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66.8% of weare.survivors's followers are female and 33.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 904 and the average number of comments is 37.

Weare.survivors loves posting about Events, Moms, Fashion, Lifestyle.

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66.8 %
33.2 %


  • Children & Family 51.69 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.47 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 46.58 %
  • Art & Design 45.16 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 45.06 %
  • Business & Careers 42.36 %
  • Entertainment 40.11 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.12 %
  • Music 36.55 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.51 %
  • Home & Garden 35.19 %


762 8

from @intankhasanah “Do you want to give up because it's not easy?” - Jisoo Life happens through the journey of ups and downs. A journey that can bring transformation to those who dare to explore and never give up. Sometimes one journey feels shorter, and the other one feels longer. Maybe the journey that feels longer is not actually long. It’s just..hard. It forces us to give our maximum effort only to survive, to step out from our comfort zone. But, not everyone wants to do this. Some people prefer to choose the easier one (if there is any), or maybe they just quit. If only we kept holding on a little longer. If only we knew good things waiting for us in the future, there must be no quitter in this world. So now we know, the hardest journey gives the biggest transformation. We just need to hold a little longer. Share your "How it started - How it ended" on fighting cancer, gonna repost it and spread the spirit 💪

472 12

from @sockedinhikes I look at my Instagram feed over the last two weeks and it’s riddled with photos of me. If you scroll through my older posts, there’s very few pictures of me on it. My journey pre-cancer diagnosis was about showcasing the glorious wilderness, letting it be the star - not me - the observer. I don’t know if I will ever be able to post photos of myself posing in the wilderness, it just doesn’t feel like my style. But you know what? This part of my journey, is about discovering my own strength. This part of my story, I am the star. We can do hard things, even me. Port placement surgery complete, onward. What cancer has taught you? Drop it below!

1,026 30

from @driftgirlca October 13. Today is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. 💗 I am 1 of many women who have developed MBC after having breast cancer. MBC is when the original breast cancer has moved to another part of the body, usually having the cancer show up in liver, brain, lungs or lymph nodes. . My OG cancer went through my lymphatic system from left side to right side & 2 back-to-back auxiliary lymph nodes under my right arm (good side) were cancerous. The 2nd happened 1 month after finishing 5 weeks of daily radiation treatments in Fall 2018. After another surgery January 2019 & it showing up again summer 2019, it was time to get into a clinical trial as I had exhausted conventional chemo. While doing all the scans for the trial application, scan results were worse than we expected. Cancerous nodes in both lungs, lymph nodes & an unidentifiable spot on my brain. . I started on this clinical trial chemo 8/1/19. I’ve shown incredible & quick results. Radiologists, trial sponsors & my oncology team have been astounded & amazed. Although this chemo regime has made me so sick at first & bad side effects and makes me wanna quit often, it’s working. I’m on it for life to prolong my life, as long as it’s working. . I’m grateful for my oncology team for taking the best care of me. Thankful for this trial & trial sponsors. I feel so blessed. . My Go Fund Me page is back & ready to accept donations again! GFM recreated existing pages for their new donation platform. Please donate any amount to help me with medical expenses. Thank you! . . Research, clinical trials & more treatment options is what we need more of to help save more lives. We don’t need more “marketing” “awareness” or other BS big cancer orgs tell us & how they’re using donations. I’m 1 voice, a vocal one, that will push for #stageivneedsmore We’re still alive & fighting! Don’t discard us thinking we’re gonna die anyway.

894 10

from @ranileleao Yes!!!!! I AM A SURVIVOR! I am a living, breathing, walking miracle ! Nothing is impossible for God! Let’s celebrate with the Cancer Survivors and PRAY and Help the Cancer Warriors! Let’s show them they are not alone, we are here together! We will fight this war together! If you know someone who needs a miracle, please share my story, please let them know that there is a God who still doing miracles!!! Last year, this time I was receiving the notice that the endometrial câncer was getting worst, and was Grade 2 of 3! After months of treatments, lots of surgeries, scars, fears, and tons of prayers and faith, the doctors said that I had no option than a #hysterectomy. They didn’t know anything about my God, He healed me, and today I have my hope again, and my UTERUS STILL HERE!!!! So, I tell you today, have faith! Put your hands up, look to Jesus and believe that as He healed me, He will heal you in Jesus name, amen! Do you have a story in believing God? Drop it below!

549 22

from @myholisticvoyage I’ve been doing a lot of self care lately, trying to get my body back after chemo. It’s been such a surprise to me how sore I am from all of the trauma chemo has done to my body. The soreness and tightness in my legs, lower back and hips, I feel like a 104 year old person! I’ve been doing restorative yoga, baths and acupuncture! • I’m also more than half way through radiation with only 11 more sessions to go!! I’m really starting to feel the fatigue from it and the change in color and skin texture is quite sad to me. Cancer is toxic, and so is the treatment. I am humbled though that I am coming out of this cancer free, so many are not. #secondarybreastcancer • And finally.... look at all of this hair growth!! Still a bit thin on my head, my eyebrows are in full force and my lovely eyelashes are half way there! Other body hair is back as well, for that I could have definitely went the rest of my life without! Do you have any self care during chemo? Comment it below!

1,561 34

from @jodimireles BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!! Please get your mammograms!!!! If you feel any lumps or have discharge coming out of your nipple, call dr ASAP. Catch it early folks🤞🏽 My nipple was leaking a tad bit and wouldn’t heal. I had NO clue that was ever a sign, did you? 😩 I’m here to spread the word. I was barely stage 1 and it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes yet, thank the Lord Jesus Christ of the ladder day saints🙌🏾🙌🏾 Light Chemo, double mastectomy and no nipples. The kind of cancer I had was super aggressive, but because we caught it so early, it saved my life. People.... GO GET CHECKED! Side note, cancer doesn’t run in my family whatsoever.

1,835 167

from @amydeepharmd What does a cancer survivor look like? Well there’s a lot of different answers to that question. We get stuck in our heads that cancer only impacts people late in life. But I’ve got an army of cancer fighters that will back me up in saying young people get cancer too. How old were you when you were diagnosed? Drop it in the comments ♥️

906 50

from @talkischeapxo What if my cancer comes back? One year ago I met both of my surgeons with tears in my eyes at the thought of removing my port at my implant swap surgery. 🥼 This was my security blanket, as long as I had this device in my chest I felt safe, just in case my cancer decided to recur. There were so many scenarios I played out in my head and arguments I had that encouraged me to keep my port. BUT WHAT IF MY CANCER DOESN’T COME BACK? What if I become the statistic that doesn’t experience a recurrence? What if by keeping this foreign device I am not able to close this chapter in my life? 📖 What if by keeping my port I manifest cancer returning to my body? It was so hard to let go that tiny little device that gave me such comfort but looking back I am so glad I said goodbye 🙏🏻 That chapter would STILL be open and heck, I would’ve needed saline flushes DURING Covid! There will forever be proof of my port journey, my scar is still visible on my chest, but I am forever proud of how far I’ve come + how I was able to SLAM this chapter shut! 👊🏻✨

2,379 181

from @talkischeapxo Stop telling me I got a free boob job I mentally prepared for the aftermath of my surgery. I would stand in front of the mirror and imagined my 38C cancerous chest as flat + saggy To be honest, it helped 🙏🏻 My Plastic Surgeon was gentle with me. I had so much consuming my mental space. I knew what surgery I should do, I just needed help to get there. When it was time to sign the legal paperwork in my breast surgeon’s office, my hands shook as I signed my name ✍🏻 None of this felt like a boob job. Not the nights I laid immobile in my hospital bed, not the tears that rolled down my face in pain or how I couldn’t care for myself. This didn’t feel like a free boob job because it wasn’t. #notafreeboobjob #doublemastectomy #bcam

562 24

from @jessicaaboyd Cold capping: BTS of how I rocked my cancer-patient-in-disguise look for a year. What do I mean? It’s possible with certain chemo treatments to save your hair with ❄️cold cap therapy. ❄️Essentially a giant ice pack worn on treatment days for 9+ hours that’s kept SO cold (we’re talking -40), it blocks the treatment from reaching hair follicles. WILD, I know. It was one of the more unique parts of my treatment experience, that came with a whole host of maintenance I’ll share later. And while it brought some sense of normalcy and control to keep about 80% of the hair on my head, it also was a bit jarring - because “I didn’t LOOK sick.” But damnit, I was. Really sick. So every 3 weeks I flew from Sacramento to Phoenix. Rolled up to the infusion center with a giant ice chest of dry ice and the caps. We’d put the first cap on, wait for my head to go numb, and then treatment began...and caps were swapped every 20 mins exactly for the rest of the day to ensure my scalp stayed FROZEN. Sadly no Benadryl naps for me during chemo because a new *freshly frozen* cold cap was swapped so frequently. It really did work though!! I had my hair for my wedding day (which was the goal) and I was grateful for it. Even though I get the *chills* thinking about it all now. It’s something I wish more women had access to or knew was an option...but surprise, surprise: it’s also not covered by insurance, because it’s deemed as “cosmetic.” One day I hope that changes and there’s a greater level of access. If you cold capped, I’d love to hear how it worked for you! And how did you hear about it? ❄️ #breastcancerawarenessmonth #coldcapping

469 10

from @kelseybucci THREE YEARS AGO, October 4, 2017 was the day my kids shaved my head due to chemotherapy. This ones for you-all the ladies in my DM’s who are about to embark on cancer treatments. I know you’re scared. I was too. The fear really is in the unknown. How will my body react? How sick will I get? Will it work? Will I lose my hair? My oncologist told me from day one, you’re going to lose your hair. I said, okay. 10 days after my first round of chemo I knew it was time to shave it. Hair was falling out everywhere, huge clumps would fall to the floor, Ace even found hair in his lunch box one day 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wanted to be able to donate as much as I could so I just had to do it. I braided my hair and Chris cut 19 inches. Then one by one my kids took the clippers and made a pass or two through what was left. I didn’t want them to be scared, I wanted them to know that I was still me. Truthfully I didn’t think they would want to do it, but leave it to my kids to just jump right in. They were emotional but so brave! And then we went to a soccer game 🤣 that was fun. Being at soccer practice just two days before with long hair, to a straight up buzz cut. I kept telling myself to be brave. Then a kid came up to me and said “I like your hair” and I thought, it’s all going to be okay. I know you don’t feel like it right now, but you’re going to be okay too!

235 8

from @browndoesnotfrown “First Dates then Forever” Hold on to the ones that love you unconditionally, for tomorrow is never guaranteed. There may have been a number of things I did not understand or relate to when it came to my parents as immigrants from two different countries raising us children here in America. There was definitely something special about hailing from a blend of ethnic roots. Thanks to dad for the tan and ability to grow facial hair, and to mom for the namesake of her father. They met on a bus of all places. Love that. Maybe I should ride the bus more... hard pass. I just beat cancer... not looking to get the ‘rona. I have a newfound appreciation for seeing some of my friends celebrating their own anniversaries and/or new beginnings- wishing them all the best and keeping hope inside me. It was both a strange and estranged day earlier this month reflecting on the memory of my father’s passing September 5th. If things did work in a way where one could trade places, I would have done that without hesitation once upon a time. But cancer doesn’t work that way, and I’m still here. So I have a purpose to embrace. We’ve lost so many to cancer... individuals with such intention, importance and impact on this world- a legacy to remember them by as they become legends in their own right. In many ways, I feel like I’ve lost so much in the midst of gaining perspective. But what keeps me keeping on is that love for others and for this world is real and worth fighting for. As the fall season starts to take root, I will try my very best to take notice of the beauty and hope that is all around us. This is what I see when I remember my parents and their recollections of their very first date followed by forever...


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