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YOUR CONFIDENCE IS MY CONFIDENCE •Award-Winning Makeup Artist •Canadian-made quality cosmetics •Appt/product requests pls email- no dm’s

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 167 and the average number of comments is 14.

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Listening and learning because black lives matter #blackouttuesday

298 18

Muted June 1-7 In solidarity with my black sisters and brothers, I’m muting my voice and space to allow the amplifying of theirs. I’m listening with an open heart and mind and standing firmly against racism. I pray for the opening of hearts and for peace to prevail. Peace doesn’t mean silencing and smoothing over so we can carry on as before. Peace means truly listening, recognizing what is wrong and being willing to change. The time is now to heal old wounds and replace injustice with equality. Replace fear and hatred with understanding and love. There should be room in all of our hearts for that. #amplifymelanatedvoices #blacklivesmatter

104 6

Newly launched and she’s a beauty. Who wants gorgeous golden glow? Boujie is super-fresh and just hit the website. Shop the link in bio #shoplocal #highlight #boujie #vickyminamakeup

143 11

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - Martin Luther King Jr. We can only be better when we ALL do better. Enough of racism, inequality, violence, judgements, brushing things under the rug like they don’t matter, invalid attempts at justification and tolerance of what is simply intolerable. We are all brothers and sisters on this earth. Let’s start treating each other as such. #blacklivesmatter #peace #justiceforgeorgefloyd #stopracism

271 10

@messonmyvanity and I back at my first Master Class around this time last year. She has a gift with words and summed up how we feel perfectly. More than my daughter, she’s my best friend ❤️ I promise you, we’ll be back and better than ever 💯🙏🏼 Posted @withregram • @messonmyvanity Mama & I — the same, but different. I’m often asked “Do you work together? Can I book you both?” I quickly became busy because of her and although we work freelance independently, I always feel a bond to her when I work. I don’t think I’ve ever expressed that to her but I know that deep down, we share the same mission. Nothing brings me greater joy than making someone FEEL as beautiful as they look. I get that from her. Makeup isn’t about covering anything up; it’s about bringing out their best self. The reason for this post, is I’m extra grateful to have her by my side these days. As licensed Makeup Artists in Halifax, we received some disappointing, yet not shocking news (yesterday). Although most of our NS economy will re-open June 5, our industry is excluded. Beauty services that are re-opening will require clients to wear a mask for their service (ie hair and nails). For makeup, that just isn’t possible. If you’re reading this and you also provide a facial service, feeling all the (sad) feels, I’m with you. We’re with you. We miss it very much. We look forward to the day we get to see all of your beautiful faces, laugh together and share the most important days of your life. We hope that day comes sooner than later. For now, we are admiring you from afar. Whether that’s a virtual makeup lesson or email exchange. Your well-being comes first and just as we’ve always prioritized cleanliness/safety (bacteriology was my fave chapter🤓), we’ll continue to do so when given the green light! In the meantime, I encourage you to hit up my mama’s website @vickyminamakeup (link in her bio) to shop Vicky Mina Makeup or reach out to either of us with any questions. It’s why we do what we do 😘💄 LOVE to all of you. Thank you for your support! ❤️

199 30

Is there anything more beautiful than healthy skin? Tune in this evening at 5pm for Insta Live with @marcstonge of @bendbeauty Bend produces revolutionary products, based on science, that make a real impact on your health and beauty. And did you know this world class company was founded and is based right here in Nova Scotia?! I’m proud to say that I’m almost 50 years young and an ambassador for Bend. Can’t wait to chat with Marc and all of you. #bendskincare #bendbeauty #beautyfromwithin #skincare

51 3

BE YOUR OWN HYPE GIRL I’m excited to collab with #thehermovement as they gear up for this Sunday’s Her At Home event, where we gather virtually to lift each other up and celebrate becoming and being HER, the woman you were created and intended to be. Head over to @thehermovement and register! To celebrate, I’m offering a limited time discount code sitewide. Shop for amazing Canadian-made cosmetics and use code VICKYFORHER * valid only until Sunday May 24, 11:59 pm.

90 2

We don’t need makeup to be beautiful. But it’s so much fun rocking the results of a great glam sesh, isn’t it? #vickyminamakeup Photo: @appleheadstudio

191 29

This is a makeup page, primarily. But once in a while we make exceptions. This is worth it. Roasted fennel linguine with lemon ricotta. This at-home cooking business is getting real. Cause when you can’t go to the restaurant, you know what to do. #eatwell #realfood #homecooking #stayhome

58 16

The big guns all lined up. Today is a perfect skincare, hair masque, self-care kinda Saturday. @vivierskin has all the high-performing luxe-feeling goods I crave. And in my hair currently is a @kerastase_official masque from @theparlourhalifax with full intentions not to wash it out before a few hours have elapsed. Are any of you beauties doing the same thing today? #happysaturday #stayhome #skincare and #masque

151 15

I miss your faces. Let’s throw it back to this combo. #vickyminamakeup #makeupinspo


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