Europe. #Like you I’m also working , while keeping our #favourite tradition alive and kicking. As a consultant my duty is to my clients (MPs, MEP’s, candidates and of course parties). But I also have my duty for you guys. And so #I could keep building up the “programming” for you all we need to answer a simple question.... Should we turn the politishoutout into a monthly or bi-monthly tradition and I’ll create more articles about what is happening on our continent and our political and ideological spheres? Or should we continue as we are used to with a weekly politishoutout? You’re welcome to let me know by DMing me, via mail, Snapchat and of here. Your answers will decide the “big question of our age”🙃: politishoutout #weekly or not? #instapolitics #diplogram #europolitics #instapundit

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With the latest “World Economic Forum” behind us and renewed bicker and financial fears about #BREXIT still ahead, I believe that today’s #politishoutout will ease a bit of your anxieties. Meet Brian Mikkelsen Danish Minister for Business Affairs 🇩🇰 Det Konservative Folkeparti Why the #shoutout ? Some of the former “reder” ministers who “handled” our economic affairs believed that the more you #tax the citizens the more income the gov has to give more so called benefits to the public. Unfortunately such protectionism did the opposite, it crashed #Greece , #Spain and even the “good old” #USSR . To ensure our citizen’s prosperity we must make sure that they have more money in their pockets to use it. Either for creating #new business, expand and recruit new workers and yes even to invest in more affordable housing. This is exactly what minister @mikkelsen.brian has pushed for. In the reform, he will save #Danish house owners, as well as new buyers, 28 billion krone till 2025, due to the housing tax agreement with the Danish People's Party, Social Democracy and Radical Left in May of last year. For example the high real estate tax rate is reduced from 3 percent to 1.4 percent and the low #RE tax by over 0.45. Lowering the tax burden doesn’t hurt the gov or the nation, it strengthen them and give more financial liberties to the citizens. #Great work minister Mikkelsen! #instapundit #instapolitics #instadaily #diplogram #denmark #europe #politics

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The question about a federal Europe has mostly been answered - it’s happening! The real question that we must ask ourselves is what kind of a federal rule we would like to have. My answer is: we need to ensure the trust of the citizens in the union and the only way to achieve it is by city/region up and not “super capital” down. #instapundit #instapolitics #instadaily #diplogram #europolitics

3,369 22

As the political balance in #Europe seems to shift like the #winter winds. It is #important to remember that we are viewing a #great correction, rather than breaking of our union. Today's #politishoutout represents that road and the great correction that will bring us a more prosperous union. Meet Christofer Fjellner @insta_epp and @nyamoderaterna member Why the #shoutout ? In my new lecture, “European Rejuvenation”, I talk about the importance of federalisation that starts from the bottom up and not from top to bottom. @cfjellner embodies that demand with policies to make sure that our continent is more custom made by regional demands, rather by monolithic regulations from the EU Parliament. Such policies ensure the ability to better tailor solutions for all Europeans, by focusing on the unique needs of their regions. For example we heard a lot from #UKIP members about the “Northern sea fisheries disaster” due to EU regulations. They were right, adopting successful regulations from Spain and Portugal wasn't effective for British, Dutch and Danish fishermen. Christofer knew that there is a long way to go between realising a mistake by the EU, to demanding its demise. For if we break everything that might just need a fine tuning, we would have still lived in the Stone Age. Christofer's policies would like to harness Europe's potential by making it more “light weight” on regulations, thus turning it to “heavy weight” on both economic prosperity as well as a more stable and stronger union. We need more cool minded politicians, we deserve politicians who put our best first and if you are one of my dear #followers in #Sweden you can rest assured that your voice is heard in the European Parliament. #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europundit #eupolitics #sverige #politics #europeanrejuvenation

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Blijf warm en een goed weekend! 🧤🔥🧣🤗

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With the upcoming #elections in #Niederösterreich it is time to take a stand and give a #big #politishoutout to the candidate that will best represent the region. Meet Johanna Mikl-Leitner @volkspartei 🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? The #best rep a population needs is one that lives the region's issues both as a local and as a politician. @johanna.mikl.leitner has it both with plenty of experience. Right from 1995 as a national director of the #ÖVP #NÖ all the way to Minister of the Interior in 2011. moreover you know she has a “friendly ear” in the gov, as she worked closely with Kanzler @sebastiankurz when he was her state secretary. And so she continued to serve NÖ in 2016 and 2017. So we see her deep commitment to NÖ as a local and a politician that has strong influence in the federal gov. but you might ask: “what have you done for me lately?” well the ÖVP had pushed an extension of the NÖ building law; it gave new apartment allocations for young families to buy or rent affordable housing in the region. Till mid 2017 over 2,500 families enjoyed the new policy and the forecast is even more #positive till the end of this year. Thus securing the population strength of NÖ for years to come. If you are one of #my beloved Austrian #followers in NÖ, I urge you to vote for Johanna Mikl-Leitner in the upcoming elections!! 📸:JML IG #wir018 #instapolitics #instapundit #eupolitics #österreich #🇦🇹 #europundit #diplogram

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Compromise is one of the building blocks of a better union. Yet a compromise that is achieved by being overwhelmingly unfair against one side, will eventually become the ram that brings down the union. #instapundit #instapolitics #brexit #negotiations #diplogram

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New month, new year, new #politishoutout 🙂 I hope everybody had a good start of the #new year! Today we look at one of the most successful new parties in the #Czech Republic as well as in the EU zone. Meet ANO 2011 🇨🇿 Why the #shoutout ? When I write a SO it's mainly due to #my personal engagement with the party, previous knowledge about the party and most important is their political performance. I first noticed the party when it showed that they have the most efficient coordination between their local, national and European reps. For example when they pushed the issue of keeping environmental efficiency with the growth of the economy in the Czech republic, they did the same in the European Parliament. So they do in other fields. This strategy allows the party to show greater success back home, but also make sure that if their initiative is blocked at home, they can show some success of it on the EU level and vice versa. One of their initiatives was the demand to make “digital” and “physical\paper” invoices equal in front of the authorities. Such a reform does not only save our carbon footprint, but it also saves a lot of administrative expenses for companies and individual in the county. Some countries in the EU still haven't made such critical reforms, I can only hope that via @alde_group in the @europeanparliament , ANO Bude Líp could push the same reforms on a European level🇪🇺. One of the core parts on my new “European Rejuvenation” #lecture is about the efficiency of political parties. ANO 2011 is an example for a party that does things right! 📸:Vojtěch Marek #instapolitics #instapundit #eupolitics #diplogram #🇨🇿

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“Those who keep saying that #Europe is a tired continent are right. We are tired of hearing that bullshit and even more tired when it comes from those who have a lot to fix in their own troubled homes.”🇪🇺🔝 #europeanrejuvenation #lecture #instapundit #instapolitics #eupolitics #europerising

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#2018 is here! and just like last year, we open the New Year with our “ #politishoutout leader”. We take a moment to look back and see who influenced us the most during the past year. This time I asked you, who would you vote for? With votes coming by mail, DM's and right here on Instagram, excluding those who already being featured here, our PSO goes toooooo Meet Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission @europeancommission European People's Party @insta_epp 🇱🇺🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? As you remember last year the PSO went to Nigel Farage, the difference between the two couldn't be starker. But just as @nigel_farage led the UK towards the Exit door, Juncker showed the union a new path forward. He understood that #BREXIT is a vote for #EU reformation, not the union's collapse. If the British wanted to leave – good for them. We have the responsibility to fix issues that we face, not run from them. Thus pushing for a better union that works for all of us in the continent. #Juncker led the way! Digital single market, new ECB controls, better energy regulations and long term investments, a new migration doctrine as well as a new look at EU-World trade increases. Those are part of the issues Juncker tackled so far during his term in office. Moreover, he showed that the EU is not broken nor weak in his strong negotiation positions with the UK. Juncker embody the will and determination that we all have in the EU. The road might be hard, but we are tough. #Europe always endures and so we will again. Let the year of reforms and strength begin! Juncker has done great job representing EU interests abroad, while building the EU up from within. With your 🗳 and #my personal belief in his #great work, Juncker is our politishoutout leader of 2017. 📸: JunckerEU #instapolitics #eupolitics #instapundit #diplogram

4,096 16

Oh #2017 , what a year it was. We had so much #good times , with a vibrant new gov in #Austria 🇦🇹, an #inspiring rise of #conservative and #libertarian values in our continent🇪🇺 and of course a path for a fair #Brexit deal. But not all was shiny, we lived through a year of unspeakable evils from radical Islamic terrorists, that never broke us, to regional threats for both the nation states as well as the EU itself, yet we persevered, and yeah we didn't see the same rise in economic strength as we hoped for. Yet the year in my view is the year of the hopeful. A year that showed us the cracks that need to be fixed in 2018. From re-federalisation reforms to immigration and all the way to new solutions for our societal demands. It is my wish that both politicians and the #great women and men of our societies will take this challenges and make 2018, the year of “European rejuvenation” to a better more prosperous future. Happy New Years and may you all have a successful 2018🎊🥂🎊 #instapundit #instapolitics #europeanrejuvenation #diplogram #myyear2017 #europe2017

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We wish you all a merry Christmas and a successful and prosperous New Year🎄🎅🏻. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest and support, together we opened a window into 🇪🇺 politics here on Instagram. With every step , thanks to your support, you lifted me to one of Europe’s biggest insta pundits. I appreciate and extremely thankful to each and every one of you🙏🏻. May we continue to grow and excel in 2018! 🥂 #thankful #blessed #kerst #christmas #instapundit #instapolitics #europeanrejuvenation

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With the ascension of Austria's #new government today, I believe that it is a great opportunity to give a big #politishoutout to someone that is not usually in front of the camera, but her work can fit several overly photographed reps with ease in the amount of work she did for #Austria as well as Europe. Meet Judge Karoline Edtstadler Staatssekretärin im Innenministerium🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? Well if you listen to the protestors outside today proceeding you might hear such moronic rhetoric of the Germanic “N” word up to more “acceptable” political worries about possible future corruption. While the left already proved they can't forecast the future, Austrians can sleep in peace knowing that one of the most moral and capable people is in the gov. From her work as a lawyer and than a judge in #Salzburg regional court as well as on her previous work as a senior prosecutor in the CP office. @karoline_edtstadler shows she is a fighter for civil dignity, moreover she also worked hard at Strasbourg at the European Court of Human Rights. Her passion for preserving and protecting Austrians is beyond reproach. But let us look closer at the claims of “future corruption”, declared by the uninformed and politically extremist left protestors. If there was even a hint to it, the all issue would disappear like “a fart in the wind” when you see that one of the country's top anti-corruption fighter is in the coalition. Karoline worked at the Vienna Public Prosecutor under than Justice Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter and is no stranger to looking at cases with critical eyes. Even as many including yours truly, would rather see her at the justice department, she will hold the critical role of the anti-corruption office within the government. Insuring that Austria is indeed clean of corruption. Karoline is both a great pick, but more than that, she is also an important sign that today's government in Austria is ready to lead the country in a better and more morally right path. 📸 © APA/Roland Schlager #instadaily #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europeanrejuvenation

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It is such a pleasure to reach the end of the weekend with a good #cigar and some G&T. As we also getting closer to the end of the year I would like to open the last #politishoutout to you, my awesome followers , for a vote. Yes, you will help to decide! Who do you think performed best? Which MP\MEP moved us more boldly forward? Whom do you think should get the politishoutout #leader of #2017 ? Please answer here, via mail, FB or DM. You can vote till the 25th. The post will be up on the 31st. #instapundit #europolitics #instapolitics

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Whether you like president @realdonaldtrump or not, the truth of a gravelly needed cut to the extreme regulatory industry in our parliaments is in all of our interests. It is one of our continent’s greatest ills. If the EU wants to continue to prosper in the future, a grand anti red-tape reform is in need. #europeanrejuvenation #liberalisation #realworldeconomics #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #EU #europundit #Repost @gop (@get_repost) ・・・ @realdonaldtrump cut regulatory red tape yesterday. Literally.

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As we watch the flickering waltz of #snow flakes in the sky, we also understand that this dance will end once they reach the ground. Those who are tasked with solving the issues caused by the snow is primarily our road agencies, police, fire departments and yes also our MP's and MEP's, but with policies and securing finance for better roads and services. This week's #politishoutout goes to one that leads those efforts on the European level. Meet Dominique Riquet Union des Démocrates et Indépendants and @alde_group member🇫🇷🇪🇺. Why the #shoutout ? Dominique invested the greater part of his life helping to advance and benefit the people of Valenciennes. For years the area suffered an acute population decline, a problem he fought head on since his election as mayor. With a balanced and calmness he raised the area back to it's feet. The lessons he learned while administrating #Valenciennes , he than took to the European level. As he spear the way with gaining greater and greater funding for a trans-continental reforms for our infrastructure. The plan calls for an #investment of €30 billion over the next seven years to update and improve our transport, energy and telecommunication networks. Such work is already in progress and hopefully the things that connects us on the as Europeans with infrastructure will also better connect us as people. For the waltz of the snow flakes in the sky is not foreign for those who dance the political dance in our parliaments. @dominiqueriquet is showing us how one can elevate our aspirations into reality. @aldeparty #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europeanrejuvenation 📸:Dominique Riquet

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There are a lot of reasons to “open” a cigar, for me today it is all about respect to the leadership of both the @europeancommission and @ukprimeminister . Bravely curving the path for a honorable deal for both sides, while guaranteeing the strong bonds that unite us all today and hopefully even more, again, in the future. #Brexit #cigarpolitics #swag #diplogram #instapolitics #instapundit #europeanrejuvenation #brighterfuture #EU

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As #December is a time for giving, this week's #politishoutout will go to a foundation that spread #good in a corner of the world that experience much turmoil. And in the #holiday spirit I hope that after reading a bit about it you will find the heart to help or #donate to this #important cause. Meet The Toni Garrn Foundation Why the #shoutout ? Seeing a bad situation and not doing anything is easy, seeing a bad situation and leading the way to confront and resolve it is hard. Well one of those who faced up to the important issue of advancing the rights of girls through education is @tonigarrn via her foundation. One spot where they did remarkable work is in Zimbabwe🇿🇼. Where a new dormitory for girl has been built to accommodate young girls who aspire to go to school. But the support goes far beyond that, as more facilities as well as renovations to other areas are taking place by the foundation. This actions allow for a safe learning areas and thus allowing access to critical information both about usual studies such as maths and world affairs. Moreover it also teach about emotional relations and responsibilities of sexual education. Thus cutting in teen pregnancies and further pave the way for women to lead the way both for themselves, but also for the country. Toni Garrn could have continued a very comfortable life as model and an actress, but she decided to do more. A lesson we all should learn. Together with the @planinternational DE&US as well as Toni Garrn Charity, girls in #Zimbabwe have a chance to lead their own lives. This #Christmas I would recommend you to give a different gift. Not a perfume or some gold jewellery, but a gift to make our world a better place by donating to the Toni Garrn Foundation. Thank you Toni for your passion and dedication. 📸 @tonigarrnfoundation #donatingiscaring @europeaid #holidayspirit more info and how to help or donate in first comment👇

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At an end of another successful business trip, now it’s time to head back home🇬🇷🛫🇳🇱

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Today's #politishoutout goes to a parliamentarian that lead the conversation about the reforms needed between the power of Brussels and the member states as well as it's regions within the EU. Meet Joachim Herrmann, MdL Bavaria's Minister of the Interior @christlichsozialeunion 🇩🇪 Why the #shoutout ? A stronger and more unified #union is one that acknowledge that he can handle the “big picture”, while allowing his national and regional members to lead the choices that are better for them (as a custom made solution) and not stifle them in the name of “higher powers”. Our ability to make sure that this union will run smoothly is by making sure that regional powers are strong and able to shape the policies they need to insure a better and more successful future for their citizens. Enacted By a more customised solution from their local elected officials. Joachim is leading the need for such reforms in the #EU by demanding more local powers and by putting Bavaria and it’s home area of Erlangen-Stadt first. From issues of border control, policing and regulations; @joachim.herrmann.csu leads the way. One #important example comes from the EU's wish to create a cross EU force to handle “disaster control units”. The only problem is that Bavaria already has 470k of them and has in the past and willing in the future to use them to help it's neighbouring regions. This local know-how is the key for successful response in times of crisis. After all who is better to respond to local crisis than a local force who knows the terrain and people. As we are going through this age of reforms in the EU, we need more people like minister Joachim Herrmann. Parliamentarians who will help turn the EU from “top to bottom” collective to “bottom way up” federalization. Thank you minister Herrmann for your dutiful work! And to my followers: Go! Follow! And support him! 📸 @oeherbendorf #instapolitics #instapundit #europundit #diplogram #bayern @csu_erlangen #top #politics

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As long as people are involved in shaping their ideals, their countries shell thrive🇪🇺🇬🇷 #Athens #europeanrejuvenation #lecture #instapundit #instapolitics #instagood

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While we are all equal on @twitter , not all twits are equal. Some use the platform to bash their opponents, some to highlight the “important” issue of kittens and dogs being silly., others use twitter and other social media platform to change our continent for the better. Meet Fredrick Federley ALDE group member and @centerpartiet 🇸🇪🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? I could say that it's because of twitter, but it wouldn't do justice to the great work @federley is doing in Brussels as well as his important work back in Sweden. I remember his dutiful work back when he was still in the Riksdag at the Committee on European Union Affairs. Even back than he took great care of representing Swedish interests in Europe, as well as making sure #Europe is fully invested and well represented in the country. When he entered as an MEP for @alde_group , I knew great things will happen. His advocacy on the important of forestry and the growth of our “green lungs” cannot be understated. Moreover he knows how to combine it well with the IRE committee where he always look how to reform EU's industrial might. But yes twitter, Instagram and YouTube are important tools. We convey our ideals, our values as well as showing the world a glimpse into our personal life. Yet Fredrick is using it for so much more. As he spends a lot of his time between #Sweden and #Belgium he understood how important it is to be in constant touch with his constituency. If you go on his twitter account he answers most of the comments as well as talking on PM with his #followers and constituency. This is the way to go for MPs and MEPs. The power of social media can be forged for good, the first steps are to engage and thus bringing your supporters to fully understand the #important work you are doing. #politishoutout #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europundit

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“One cannot think well, #love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 😋🤩😋 #gyros #gyroslove #greekfood #instagood #foodie

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Today's #politishoutout comes to you from, still, sunny #Athens . Some have said that Greek #politics is one of the #great ills of Europe, but this week's politician is probably one of it's cures. Meet Anna-Michel Assimakopoulou Νέα Δημοκρατία 🇬🇷 Why the #shoutout ? Responsibility. Many great Europeans move for work opportunities abroad, they gain skills and abilities that can help shape a better future for the people back at home. But the #new comfortable life are a big reason to stay rather than go back and get into the political swamp. @anna_michelle_nd was not one of them, she took responsibility to use her skills as a lawyer in the US to help lift #Greece back to a better country for her people. Regional Development, Information and Communication Technologies and European Programs at the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation, right to her inspiring work at the Municipal Councillor of Ioannina and now at the #Greek parliament. Anna is a leader the Greeks need. Now she is taking the responsibility to further the digital reformation in Europe to the country; creating new jobs, bringing Greece to the leading spot in European digital markets and helping to lift the Greek economy forward. Anna still have a lot of good to give both Greece and Europe at large, moreover she takes her personal responsibility to make this continent better for all of us. My hope is that we will continue to see her rise in Greek and European politics, so we could shape this continent for a bright new future. #instapundit #europeanrejuvenation #instapolitics #diplogram #europundit @new_democracy_greece

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Where temptation meets quality, royalty happens👑 @rockypatelcigar #topcigars #cigarlife #swag #best

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#Politics is just like a solar system. We have parties as planets that go in cycles around the sun (the people) and among them we have other heavenly bodies in the form of civil society. Some are destructive, but most are crucial for a healthy political sphere in our society. One of them is a leading force for good in our continent. Meet the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies 🇪🇺 The official think tank of the @eppgroup Why the #shoutout ? The Martens Centre is a leading voice in Europe, as a pan-European platform with member foundations, think tanks and experts from all over Europe that share the same values and those of their political family. It is no wonder, they gained their reputation due to the leading role in in-depth research and it's ability to translate itself into policy very quickly and effectively. I know that for me, as someone who's working now on propositions for federal reforms in the EU, I take a lot of inspiration by work and discussions that come out of the @martenscentre . One such discussion is happening tomorrow in Brussels, as the Martens Centre is hosting the “Economic Ideas Forum”. Talking about globalisation, welfare, investment, digital single market and how to build the strongest economy of the future. If you want to influence the future of Europe you can start by following and joining the Martens Centre events and initiatives. I know that as I look at the federal state of the continent in the future as well as how to restrengthen Europe, the Martens Centre is one force that inspires me, and I know would aspire you as well! #politishoutout #instapolitics #europundit #europeanrejuvenation #instapundit

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#Politics is not judged by one moment, but by the length of a politician’s journey. As I reach a new benchmark here this is the #best opportunity for me to thank you all for #following , #supporting ,taking this fascinating journey and lifting me to one of the biggest pundit voices on instagram in #Europe 🇪🇺🙏🏻. I would like to thank you all, my 80k #followers 😊🙏🏻☺️. I hope we could continue to grow as we take the long interesting journey in European politics. #instapundit #theoriginalinstapundit #instapolitics #europundit #europeanrejuvenation #diplogram #politishoutout

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#Monday is here again, but don't be blue, I have a #great #politishoutout for you! Meet Franc Bogovič Slovenska ljudska stranka and EPP member 🇸🇮🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? Do you eat food? I would guess yes, and what about drinking water? I would guess the answer is yes on this one as well. But how many times are you actually thinking about the farmers, the workers and the entire “food chain” that brings us the food from the fields and water from the streams right to our tables. Well luckily enough there are great MEP's that do it for us. One such #MEP is Franc. He used to be Slovenia's minister of agriculture, where he worked tirelessly to ensure the quality of the food and water the Slovenians consume as well as making sure that farmers and industry workers are doing better in our modern society. This great experience and expertise didn't stay in #Slovenia alone. Franc decided to push and make a change on a European level when he ran for office as a MEP. Luckily for us he succeeded and now he is ensuring both the safety and quality of our foods as well as making the market more competitive and with better yields and earnings for the farmers that keep us all with greater food security. Franc is a model for all people of experience to step up! Stand for their home country! And Lead for Europe at large! Thank you Franc for your great work! #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #europundit #originalinstapundit

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Austria celebrate the country’s National Day🇦🇹🎉, the Netherlands fiiiiiinally have a government🇳🇱💪🏻 and Halloween is just around the corner🎃. I really can’t think of a better way to give a big cheers to all, than a good @camachocigars 😎✊🏻 #instapundit #instapolitics #instagood #europeanrejuvenation 🇪🇺 #europundit #diplogram #instadaily

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After weeks of Austrian politics, I believe that we could take a bit of a respite while the #ÖVP is leading the coalition talks in responsible and a savvy manner. So what better way to energise this week than with a politician who's middle name should be “energy”. Meet Morten Helveg Petersen Radikale Venstre and ALDE member🇩🇰🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? Now I know that your first thought is “he's Danish and his last name is not Rasmussen?”, well as far-fetched as it might seem there are two or three Danes who are not “a Rasmussen”. Maybe this is why he might be called “the quiet success”, as he is one of Europe's key figures in revolutionising the energy policies for the benefit of all Europeans. As the continent is transitioning from traditional forms of energy to new or more efficient “old” ones it is critical to always think of the lone energy worker as much as the individual citizens. @mortenhelveg has been pushing transitional reforms aiming to put #Europe as a #leader in efficient energy production, all while ensuring the rights and futures of Europe's energy workers. As he said “I want the agency (CER) to be able to provide a proportionate and effective regulatory framework, that promotes competition and avoids over-regulation and overly-prescriptive measures which could stifle markets and overwhelm consumers.” A more free and united Europe is one that have a better energy market, less regulation and more care about the workers and companies that keep us all with lights and warmth is the way to go. Morten is at the cutting edge of the energy policy #revolution is the continent, and with his action we will all benefit. #politishoutout #instapolitics #diplogram #politicsdaily #danskpolitik #denmark

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Nothing like a #great #cigar to highlight the #weekend 🎊 #cigaraficionado #cigarlife #cigarpolitics #cigarart #instagood #euswag #swag #top @camachocigars #best

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As we sit and wait for the coalition negotiations to end, allow me to give an advice. If the ÖVP wants to enjoy even greater levels of #victory and support, it cannot go back into a red/black coalition. If they do by next elections they would hope to reach 25%. Sure it will be the easiest option, but it will cost the #ÖVP in the long run and even the short run (in the European election as a first clue). The Austrian public had overwhelmingly voted for a more #conservative approach for governance. With the FPÖ’s continued “voter snatching” from the ÖVP. There are many reasons for that, from coalition work, ÖVP reorganisation as well as their ability to capture popular demand for even more conservative action than the conservatives themselves. But they have an Achilles heel , they talk big, yet they never showed it up with actions. More than that they would finally have to “grow up” as they try to hold their portion of the helm of governance. A lack of their ability to show actual victories could burst the popular right’s bubble in Austria for years to come. And even if they prove they are up for the challenge it is easier for the ÖVP to gain much of that credit for themselves as the majority driving force in the coalition. Or as the saying goes “a win win situation”. Yes, let them have the interior ministry or expand a new government office for immigration and let them have that, more chances for them to fail and more political pickings for the ÖVP. Allow me to suggest a black/blue government. Not only as a fulfilment of the wish of the Austrian voter, but as a political tool for the ÖVP to secure their position for years to come and allow #Austria to take a brave new conservative step forward. 🇦🇹🇪🇺 #instapundit #europundit #instapolitics #diplogram #EsistZeit

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This week's #politishoutout is both a celebration of a #great party who is on the rise again as well as for a great #new politician in Austria's political sphere. Meet Stefan Schnöll ÖVP 🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? Yesterday was a bench mark in #Europe. The centre-right parties can regain their strength and with our ideals can help Europeans reshape the future of the continent for the better. One of te people that truly manifest that vision is Stefan. @schnoellstefan started his political journey in the @jungeoevp and with firm strength in the party's ideals and the ability to also work hard on it, he grew to be their secretary general. Growing within the party he connected it with the wishes of the people of #Salzburg and in Europe at large. With determination and impressive action he was also elected as the president of the Young European People's Party ( @youthepp ). He proved himself in the JVP as well as in YEPP, catapulting it to a force to be reckon with in local, national and European fronts. Every time gaining more and more critical ground for the @oevp_bund . Little victories that mounted to help during the past national elections and thus also bringing him to a new role as a representative in the Austrian parliament. Congratulations Stefan! Congratulations ÖVP! Congratulations Austria! #instapundit #europundit #europeanrejuvenation #instapolitics #diplogram #nrw2017

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This is not a simple #regram this is a call for action! To my , now, over 9k Austrian followers go and vote! And when you look for the party that will better lead Austria for a brighter future vote ÖVP! They are my choice! Make it your own as well❎ÖVP #Repost @wilhelmtroth (@get_repost) ・・・ This week’s #politishoutout will be a little unique. We won’t talk all that much about the work that the politician did, but the hope, dreams and work that he is generating in the people of his country and Europe in the future. Meet Sebastian Kurz Foreign minister of Austria 🇦🇹 and newly appointed leader of the Österreichische Volkspartei From leader of the @jungeoevp though his work at Vienna’s city council right down to His work as Austria’s @mfa_austria . Sebastian Kurz showed that it’s not the age that is relevant in politics, but the sharpness of one’s intelligence, hard work and the hopes and dreams you inspire in your party. I can already see my ÖVP friends telling me that I should write more, and I can. But I would rather talk about your future. It’s no secret that the People’s Party has been losing ground for some years now. The left is attacking on one side while welcoming the party into the coalition and the popular right is attacking from the other side, calling the party a “collaborator” with the wrongs that the left has brought to the country. Being a political punching bag can’t work for long in the political world. And a former ruling party is a shadow of what she should be. Here enters our proteaginous. He will not be bound by the current situation. He wants to stand up and fight for his party, for his colleges for his country. When I’m imbedded into a campaign to see how we can put him back on tracks one of the first things that I check is the level of energy of the people in it. With every friend of mine in the ÖVP that I had the chance to talk about it so far had such high hopes that one can understand that this party is ready to re-lead it’s way into Austria’s main stage again. @sebastiankurz is not my usual politichoutout, but maybe just like him,it’s important to look at past achievements🔛FOR MORE CONTINUE READING ON THE POST ITSELF ON MY TIMELINE

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Ich bin dabei! #esistzeit #teamkurz #kurz4kanzler #kurz2017 #wahlkampf #österreich #instapolitics #instapundit #diplogram

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☀️👫☀️#tbt #throwbackthursdays #cigarcouples #love #travel #instagood #photooftheday

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With elections in #Austria just five days ahead I would like to give a #big #politishoutout to one man that ignite support and inspiration in the city, beloved by the Danube, Vienna. Meet Gernot Blümel ÖVP🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? #Energetic, #creative and driven are basics for a #successful politician, Gernot excel at all of them. His energetic spirit had pushed the @oevp_bund team in Vienna to new levels of activity. His creative ideas for campaigning and media relations are putting the party's effort on the map. But more than all of these, the drive that he pour into the spirits of his team is allowing for a possible surge for #teamkurz in #great old ,and hopefully renewed, imperial city. But beyond the campaign there is a vision, one that I share with Gernot. The need to finally get the Lobau tunnel passed the maze of bureaucracy and “green” adjudicators. Unlike the “greens” claims the LT will actually contribute to a drop in pollution within and around the city. Moreover it will guarantee jobs for years to come and give the city a much necessary economic bust. Which leads me to why @gernot_bluemel is such an inspiration. While many political figures in the city find the ways to spend more and more of the tax payers money, Gernot want more accountability by the municipality towards the tax payers. He stand for reforms to allow for a more dynamic, energetic and responsible governance in the city. This is what the people need, want and with a man like Gernot and the great team of the ÖVP in #Vienna and also in parliament I know that great things will grow again the this amazing city. #instapundit #instapolitics #europundit #ichbindabei #esistzeit #NRW2017 #esblümelt #ZeitfürNeues

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#Austria find itself back in the centre of European importance. From tackling the continent’s immigration crisis to the issues of national rights within a federalising #Europe . Ahead of the upcoming elections it’s #important to ask who can lead the country through this tunnel of challenges and grab this unique opportunity for Austria? Will it be the same party that failed for decades like the #SPÖ or will voters go with the voices that they might agree with but have no actually solutions in reality. Austria needs someone that holds the truths that you know with the solutions you need. At the end of this tunnel of “Immer Krisis” there are the #ÖVP and they ready for the challenge💪🇦🇹. #instapundit #instapolitics #europundit #ichbindabei #EsistZeit #kurz2017 #öwahl2017 #nwr2017 #teamkurz

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With the elections in #Austria just around the corner I feel that it is time to show my loyalty colours and give this month's party/org #politishoutout to the party I hope, my close to 9k Austrian #followers , will vote on the 15th. Meet Die neue Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) 🇦🇹 Why the #shoutout ? Not long ago the party found herself in kind of a rock bottom. The rate of voters declined by far since the old ruling days and the great exercise to turn the party to the “Mitte” didn't really work as it should have. Worse, it actually strengthened other parties in the political spectrum who jumped to be more #conservative than the conservatives themselves. Into the fray comes a new team of people that understand that if this party wants to rule and shape the future of Austria for the better they must take a stand and promise a new road. They raised Sebastian Kurz to the leadership and things started to really get going. Kurz stood for Austria's borders and people's safety during the migrant crisis. He and his new team show the way with actual solutions and not some void words. #Like a new complete reform for Austria's security and integration authorities as well as a demand to act on it on the #EU level too. Moreover, If you think that the overall is just for the borders. The answer is no! On the home front, innovation for the education system as well as lowering public expenditure and oversized bureaucracy so the students of today could become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow is a critical reform. The #ÖVP has the true promise for Austrian prosperity and with a team of people like @ellikoestinger , @gernot_bluemel , @deinabgeordneter under @sebastiankurz leadership with so many other #great people the future of Austria is assured. #ichbindabei #teamkurz #esistzeit #kurz2017 #instapolitics #instapundit #europundit

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Having the #best start of the day on my way to #awesome #denhaag . If you also #love using the #interrail system let me know where are you headed today?🚆🇳🇱🇪🇺 #DiscoverEU #travel #workworkworkworkworkwork #instapundit #eupolitics #coffee en #stroopwafel

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With the #btw2017 over, I think that it will be proper to give a #politishoutout to one member that shows how a victory for the CDU/CSU is a win for the people of Germany. Meet Andreas Lenz Christian Social Union ( @christlichsozialeunion )🇩🇪 Why the #shoutout ? Some of you made remarks in the past that sometimes I give politishououts to members who haven't been in the parliament for too long. Well first of all a political career doesn't start once you enter parliament, but when you gather your will and beliefs and act on it for the benefit of your people. @andreas.lenz.bundestag ,for example, started way back in 1997 at the @junge_union . He grew into the JUCC , went on to be a member of the district council of #Ebersberg and of course entered parliament after winning against the @spdde opponent in 2013 (or as the media will say he won yet lost but still won or lose? Who can understand them anyhow, maybe this is why Merkel stopped smiling at reporters). What Andreas did is win for his constituency in the #Bundestag . He stood fast for their interests at the Economic Affairs and Energy with the EEG. Reorganization of this topic is of crucial importance for an industrial powerhouse such as #Germany and also of great importance for the continued prosperity of Ebersberg. Moreover he led as chairman of the PBNE as well as taking a substitute member role at the Education, Research and Technology Assessment and the Financial Committee. With his background in the financial world and his firm beliefs in keeping Germany ahead of the curve in education and technology, I have no doubt that what some might say is a short time in parliament, I see as remarkable achievements in a short time for any person, especially in politics. My hope that in this “new Bundestag” we will see Andreas reach new heights, not for his good alone, but for the benefit of his constituency and of Germany at large. #instapundit #instapolitics #europundit #deutschland #diplogram

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Many of you commented and DM me asking for my choice in the upcoming #bundestagswahl2017 . Well my short answer is: it's complicated. Europe doesn't "enjoy" a two party system, here we allow all voices to curve their own path under their own leadership. But we do have "grand alliances". True, sometimes they fail or they might change with a crispier political wind, but we live in a coalition continent. My choice is for a more libertarian conservative leadership. One that understands the value of Germany's culture and unique identity, while enriching the country with free markets economics. I'm a realpolitik kind of a guy and unfortunately I know the @spdbt will be in any coalition. But let us make them a smaller partner by giving more strength to true liberals like the @fdp . Let us give more power to the @cdu and @christlichsozialeunion so the leadership will be conservative and strong. And may we have a loud conservative voice from outside the coalition with the @afd.bund , so the @cducsubt will remember that they have to stick to principles if they don't want to lose in the long run. #Germany deserves a great leadership and a stabilising government that will truly capture the vision Germans want and deserve to see become a reality. To my close to 24k German #followers , you have the opportunity to shape your country with the vision you want and care about. Let it be a more conservative/libertarian one. #instapundit #europundit #instapolitics #diplogram #teammerkel #btw2017 #deutschland

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Do MEPs care about their regions? Or they only care about the “big #European picture”? This is a question I've been asked a lot. Well the short answer is “it's all about the individual politician”, but most of those I met, worked and befriended the answer is always “our region comes first”. This week's #politishoutout is no different. Meet Ramon Tremosa Partit Demòcrata Europeu i Català Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Why the #shoutout ? I first noticed Ramon during the 2013 annual report on competition policy at the EMA committee. There he elaborated about the fight against anti-competitive practices as well as SMEs debts in the eurozone. Ramon's free market approach was refreshing and necessary to rejuvenate the continent. but as I mentioned earlier, those actions are not just for Europe, but also for his own region. One of his #great works, where he envisioned his contribution to his people, was on the #Catalan funding mechanism. In this he describes the Economic growth and fiscal flows of the region. More than just describing he took action. After the Pyrenees rail was cut from the #Euro axis rail system due to maintenance issues, he knew he had to take the lead for #Catalonia . His flagship regulation initiative,“Mediterranean corridor”, put Catalonia back on the European rail system and highlighted the importance of the region in the inner European trade system. Ramon is one of those MEPs Europe truly needs- a professional parliamentarian, a proud Catalan and a true believer in the European project. #instapundit #instapolitics #instadaily #euronews #europundit #diplogram #politics

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#Junker have finished and the carnival begins again. The popular right is puffing clouds of #euroscepticism in the crisp #Brussels air. The progressives are digging their heads in the debt dirt. All while the conservatives and liberals are enjoying the show. Well let's put some things in order. Federalisation of Europe is inevitable, more than that, we already have it. The popular right know it well, even the #FPÖ admitted it's necessary. So those "shouting clouds" are but a fart in the political wind. Same goes to those who laugh at conservatives who raise issues with state rights, migration and economic stability of the EU zone. Those issues are the corner stone of a healthy and united Europe. #junkers made a good speech, a visionary speech, now let's put the dark clouds aside and lift our heads out of the dirt and start making a better union for us all. #instapundit #diplogram #europundit #europeanrejuvenation #instapolitics #eii2017 #unitedeurope🇪🇺 #stayedinBrussels #instadaily #sotueu

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This week's #politishoutout is now in the middle of the campaign to lift #Norway to new heights. Meet PM @erna_solberg @hoyre 🇳🇴 Why the #shoutout ? Well every PM or MP\MEP that is called “the Star” and regarded as made of iron is more than deserving a shoutout. She took the office of PM at a time where natural oil and gas prices were at an unprecedented low mark due to 🇺🇸⚡️🇷🇺 tensions after the annexation of the #Crimea . Norway, a country who's economy is tied to natural resources has felt the very brunt of it. But “Erna the star” didn't shiver, she stood firm. She brought new reforms to Norway's oversized government expenses, called for opening the country's borders to new technologies and companies while standing firm on the crisis of illegal immigration. Yes, while most leaders think about handling one issue during their term, “Iron Erna” knew she needed to achieve as much for her people before the opposition will gain another disastrous term. And so they will, they said so during the campaign itself. Norwegians must decide today between an economic successful Norway under the critical free reforms Erna is pushing, or they want to linger in a dream that never was as the big government addicts in the red opposition. It is a no brainer! To my close to a thousand Norwegian #followers , if you didn't vote so far GO! Yes NOW! Stop reading and just go and vote! And when you're there make sure that you support #Høyre and keep a stable and capable GOV in place. #instapundit #eupundit #instapolitics #diplogram #teamhøyre #norwegianelection #2017

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The only way to close a long busy day 💁🏼‍♂️ #swag #top #cigarlife #cigar #instapolitics #diplogram #politicalcigars

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With parliamentery elections in #Norway in two weeks time and as it's also this time of the month to give a party a shoutout; I believe that it's the best timing to stand and give a #politishoutout to a party that doesn't just talk the political talk, but walk the walk and achieve the most for the Norwegian people. Meet #Høyre 🇳🇴 Why the #shoutout ? If you want to keep your body in good shape, you must exorcise. Same goes for a society, but to keep the country both stable and in good shape #unemployment must be tackled with determination. The Norwegian #Conservative party is doing just that. They understand that the blessing of natural resources will not last forever, if Norway to stay strong economically and socially it's time to diversify the job opportunities. How do they do that? They have been one of the leading voices for bringing cutting edge technologies and digitalization to the country. Thus creating a new sector that will provide jobs that will not only be there while they install the upgrades, but also long term jobs that will support those technologies. Moreover they are looking to reshape the country from a high tax (anti-business and entrepreneurship) country to a reasonable modern economy. They are pushing the “avskaffe den særnorske formueskatten” or “the abolition of the special-purpose wealth tax”. This action will increase investment interest in the country, while making it easier to build your own business in the country for every day Norwegian. Which leads to one of the most critical points for any European economy: youth employment. If this continent is to continue to prosper we must make sure that unemployment numbers among the youth are low and the job prospect is both high and gives better earnings. Høyre's actions on the educational field are already showing, this is also true on the economic field as we have seen now. Norway doesn't need a government that will only feed itself like the socialists wish, but a government that works for the people and the better future of Norway. On the 11th vote for Høyre! Not just to get them to win, but to secure your own victory in the future. #instapolitics #diplogram #instapundit

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Sunny Sunday ☀️☺️ #weekend #sunkissed #best #love #instagood

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I can already smell the weekend 🙌🏻☀️🌴 #photooftheday #cigar #cigarlife #cigaraficionado #donpepingarcia @amstelhaven

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With the end of #summer just around the corner I'd love to keep a ray of #inspirational sunshine with this week's #politishoutout . Meet Teresa Jiménez-Becerril Barrio @partidopopular 🇪🇸 @insta_epp 🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? I first noticed the work of Teresa about two years ago, she was the rapporteur Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality as she gave an important advice to the Committee on Development about the #Ebola Crisis, how to handle it and how to prevent it's recurrence. Her care about this continent is part of her key actions throughout the years that said : if we want a better #world #Europe must lead the way in solving problem around it 🌎 . Being a light in a world that still have too many dark spots on it. It didn't stop there. From #Venezuela right down to the Congo, @teresajbecerril is a leading voice for the humanitarian open and helping arm of the EU. #Today she stood in front of the Committee on Development with a fresh draft report addressing shrinking civil society space in developing countries. An issue that should be a concern for all Europeans. As civil society can be a major force for good, just as it has the potential to be corrupt and evil if neglected. Europe's ability to address this issue can pave the road for healthy civil society and thus for a more stable, secure and free world. For when we refuse to act we allow the darkness in, when we stand united with fellow free people we can shine brighter than any sun☀️. When you look how we can shape this world to be a better place, look no further than MEP Jiménez-Becerril Barrio. #instapundit #eupolitics #eupundit #diplogram #españa #instapolitics

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When you get those #viking vibes, but you know you'll only use it in the garden 😝🌲 #greenfingers #vikingrage #instagood

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As parliamentarians throughout the continent return to work from #summer break, there is no better way to start the week than with a #politishoutout . Meet Michael Theurer Freie Demokratische Partei ( @fdp )🇩🇪 and Part of ALDE ( @aldeparty ) in the @europeanparliament 🇪🇺 Why the #shoutout ? Well if you are a small or medium size business, especially from BW, you either know him or must know him now. Michael co-led the #TAXE2 special committee in the European Parliament. Their hard work to revolutionise the tax code within the continent will give more power to small businesses within the #EU . TAXE2 is but only a part of his work to build a better legal framework for the CMU within the EU, so with a fairer tax competition we could #empower small and medium businesses in Europe to succeed, thus helping millions in the continent. Moreover his work has also helped multinational corporations within the EU to streamline their taxes to the authorities. Instead of reporting in each individual country within the EU zone, they could report to one of them and the rest will be updated as well. Thus putting away a very costly process for those companies and allowing them to than lower their prices to benefit us the consumers. With CCCTB, Companies like Lufthansa and Bosch are but some who can now better deal with the tax authorities and also give us a better service in a lower price. Michael understand something critical that we all need to get by now – economy is a tree's root system. If one part is failing it will hurt the entire tree in one way or another, relaxing and bettering it will help the entire European tree 🇪🇺🌲 🙌🏻 Europe needs more parliamentarians like @michael_theurer . MEPs and MPs who bring their professional experiences to better our society. Thus giving true value to their job title – public servant. #europundit #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #eupolitics #politics #top #instadaily #badenwurttemberg #deutschland

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#Utrecht you've been awesome!🙌🏻🔝🙌🏻 #lovethiscity #eupundit #instapundit #europeanrejuvenation #Europe 🇪🇺 #netherlands 🇳🇱 #top

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No one can beat Spain; not because of some geographic advantage, but because of the Spaniards spirit! 🙏🏻🇪🇸🇪🇺🇪🇸🙏🏻 #terrorismwillneverwin #españa #westandtogether #Repost @partidopopular (@get_repost) ・・・ Mostramos nuestra confianza en que actos de terror como el de esta tarde, y que lamentablemente ya hemos vivido en nuestro país y fuera de nuestras fronteras, no debilitarán la fortaleza de nuestro Estado de Derecho. Mostramos nuestro apoyo, solidaridad y cariño a las víctimas, a sus familias y a todas aquellas personas que han vivido este atentado en la Ciudad Condal. Ellas han sido, son y serán siempre nuestra prioridad. Desde la consternación y el dolor, pero también desde la firmeza, queremos destacar la unidad del pueblo español en la defensa de las libertades y la democracia. Sólo permaneciendo juntos es posible combatir a los terroristas y sus actos de barbarie. Asimismo, destacamos la importancia de la unidad de las fuerzas políticas, las instituciones y las organizaciones sociales para luchar contra estos actos violentos que buscan acabar con nuestros valores fundamentales: el respeto a la vida y a la libertad. Por último, mostramos nuestra confianza y apoyo a la labor de las Fuerzas y Cuerpos de Seguridad del Estado, de los Mossos d'Esquadra y la Guardia Urbana así como nuestro agradecimiento a los servicios sanitarios y civiles que están atendiendo a las víctimas. La prioridad es atender a los afectados, detener a los asesinos y recuperar la normalidad. Los españoles venceremos al terrorismo #todosconbarcelona #instapundit #instapolitics #diplogram #eupundit


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