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simple, classic design, tending too many plants, fixing up a teardown #whbs1910house, raising 7 kids, working on my patience
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81.9% of whitehouseblackshutters's followers are female and 18.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 528 and the average number of comments is 34.

Whitehouseblackshutters loves posting about Decoration, Design.

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81.9 %
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  • Children & Family 89.31 %
  • Art & Design 77.28 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 64.70 %
  • Home & Garden 51.04 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 49.35 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 44.99 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 44.75 %
  • Entertainment 40.73 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.76 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.56 %
  • Pets 31.56 %
  • Business & Careers 30.54 %


464 20

The week when the leaves outside turn our bedroom a lovely, ✨glowing ✨golden hue is my favorite. I almost didn’t post this for self-conscious, still-looking-postpartum-14-months-later reasons. And yet? This is me, this is us, this is this beautiful moment in time. So different than years past, yes, but in good ways. Instead of a quiet house, kids all home. My baby is more like a toddler but still nursing often (14 months today - our world record!). Doug’s working from home rather than late hours in an office. The laundry, it’s still afoot and waiting to be put away before all the leaves fall. This year has been much different than the last, yet many things are the same. 💛 Glad to see you again, my fleeting, golden friends. #1910housegoldenleaves

193 5

Spooky pilea. 👻

390 26

When I look back on old pictures, it feels like a “spot the differences” game. 😂 Same door, new paint and stain.⁣ Same mirror, but a new (antique) light above it.⁣ Same stairs, except refinished and missing the green runner.⁣ Same room, but now you can see it! We took out walls to open everything up.⁣ ⁣ Everything else is different: radiators vs none, empty house vs full of life and kid mess, even the 2 year old pictured is different, lol. What else can you spot? #beforeandafter #whbs1910house

326 10

The jungle... errr, laundry room, is shaping up quite well. 🌿🌱🍃 Baby boy is helping out, he likes to reorganize... 😂 Yesterday in stories we talked rugs. We have two secondhand cotton rag rugs, but I’m looking for something longer in anticipation for muddy fall shoes and wet winter boots. Do you have a laundry room rug you love or an easy-to-clean rug you recommend? Pros, cons? I’ve heard mixed reviews about a certain washable brand, but also lots of love for them! 🤷🏽‍♀️

479 37

Update from the painted stairway trim poll, and a before and after angle I don’t think I’ve ever shown. Also noteworthy! This is the last picture before we say goodbye to the old purple walls. 🎉🎉🎉 This is how all the trim and stairs will stay, a mix of light wood, original dark wood, and white to brighten. Most of you didn’t pick painting both diagonal trims, and most of you didn’t want us to paint it at all! (Please don’t throw rocks - there was lots of overspray.) I do wish we left one dark to tie into the stair treads, and yet... it really brightens the space. Sometimes with DIY you have to go for it and accept it’s not going to be perfect. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Hey, at least it’s an improvement from where we started with the green runner, walled off foyer, and massive scrap wood closet? And check out that thrifted vintage chandelier... 🥳 #whbs1910house

818 25

First day of school AND first day of homeschool (posting a day late). Lots of changes since last year! I would have never guessed we’d be homeschooling this time last year. I’ve joked to many of you that we were likely homeschoolers, that the idea has always been on my heart. We’ve loved our Catholic school(s), and I saw no need to change what we had going. Enter 2020. 🙃 None of the options for any of us were easy. In-person school with changes, distance learning, throwing yourself into homeschooling for the first time, or continuing homeschooling with way less outings and groups than I’m sure are normal. It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s okay to have good and bad moments. It’s okay to say no if something isn’t working. It’s okay to jump into change, even if it’s scary. God entrusted this child to you, and no matter what happens, things will work out. You are best parent for your children. I’ll be praying for your family this year, no matter what school looks like this year! ❤️

320 13

Nicest surprise of 2020? Finding a forest preserve walking distance from our house, only a few blocks away. 😳🤯 We go a few times a week, some weeks every day, when before we didn’t even know this escape existed. This year hasn’t been a walk in the park (ahem 🥁🤗). It was filled with emotions and challenges, grappling with interior feelings, unexpected losses and life changes. Maybe God knew I needed this peaceful escape. That we all needed it. A place where I didn’t care if the neighbors heard our happy yells, where we could climb fallen trees, barrel down paths, wade in the creek, observe the daily changing of everything. When the walls felt they were closing in, when the yard felt like a postage stamp, when the zoom calls got to be too much, when I’d said “dad’s on a call!!!!” 1326 times - we headed for what felt like our own little hideaway. Solid ground in a world of chaos and unease. Before this year, we were rushing from giant project to the next. Driving from school to practice to home to practice. Rush rush rush. Busy busy. I wouldn’t have cherished it as much if we knew it was here before. We found it when we needed it the most. Any surprises or hidden gems you found during your time home?

905 58

Wish having a cute laundry made me want to put away the laundry but alas, here we are, haha! At least the plants are happy? 🤷🏽‍♀️🎉 This is the last project we finished, turning this old addition into a mudroom/laundry room. All joking aside, it’s made life much easier. What projects do you have going these days?

540 45

Gray house, blue shutters, new roof. I could keep going with the changes buuut... I’ll stop there. 😄 I love the high contrast of black and white, but replacing the siding wasn’t in the plan. A muted palette seemed to feel right for this house, so blue shutters it is! What do you think? Do you like the blue shutters or would you have gone with something more neutral like black?

410 60

That first shelf compared to the bottom ones... 😂⁣ ⁣ We’ve decided to homeschool this year, and judging by yesterday’s poll, it seems like 1/4 of you are jumping into it for the first time too.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Distance learning (and juggling screen time/logins/zoom schedules!) really did me in. While our beloved catholic school is still in session, this felt like the best option for our family at this time. We’ll have kids in 6th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, and K, as well as 2.5 and 1 year olds toddling around. Needless to say, I’m a little nervous 😬 but hoping to jump in slowly, knowing it’s not going to be perfect, working on things each kid needs strengthened, and embracing lots of outside and play time.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Do you have any favorite books, curriculums, accounts, or tips? Or a favorite style of homeschooling?

806 75

Was just lamenting that this room will never be 100% clean enough to post... and took the picture anyway. 🎉 hey, at least it’s not purple anymore? Or a kitchen? #beautyinthemess #threeyearsdifference #whbs1910house

719 45

Just when I thought things were perfect, you showed up and brightened our lives. Happy bday sweet baby John! (a day late)


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